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Chapter 172 Start Of The Reparation Task

Lu Yu looked at the doctor in surprise and asked, “Someone came to help Is that true”

“Of course.

That person has already covered the initial treatment expenses.”

As he spoke, he took out the medical list.

There it was written that it had been settled.

Lu Yu looked at it carefully and realized it had indeed been paid.

“Wow, it seems that my established reputation put me in the eyes of these big shots.”

Lu Yu chuckled.

Suddenly, he saw that on the medical list, there was a line that said “nutrient solution.”

However, at the end of this nutrient solution was the word “medium.”

“During my aunts treatment, she needs a lot of nutrients.

But why are you using only medium-grade”

Lu Yu knew that his aunt often fell into a coma.

Usually, she would be in a coma for several days at a time.

She could not eat normally, so she had to rely on nutrient solutions.

The attending physician pushed up his glasses and explained, “There are three grades of nutrient solutions in our hospital.

The higher the grade, the higher the quality.

Of course, the price is also higher.”

“However, the medium-grade nutrient solution is enough.

It doesnt have any side-effects on the body.”

After all, nutrient solutions were different from regular food.

It would have some sort of effect on the body.

“Change to the advanced one.

Theres no need to use a lower grade one.”

Hearing this, the attending physician was in a dilemma.

“This… the person only paid for the medium-grade nutrient solution…”

Lu Yu said without hesitation, “Just tell me how much it is.”

“The fee for a quarter would cost around 30 million.” The attending physician said helplessly.

This was indeed a high price, and he knew it clearly.

Liu Yi, lying on the bed, immediately widened her eyes when she heard this.

“What Ten million a month This is too expensive.

Forget it, forget it.

The medium-grade nutrient solution is good enough.”

Lu Yu did not listen to his aunt and said, without hesitation, “30 million it is.

Ill pay it now.”

His aunts condition was at the initial stage, and there was basically no treatment available.

She had to maintain her vital signs while waiting.

Only when all the materials were gathered could the surgery begin.

Therefore, most of the medical expenses were spent on maintaining her life.

This nutrient solution was naturally the most important thing.

When she heard Lu Yu wanted to pay without hesitation, Liu Yi could not help but lecture him, “You cant be so impulsive with the money you earn.

Why dont you keep this 30 million to improve your strength Dont spend it on me.”

Lu Yu glanced at his aunt and said, “Aunt, dont worry.

In less than a month, Ive already earned nearly 100 million.

A mere 30 million is still affordable.”

After hearing this, the doctor and aunt widened their eyes simultaneously.

It had only been a few days, and Lu Yu had already earned 100 million.

The money he was making surprised the two of them.

“You, you really earned so much” Liu Yi asked in disbelief.

Lu Yu nodded, “Of course.

I wouldnt lie to you, so dont worry.

I can earn back this bit of money very quickly.”

Liu Yi nodded and didnt say anything else.

The doctor next to her heard this and quickly said, “Mr.

Lu, you can pay now.

Then, well immediately change the nutrient solution.

I guarantee that well use the best!”

Lu Yu didnt hesitate and directly handed over his bank card.

After swiping the card, Lu Yu stood up and prepared to return to university.

Thirty million was indeed not a considerable sum to Lu Yu, and he could earn it back quickly.

Especially now that his Featherwing Club had begun to develop rapidly, the speed of their earnings would also increase exponentially.

Lu Yu walked toward the hospital entrance after leaving the ward.

Walking along the hospital corridor, people were staring at Lu Yu from time to time.

Some young girls even stared at Lu Yu for a few seconds before covering their mouths and letting out nervous laughter.

Because so many people were paying attention to him, Lu Yu knew he was getting famous.

First, it was from the live broadcast.

Second, it was from his various endorsements.

Lu Yu, in Ixdale, could be considered to be somewhat famous.

Sitting in the taxi, Lu Yu could see a billboard with his image.

However, this did not matter.

Lu Yu never cared about the gazes of others.

Lu Yu arrived at the teleportation point.

Using his student ID, he was teleported back to Clanorth University.

After returning to the university, Lu Yu immediately went to the research institute.

He had already collected enough saliva glands from the Golden Mist Birds.

It was time to complete the restoration of the statue.

Lu Yu immediately teleported again.

This time, he needed a more comprehensive authentication to prove that Lu Yu was a member of the research institute before he could teleport over.

But soon, Lu Yu passed through the teleportation array and arrived at the research institute.

After arriving at the research institute, the first thing Lu Yu did was head to the research room where the ancient Dragon King statue was located.

Then, he began to concoct the adhesive and prepared to repair it.

Then, Guo Siwei and Han Sai rushed over when they heard sounds coming from the room.

When the two saw that Lu Yu had already collected all the Golden Mist Bird salivary glands, their expressions turned ugly.

“Lu Yu, have you already collected all of them” Han Sai asked in surprise.

Lu Yu nodded and continued to work seriously.

“Are you sure you can repair it Collecting the materials is only the first step.” Han Sai wanted to dampen Lu Yus confidence.

Lu Yu, however, said confidently, “Dont worry about that.

I can definitely repair it.”

Han Sai just chuckled, “Youre a newbie, and this is your first time coming into contact with a reparation task.

Can you be 100% successful Moreover, the restoration of this statue is exceptionally difficult!”

Guo Siwei echoed, “Thats right, thats right.

Ive been here for so long and dont even dare touch this statue.

Who gives you the confidence to do so”

The twos clamor made Lu Yu a little impatient.

“Both of you shut up and dont disturb my work!”

Hearing these words, Han Sais expression darkened, but he still stopped blabbering.

He had also watched the Battle of the Hundred Clubs live broadcast.

He still remembered Lu Yus battle clearly.

He did not want to anger Lu Yu, as he was definitely no match for him.

Guo Siwei also stopped his nonsense.

Those videos told him that even if there were ten of him, it would not be enough for him to take on Lu Yu.

After Lu Yu finished making the adhesive, he slowly repaired the statue.

Upon opening his Eye of the Dragon God, the image of the Dragon Kings complete statue appeared before his eyes.

As long as he followed this image, he could pick up the corresponding bits and glue them one by one, completing the reparation task.

Lu Yu began to pick up the first broken piece and place it on the base that had been repaired, applying the adhesive evenly.

Following that, the second and third pieces were picked up and repaired by Lu Yu, one after another.

Han Sai was dumbfounded when he saw Lu Yu pick up the broken pieces from the ground and place them without hesitation.

Most importantly, he did not pick up any of them wrongly! They were all in the correct position!

He was utterly speechless.

Could it be that Lu Yu carved this statue Otherwise, it did not make sense!

Guo Siwei was also dumbfounded as he stood by the side.

This was completely different from their usual working pace!


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