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Chapter 176 Big Spender, Buying All The Blood Essence

The street before Lu Yu was dimly lit due to its backlight.

The water puddles on the street were there all year round, and the air was much more humid than outside.

However, there were many people here, even more than on some of the streets outside.

The reason was that there were all kinds of things here.

Basically, whatever you wanted to buy, you could buy it here with very few restrictions.

Lu Yu and Lin Kang strolled through the crowd, observing the surrounding shops.

“Your bottle of C-Level blood essence costs more than 100,000.

Isnt that a little cutthroat”

“Hey, look at where you are.

This is the black market, what do you think If you dont like it, dont buy it!”

A quarrel was heard.

Lu Yu looked over and found a customer arguing with the store owner.

As it was a black market, the prices fluctuated like crazy.

Therefore, a newcomer would be easily scammed by coming here for the first time.

However, Lu Yu didnt care.

He came here to buy wholesale.

As long as the price was about the same as the market price, it was fine.

Lu Yu continued to shop.

When he saw the transaction between the shop owners and the customer, he slowly began to understand this places tricks.

“Hey, cant it be cheaper A blue quality longsword, and you want more than 700,000 dollars”

“Do you want it or not”

“Alright, fine.

700,000 it is then…”

That person took out seven credits with a pained expression and used his phone to transfer the rest.

“This blue quality longbow costs one million.

Why dont you go rob me instead”

“Ay, youre right.

Im robbing you.

Scram if you cant take it!”

“You think youre hot **, right Im asking you one last time.

Can you go 50,000 cheaper”

“No!” The owner said firmly.

In the end, the customer helplessly took out his credits.

After some observation, Lu Yu knew this was a place without rules.

Business solely depended on both parties.

Most importantly, these customers seemed to have no way to refuse.

It was as if the things here were so unique that they could not be bought outside.

Lin Kang could see that Lu Yu was puzzled, so he explained, “There are indeed many strange things here that are not available outside, so many people come here to buy them.

Of course, opportunities and risks come hand in hand.

If someone buys a fake item, thats on them.”

Lu Yu continued to ask, “Then, is there a possibility that the blood essences we are planning to buy would be fake”

Lin Kang shook his head.

He said with certainty, “Absolutely not.

Identifying blood essence is easy, so it usually wouldnt be faked.

Moreover, this thing is not particularly precious and is usually sold at a market price.

No one is willing to waste their time faking them.”

Lu Yu nodded and then went to a shop not far from the front.

The entrance of this shop was filled with all kinds of medicine bottles and the blood essence of all sorts of ferocious beasts.

It seemed that this was a shop mainly selling blood essences.

Lu Yu walked into the shop, and a bald, middle-aged boss came over.

“Hello, do you want to buy anything”

“How much blood essence do you have above B-Level”

The boss glanced around the shop and said, “About 30 bottles.

Blood essences above B-Level are quite rare, and 30 bottles are plentiful enough.”

Lu Yu continued, “Pack them all for me.

I want them all.”

After hearing his demand, the boss was stunned and asked, “You want all of them”

He was surprised, as he didnt expect Lu Yu to buy all the high-level blood essences all in one go!

Of course, he hesitated because he doubted whether Lu Yu could pay up.


Of course, I want all of them.

Do you not want to do business Hurry up and take out all the good stuff.

Dont waste my time!”

Lu Yus words made all the other customers in the shop look at Lu Yu in surprise.

Hearing that, the boss obediently went to pack the potions.

Soon, more than 30 bottles of potions were taken out and placed on the table.

Lu Yu took out his credit card and asked, “How much do you need in total”

The boss picked up the calculator, did some calculations, and said, “About five million.”

Lu Yu nodded and took out 50 credits.

At the same time, he transferred the remaining amount to the boss with his phone.

Then, Lu Yu put all the blood essences into his storage ring.

“Lin Kang, how many bottles do you need”

Lin Kang thought for a while and said, “Lets buy enough for 30 days.

We should be able to see the effect.”

“If its 30 days, we should need 60 bottles of blood essence.”

Lin Kang said awkwardly, “Brother, this is the largest blood essence shop in the black market.

The other shops might not even have 30 bottles of high-level blood essence.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, understanding that there were not many other shops.

“It seems that we have to go shop by shop then.

Although its a little troublesome, its the only way.”

After that, Lu Yu started collecting blood essences from one shop after another.

Just as Lu Yu left, someone entered the shop and asked, “Boss, I want a bottle of grade A-Level blood essence.”

The boss waved his hand and said, “All the blood essence above B-Level has been sold out.

Come back another day, as I need time to go to the strongholds to stock up more.”

That person had no choice but to go to the next store.

However, the next store was also out of stock.

He continued, heading to the next one, and asked one after another.

He consecutively visited three or four stores, but none of them had blood essence.

All the others who came later also encountered this situation.

A group of people gathered with bitter faces, trying to figure out who had bought all the blood essences.

At that time, Lu Yu passed by the side of the group.

Lin Kang could not help but complain beside Lu Yu, “This black market is sure low in stock.

Weve gone to all the shops and only bought less than 60 bottles of high-level essence blood.

Im speechless.”

“Anyway, its almost enough, with me spending only ten million.

This shopping trip is considered a success.”

The two walked by and shocked the group of people with their conversation.

It turned out that they couldnt buy any high-level blood essence because they were all bought by one person…

“Rich, wasting ten million on buying blood essence.

Is he planning to soak his feet with that”

“This is sure annoying.

What will we do if we cant even buy high-level blood essence on the black market”

“Sigh, its good to be this rich.”

“The main reason is that were a step too late.”

“We can only wait for the boss to go to the strongholds to stock up.

I wonder if the people in those strongholds will be able to encounter high-level ferocious beasts and obtain their blood essence.”

They looked at Lu Yus silhouette and sighed before leaving.

Lu Yu returned to his car and returned to the villa to prepare a blood bath, preparing to soak himself in it.

Lu Yu felt a little uncomfortable, realizing he needed to soak in a blood bath for 30 days to complete the activation.

30 days was too long.

It would be best if he could complete it earlier…

After reaching the villa, Lu Yu went to the bathroom and began to add water to the bath.

At the same time, he prepared some medicinal herbs in advance to go with the blood essence, turning his bath blood red.


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