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Chapter 168 Constant Endorsements, A Huge Increase In Income

In order to prevent the members of various clubs from quickly huddling together in the wild forest, the university officials had especially blocked communication signals here.

A phone call could not be made, and chatting applications could not be used.

They could not contact others, preventing them from huddling as a group.

This was especially true for the bigger clubs.

The outcome would have been decided long ago if they had formed a group to compete from the beginning.

This rule was also to give other clubs with average strength a chance.

A chance for them to defeat the powerful clubs and change their fate.

However, Lu Yus phone rang.

Someone managed to call him.

“Its an unknown number.

Who could it be” Lu Yu was puzzled.

Yun Zirou analyzed, “To be able to call when the signal is blocked, it should be someone from the university, and its probably because of your performance.”

Su Qing agreed, “Thats right.

Your performance this time is simply amazing.

They must have called because of this.”

Lu Yu was skeptical but decided to answer the call to see who it was.

“Hello, hello.” Lu Yu answered the call.

“Hello, Im the Chairman of Jinghui Group, Zhao Qianyue!”

The caller introduced himself, but Lu Yu was still in a blur.

What group What chairman He didnt know who the caller was.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing were also confused when they heard the name.

Although Yun Zirou knew about Jinghui Group and Zhao Qianyue, she didnt understand why he would call Lu Yu.

“Im sorry, you have the wrong number.”

Lu Yu wanted to hang up the phone, but the caller quickly stopped him.

“No, no, no, youre Lu Yu, right If you are, then I didnt dial the wrong number.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu put the phone back to his ear.

“Im Lu Yu.

Is there something you want to talk to me about”

“Of course.

Our Jinghui Group is a well-known large company in Ixdale.

Right now, we need a strong representative to prove the strength of our company!”

Only then did Lu Yu understand that he was calling to look for an endorsement.

However, he was participating in a competition.

Why did he suddenly receive an invitation to be a representative

Lu Yu suddenly thought that his live broadcast was to the outside world.

In other words, people in Ixdale could see his live broadcast.

The chairman must have also seen Lu Yu fighting against the other presidents, which was why he made this decision.

“About that, let me think about it.”

Lu Yu was not in a hurry to endorse a product.

These things were complicated, so it was not good for him to agree so quickly.

However, Zhao Qianyue was anxious.

He quickly said, “Mr.

Lu Yu, we sincerely seek your cooperation.

The endorsement is also straightforward.

All you need to do is be on a poster, and we will pay you an endorsement fee of five million.

How about that”

Lu Yu thought for a moment.

He could earn five million just by taking a photo.

This seemed average.

Endorsement for an advertisement required giving them his portrait rights, and this was something that shouldnt be sold casually.

“No, Ill think about it.

Well talk about it in the future.”

Lu Yu declined politely.

Zhao Qianyue was unwilling and wanted to continue persuading Lu Yu, but Lu Yu hung up and blocked Zhao Qianyue.

“Why Did the negotiation not go well” Yun Zirou asked.

Su Qing asked, “Is the endorsement fee that person offered too low With your current strength, you should be offered a minimum of ten million in endorsement fees, right”

“Its true that we didnt reach an agreement.

My reason is simple.

Firstly, the endorsement fee isnt much, and secondly, its troublesome.

Im too lazy to bother with it, and I still have to hand over my portrait rights.

Its a little uncomfortable.”

“Then, what if the endorsement fee is a little higher For example, ten million” Su Qing asked, looking forward to Lu Yus answer.

In her opinion, it was excellent to earn so much money so quickly.

“A little higher.

In any case, its just a photo and can also increase our clubs popularity.

This way, we can attract more students to join our club.”

Yun Zirou nodded in agreement.

“This is true.

Its also useful to make a name for yourself.”

At that moment, Zhao Qianyue called again.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and decided to answer the call.

“Im really sorry, Mr.

Lu Yu.

I just thought about it and realized the sum offered was too little.

I looked at your history, and its solid.

I also learned about your strengths and achievements at Clanorth University.”

“How about this 20 million”

Lu Yu felt that this figure was about right.

“If its 20 million, its alright.

This cooperation can be done.”

Hearing that Lu Yu had agreed, Zhao Qianyue laughed out loud in excitement.

“Hahaha, Mr.

Lu Yu, your choice is truly wise.

Dont worry; our Jinghui Group will definitely use all our strengths to build up your image! I hope our collaboration will be successful!”

“I also hope we can successfully complete our collaboration and our future endeavours.” Lu Yu hung up the phone after saying that.

The first endorsement collaboration was done just like that.

As expected, he was offered endorsement opportunities by participating in this competition and starting a live broadcast.

There were many benefits to endorsements.

Earning money was just a minor benefit.

Lu Yu had made a name for himself in Ixdale, and it would be more convenient for him to develop further at Ixdale in the future.

The reputation of his Featherwing Club would also increase.

It would be easier to attract new members in the future.

Just as Lu Yu hung up on Zhao Qianyue, other calls came in one after another.

Without exception, all of them were looking for Lu Yu to endorse their products.

Lu Yus performance during this event was directly broadcast to all the big groups in Ixdale.

They threw olive branches at Lu Yu, one after another.

The other clubs didnt even receive a single call when Lu Yus phone was ringing non-stop.

Lu Yu picked up one of the calls.


Lu Yu, Im Zhang Cheng, the chairman of the Huashang Group.

Ive seen your battles, and theyre simply wonderful.”

“Oh right, youre still in the competition, so you cant watch the videos.”

“But, your battles were edited and posted on other video platforms, and they went viral!”

“Countless youngsters have become your fans and idolized you!”

Lu Yu was a little lost after hearing his passionate words.

Had he become famous without realizing it

However, those few battles had indeed broken the norm.

Lu Yu defeated a senior as a freshman, and this was definitely unprecedented.

The world worshipped the strong, and Lu Yu was one of them.

“So, you also want to make me your representative”

“Yes, the endorsement fee is 10 million.

“What do you think”

“Ive already accepted endorsements elsewhere.

Sorry about that.”

Zhang Cheng quickly explained, “Its okay.

You can accept several endorsements at the same time.

This is not a problem.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu got excited.

If he could accept all these endorsements simultaneously, wouldnt he make a huge profit

Hence, Lu Yu did not hesitate to accept the offer.

Although Lu Yus assets were already close to 100 million, club development would burn through his money.

Thus, Lu Yu had to continue earning more money.


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