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Chapter 174 Celebration Ceremony, Precious Reward

Gu Zhanyan looked at Han Sai and said, “Prepare for the celebration ceremony now.

We will celebrate the completion of Lu Yus restoration task tonight!”

Han Sai nodded unwillingly.

“Alright, I will do it right away.”

He naturally wouldnt dare mess around with the mission the Dean had personally given him.

Hence, he brought Guo Siwei along to prepare for the celebration ceremony.

Guo Siwei hung a banner celebrating Lu Yus achievement at the entrance of the research institute.

Notices were posted everywhere in the research institute about Lu Yus restoration of the ancient Dragon King statue.

Meanwhile, Han Sai organized a group of helpers and set up a stage needed for the celebration ceremony.

In the research institute, Gu Zhanyan was chatting with Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, I watched the Battle of the Hundred Clubs live broadcast, especially from your point of view.

Your performance was splendid, far exceeding my expectations!”

Lu Yu replied, “Its good that things happened that way.

For the sake of my Featherwing Club, I gave it my all.”

Gu Zhanyan chuckled and said, “From what I saw, you definitely held back in those few rounds of battle.

It seems that your strength has increased rapidly.”

With such a true genius before him, Gu Zhanyan naturally wouldnt be stingy with his rewards.

Initially, when Gu Zhanyan saw Lu Yus outstanding performance in the trials, he felt that Lu Yu was just a little lucky and had just a few more opportunities compared to his peers to increase his strength.

But now, when he saw Lu Yus strength rapidly increase, he confirmed that Lu Yu was an absolute genius.

He was a genius on a level that Clanorth University never had!

At this moment, An Yuyan could not help but ask, “Dean, how do you plan to reward Lu Yu”

Gu Zhanyan looked at her with a smile and teased, “How about I reward you to him”

Hearing this, An Yuyans mind instantly went blank, and she did not know what to say.

Gu Zhanyan hurriedly waved his hand, “Im just joking.

I plan to let Lu Yu rise two levels in rank and become the research team leader of the research institute.

You can be his assistant.”

Hearing this, An Yuyan heaved a sigh of relief.

“I will work hard to be Lu Yus assistant.”

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

He did not expect to become the team lead for a group of researchers.

“Isnt it too fast for me to rise to a management post”

Lu Yu did not have enough experience here, and it would be difficult for him to manage a bunch of seniors.

Gu Zhanyan said casually, “Are you still worried about this With An Yuyan as your assistant, you can rest assured.”

An Yuyan nodded heavily.

“Team leader Lu Yu, dont worry, leave it to me.

I will assist you well.”

“Alright, the celebration ceremony can start now.

Since its a quick one, a few simple words will do.”

Gu Zhanyan took the lead as he spoke, and the three walked out.

It was already evening.

A stage had been set up, and the research institute staff sat before it.

Gu Zhanyan took the lead and went up the stage, with Lu Yu and An Yuyan following behind.

Everyone in the audience quieted down after the three went up on stage.

After all, it was the Dean, so they had to be respectful.

Gu Zhanyan adjusted the microphone and began to speak, “Just now, Lu Yu miraculously completed the ancient Dragon Kings restoration mission!”

Once these words were said, the entire crowd burst into an uproar.

“Damn, that ancient Dragon King statue has been troubling us for many years!”

“I never thought that Lu Yu would complete it.

This is simply ridiculous.

Isnt he a newcomer”

“I know him.

Hes a genius in many aspects, but I didnt expect him to be this strong in this as well.

This is crazy!”

Seeing the shock in the crowd, An Yuyan felt proud for some reason.

Perhaps it was because she had become Lu Yus assistant.

Gu Zhanyan continued, “To reward Lu Yu for completing this mission, Ive decided to promote him to research team leader!”

Once again, the crowd began to discuss Lu Yus two-level promotion.

They were all extremely envious.

Han Sai and Guo Siwei were aggrieved.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Yu had become Han Sais immediate superior, while Guo Siwei felt even more miserable.

Whether he could be promoted in the future or not depended on Lu Yus words.

He thought back to his previous attitude toward Lu Yu and wished he could punch himself in the face, as he had just ruined his future.

Gu Zhanyan continued, “I will give Lu Yu 50 million dollars as research funds and give him a salary of 500,000 a month!”

This made everyone envious, as this amount of research funding and salary were simply too enviable.

“At the same time, I will appoint An Yuyan as Lu Yus assistant to help Lu Yu complete all sorts of tasks.”

As soon as he said this, the crowd immediately became rowdy.

“Damn, my goddess will be Lu Yus assistant”

“Its not appropriate for such a goddess to be someone elses assistant, right…”

“This is dangerous.

If the two spend every day together, what if feelings develop over time…”

“Its over, brothers.

We dont have a chance…”

An Yuyan was publicly acknowledged as a goddess in their eyes.

In the entire research institute, no one was more beautiful, sexier, or more charming than her.

Therefore, when they found out that An Yuyan was going to be Lu Yus assistant, they were all jealous.

In particular, Han Sai and Guo Siwei.

They were so angry that they gritted their teeth.

The goddess they had worked so hard to pursue was someone elses assistant, which broke their hearts.

Although they felt very uncomfortable, An Yuyan, standing on the stage, revealed an excited smile.

She was looking forward to her future as Lu Yus assistant.

Not everyone could be near a genius like Lu Yu.

However, once she became an assistant, she could stay by Lu Yus side daily and help him solve his problems.

Then, Gu Zhanyan continued to announce the rewards.

He said, “Finally, I want to give Lu Yu a very important opportunity, and this is definitely something he deserves.”

Everyone pricked up their ears and listened carefully.

The first few rewards were already good enough in their eyes.

Could there be anything more ridiculous

Gu Zhanyan slowly said, “Everyone should know about the stargazing tower, right”

“Ive decided to give Lu Yu an opportunity to go to the stargazing tower to cultivate!”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this.

No one could enter the stargazing tower except for absolute geniuses.

Of course, Lu Yu deserved this title.

“The stargazing tower has one to nine levels.

The cultivation efficiency increases by 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 times with each level increase.”

“The cultivation efficiency there is far higher than outside.

Not only can it quickly increase ones attributes, but it can also increase the level of ones skills.

This is definitely a rare opportunity to increase his strength.”

At that moment, everyone looked at Lu Yu with jealous gazes.

They were all eager for this opportunity, but they had nothing to say when Lu Yu got it.

Even An Yuyan, standing beside Lu Yu, looked at Lu Yu with envy.

Gu Zhanyan continued, “The stargazing tower doesnt only have nine floors.

No one from Earth Academy has ever reached the tenth floor or above.

Only the top students from Heaven Academy are qualified to enter.”


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