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Chapter 171 Reward Of First Place

All the Featherwing Club members cheered loudly when the rankings were announced.

Although they already knew their club was in the first place, they still got extremely excited at this moment.

“Were first! Were really in the first place!”

“Before the competition started, I didnt even dare think about being number one!”

“All the credit goes to our president.

Without him, we definitely wouldnt have been able to get first place!”

“Thats right.

If it werent for Brother Lu Yu blocking the older students, we freshmen wouldnt even be able to enter the top 50.”

Some freshmen had terrible memories.

When the event started, they had been robbed by their seniors and didnt even have the strength to fight back.

The disparity in strength was insurmountable.

If Lu Yu hadnt done what he did, they might not even have been able to get a single spider lily.

The members of the Featherwing Club cheered.

The older students standing in line at the side all lowered their heads, feeling embarrassed.

It was a big blow for them to have first place taken by a freshmen club.

At that moment, the teacher standing in front of everyone continued to announce loudly, “From now on, the unlimited mining rights of all the secret realms will be handed over to the Featherwing Club.”

“From now on, the members of the Featherwing Club can establish strongholds in all the secret realms and resource points.

The other clubs can not stop them for no reason!”

Hearing this, all the Featherwing Club members cheered excitedly once again.

This power was simply all too important to them!

It could help their club develop rapidly and quickly enter the top ten of all the clubs at Clanorth University.

With this power, these club members could also increase their strength rapidly.

At this moment, all the members looked at Lu Yu with respect.

This development opportunity was not easy to come by.

Every cultivator would always prioritise themselves and not share cultivation resources with others.

Therefore, cultivation resources were not easy to come by.

This also made them more loyal to Lu Yu and the club.

The teacher looked at Lu Yu and said, “Make good use of this opportunity.

I believe that the Featherwing Club can quickly increase its strength and be ranked amongst the top clubs.”

Lu Yu just smiled and nodded.

As the president, if his club could develop nicely, he could also benefit greatly.

Lu Yu needed a lot of materials for his subsequent path of evolution.

It would be much easier if he could train a group of students to help him collect materials.

Lu Yu turned his head at the crowd and said, “You can hand over the Golden Mist Birds salivary glands that you collected to me now.”

Hearing this, the club members quickly went forward and took out the salivary glands from their storage rings.

Lu Yu carefully counted them and put them all into his storage ring.

Including the ones that he had collected previously, there were a total of 140.

Lu Yu bought over the extras to prevent unwanted accidents during the reparation process.

The teacher in charge of the competition continued, “The Martial Arts Club is in second place! The Weapon Refining Club is in third place, and the fourth place is…”


He quickly listed the rest of the rankings and hastily ended the competition.

Other than first place, the rest of the rankings were unimportant, so no one was willing to waste time hearing them.

Soon, the rankings were announced, and the students were disbanded.

Everyone could choose to leave or stay here.

The membersFeatherwing Club gradually dispersed and began to continue their cultivation.

At the same time, they prepared to set up their strongholds.

Lu Yu stopped Lin Kang in the crowd, intending to ask him something.

Lin Kang came in front of Lu Yu, looked at Lu Yu, and asked, “Big Brother, whats the matter”

“Your understanding of Clanorth University is better than mine, so I have a question to ask.”

Lin Kang was energized after hearing this.

“Dont worry, Big Brother.

You can ask me anything, and Ill tell you whatever I know.”

“Okay, I need a very skilful orthopedic doctor.

I want to transplant a dragon arm bone into my body.

Can you help me look for someone at Clanorth University”

Lin Kang pondered for a moment and said, “Ill try my best.

There are some famous doctors in the medical department of Clanorth University, and Ill try to contact them as soon as possible.”

Lu Yu nodded and patted his shoulder.

“Alright, Ill leave this matter to you.”

Lin Kang patted his chest.

“Dont worry, leave it to me!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou and Su Qing beside him and asked, “What do you two plan to do next Do you want to continue cultivating, or…”

Yun Zirou smiled smugly.

“We just obtained such a powerful privilege.

How can we not use it”

“I saw a huge mine just now.

I will gather a few people to build the first long-term stronghold near the mine.”

Lu Yu looked at Su Qing.

“Do you want to go too”

Su Qing shook her head slightly.

“I found a top-grade medicinal herb in the wild forest, but it hasnt matured yet.

I plan to build a stronghold next to it and guard it in the meanwhile.”

It seemed that both girls couldnt wait to use the privilege they had just obtained.

This was good, as they could use this advantage to increase their strength as soon as possible, benefiting the entire club.

“Then you two go do what you must do, as I have something too.

I have to go and take care of it.”

After saying that, the three bade farewell and left in different directions.

Leaving the wild forest, Lu Yu planned to visit his aunt first.

During this period of time, Lu Yu had been thinking about his aunts illness.

This unknown illness was nagging at him.

Therefore, the first thing he did when he returned to the university district was to head to the teleportation array.

After teleporting to the center of Ixdale City, Lu Yu immediately hailed a taxi and arrived at the central hospital.

Liu Yi was lying on a white hospital bed in the clean hospital ward.

Her face was still pale, and her breathing was weak.

Lu Yu sat by the bed and looked at the heartbeat detector beside him.

Lu Yu was relieved after reading that the fluctuations on it were still normal.

As if sensing Lu Yus arrival, Liu Yis closed eyes slowly opened.

“Lu Yu, youre here…”

Her voice was soft as a whisper.

When Lu Yu heard it, his heart ached, and he held her hand tightly.

“Im here.

Ill come often in the future.”

Liu Yi shook her head weakly.

“The most important thing for you now is to cultivate.

This concerns your future.”

“Aunt, if your illness isnt cured, I wont have a future.

Dont worry, Ill cultivate well and give you the best treatment.”

Liu Yi nodded and initially wanted to persuade Lu Yu that she wasnt important.

As long as she could watch Lu Yu cultivate and become a strong person, she would be satisfied.

But she didnt say it out loud…

At that moment, the attending physician pushed the door open and walked in.

When he saw Lu Yu, he hurriedly said, “Mr.

Lu Yu, youre here.”

Lu Yu looked at the attending physician and asked, “Is my aunt still lacking in medical expenses Feel free to tell me.”

The attending physician revealed a happy smile.

“About that, you dont have to worry about it.

After the leaders of Ixdale City learned about your achievements, they covered a portion of your aunts medical expenses!”


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