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Chapter 169 Knowledgeable Club Member

Constant phone calls came to Lu Yu, asking him to endorse their company.

Lu Yu did not refuse.

After understanding the situation, he agreed to all of them.

Lu Yu accepted it as long as it wasnt a company with a terrible record.

Therefore, by accepting these endorsement requests, Lu Yu received a tremendous amount of money, increasing his total assets to over 100 million dollars.

Of that, around 20 million was in Lu Yus pocket in the form of school credits.

Therefore, Lu Yus cash on hand was approximately 80 million dollars.

If this money was used to treat his aunts illness, it should be able to last for a few months.

At least during this period, Lu Yu did not have to worry too much about her medical expenses…

Yun Zirou stood beside Lu Yu.

on her phone, searching for the details of Lu Yus endorsement companies.

“Yes, these companies are decent.

Endorsing them shouldnt affect your reputation or anything.”

Yun Zirou put away her phone and looked at Lu Yu.

“Now, you are a famous person in Ixdale, with many people aware of your existence.

Some even became your fans after watching your videos.”

“Is that so This live broadcast sure helped me to increase my fans.

Interesting.” Lu Yu said with a smile.

“Thats right.

At Clanorth University, as long as its an important event, if its broadcast live, many people will be watching.

After all, this is the number one university in the country.

Its normal for people to pay attention to us.”

“Moreover, among your fan group, most of them didnt become your fans because of your strength.”

Lu Yu raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “If its not for strength, what else could it be for”

“Of course, its your face.

Although strength is the most important thing in this world, there are still many people who value looks.”

Yun Zirou said this, and Su Qing giggled.

“In the future, you will be famous in Ixdale.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Dont worry, there are many famous people in Ixdale, and Im just one of them.”

The three of them continued to walk forward, laughing and chatting.

Only two days had passed since the Battle of the Hundred Clubs event.

The week-long competition had only just begun, yet the outcome was already clear.

Lu Yus Featherwing Club was almost certain to win first place.

The audience watching the live broadcast all had the same thought.

That was why they called Lu Yu in a hurry to get his endorsement deal as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Lu Yu would become famous when the results were announced, making it harder for them to compete.

In the evening, Lu Yu and the two girls walked in the wild forest.

Vaguely, the three of them saw a bonfire in front of them.

After speeding up, Lu Yu found that this was a campsite.

Five people were sitting around the campsite, eating roasted meat.

Yun Zirou pulled Lu Yus sleeve and said, “These five people are our club members.

Lets go and greet them.”

Lu Yu led the way and walked toward the five people.

The five people sensed someone was coming and quickly turned their heads to look.

When they saw it was Lu Yu, the five people hurriedly stood up.

“President, youre here!”

“President, please take a seat.

We just finished roasting the meat.

Help yourself.”

“President, our club should be able to get first place this time, right”

Lu Yu walked to the five of them.

“Were basically cemented in first place for this event.

Wang Meng is still blocking the bridge, and we have an absolute advantage in numbers.

Its only a matter of time before we get first place.”

The five club members looked at each other and laughed excitedly after hearing that.

“Oh right, how many spider lilies have you guys collected” Lu Yu asked.

A short-haired boy with a bright smile walked over and took out a bag.

“President, we have collected a total of thirteen flowers.

Our luck is excellent!”

Lu Yu smiled and nodded.

“Not bad.

I can see that you guys are working hard.

This is the temporary stronghold that you guys have set up, right”

The boy quickly nodded.

“Thats right.

We have set up a temporary stronghold here, surrounded by bushes.

Its more concealed and convenient to enter or exit our stronghold.”

After scanning the surroundings, Lu Yu realized it was just as he had said.

A circle of tall bushes surrounded them, and only a faint light could be seen from outside.

“This location is sure decent.

Oh right.

During this competition, you guys can also continue collecting the Golden Mist Birds salivary glands.

That is still an important mission.”

“Dont worry, president.

We will definitely complete the mission!” The boy said with certainty.

“Okay, then lets eat dinner first.

We will continue the mission tomorrow.”

As he said this, Lu Yu took a roasted deer leg.

The fragrant deer leg was sprinkled with coarse salt and served as his dinner.

While eating the roasted meat, Lu Yu suddenly thought of something.

He looked at Yun Zirou next to him and asked, “Oh right, at Clanorth University, there is a unique set of strength grading.

Do you know this”

Yun Zirou paused and pondered for a moment before saying, “Yeah, I know that.

This evaluation system is used in Ixdale too.

After all, this is the most accurate grading method for now.”

“However, I dont know much about this.

Ill ask our teachers when I have time.” Yun Zirou shrugged.

At that moment, the boy beside her asked, “Are you talking about the iron, bronze, and silver rankings”

Lu Yu looked at him, nodded, and asked, “You know about this”

“Of course, I know.

The scope of this ranking system is comprehensive, with bronze and silver being just the starting point.”

He began to introduce this strength assessment system.

“This strength division starts from black iron and goes up to bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, starlight, moonlight, sunlight…”

He said a whole bunch of things that nearly made Lu Yu dizzy.

“You know quite a lot.

Whats your name”

The boy said proudly, “My name is Lin Kang.

Im the captain of our team.”

A team member next to him continued, “Our captain knows a lot.

He knows a bunch of general knowledge about the university.”

Lu Yu looked at Lin Kang in surprise.

“I didnt expect that a freshman like you could know so much about the situation at Clanorth University.”

Lin Kang quickly explained, “One of my cousins graduated from this university, and hes also a big talker.

He tells me everything.

As time goes by, I learn a lot more…”

Lu Yu asked, “Oh right, if I want to take the test, where do I need to go, and what do I need to do”

“Well…” Lin Kang stroked his chin.

“This test requires a sophisticated machine.

You should be able to understand it after you enquire about the specifics.

After all, I only know about its existence and havent really taken the test.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Alright then.

But since you know so much, Ill ask a few more questions.”

“If we were to occupy the entire wild forest, would it be very difficult”


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