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Chapter 167 You Dare Have Such Thoughts

The bottle of potion in his hand didnt look any different.

It was similar to the two bottles of potion that Lu Yu had drunk previously.

However, the persons appearance in front of him made Lu Yu feel a little strange.

That nervous look didnt fit in with the others.

A cold sweat broke out on the seniors forehead, and the smile on his face was stiff.

Lu Yu saw all these details.

From the corner of his eyes, Lu Yu saw a few people in the distance who seemed to be looking at him expectantly.

“Brother Yu, can I go over now Theres no problem with this potion bottle,” he smiled awkwardly.

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

“No, you cant leave before I check this bottle of potion.”

Hearing this, the man paused, and the smile on his face froze.

“Is, is there a problem” The man asked with a puzzled expression.

Lu Yu continued to look at the bottle, but he still didnt find anything wrong after a while.

He opened the bottle cap and found that the liquid inside was normal.

Yun Zirou looked over and asked curiously, “Whats wrong Is there a problem”

Su Qing and Wang Meng also came over and seriously looked at the potion bottle in Lu Yus hand.

“I feel that something is wrong.

Id better examine it carefully.”

Hearing this, that person immediately became displeased.

“You cant do this.

How can you stop me here just because you think theres something wrong Theres no evidence at all!”

Hearing this, the surrounding people looked at Lu Yu and began to discuss.

They went up to Lu Yu, demanding he give them an explanation.

Otherwise, they wouldnt accept such a robbery act from him.

Lu Yu activated his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at the potion.

[ Body tempering potion ]

[ Increase 10 attack, increase 50 health ]

[ Effect obtained: Lethal Poison, reduces 30 health per second for 10 minutes.


Lu Yus eyes widened when he saw the additional notification on the third line.

This body tempering potion had an additional lethal poison effect!

As expected, they had tampered with the potion.

He must have used some poison that was harder to detect to cover his tracks.

Since that was the case, then Lu Yu had a solution.

“How about this I dont want this bottle of potion.

You can drink it.”

When that person heard this, he was instantly dumbfounded.

“I can drink it Why”

Lu Yus attitude was unyielding as he said, “If I tell you to drink it, just do it.

Its your own potion.

Why are you hesitating”

Seeing this, the person knew that he was exposed.

“I… I dont want to cross the bridge anymore with your bitching.

Ill give you this potion.

What a drag…”

As he complained, he turned around and was about to leave.

Lu Yu looked at Wang Meng at the side and said, “Do it.

This potion has been poisoned!”

When Wang Meng heard this, his eyes immediately widened, and anger filled his heart!

“What a guy! How dare he poison it!”

After saying that, he rushed over and instantly caught up with the man.

He threw a pair of iron fists at the man, breaking all his bones and crippling him!

Lu Yu threw the potion bottle on the ground and looked at the crowd, saying, “If you guys have such thoughts again, dont blame me for being merciless!”

The first two times Lu Yu obtained the body tempering potion, he drank it immediately.

That was why that guy wanted to poison the potion as Lu Yu would drink it.

Fortunately, he had his Eye of the Dragon God.

Otherwise, he would be done for this time.

The seniors in line, as well as those watching from afar, had quieted down.

They didnt even dare to speak loudly.

The outcome of the poisoner was highly tragic, and it was a deterrent to them.

Wang Meng returned to Lu Yus side and said, “Brother Yu, that guy is crippled.

I reckon that he wont dare to do such a thing in the future.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Well done.

Continue to collect the toll.”

At that moment, they had collected all they could.

Less than ten people were queuing up, and those who stood around watching also dispersed.

It was not that most of the older students here could not fork out a million dollars, as any of their equipment could easily exceed a million dollars.

However, the price was too high.

It was difficult for them to sacrifice their interests for the sake of their club.

Therefore, those who came to pay Lu Yu were basically the main members of their various clubs.

“Wang Meng, Ill leave the rest to you.

The three of you will split the things that you received.”

Because there were not many people before him, Lu Yu prepared to leave.

Wang Meng hurriedly nodded, “Dont worry, leave the rest to me.”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing hurriedly followed behind Lu Yu.

“Lets complete the mission together.

We dont care about collecting tolls or anything like that.”

Yun Zirou did not care about the money or equipment.

As for Su Qing, although she was short of money, she still wanted to be by Lu Yus side.

Moreover, she would feel uncomfortable if she had to stay with Wang Meng alone.

Lu Yu shrugged, “No problem.

Since thats the case, let Wang Meng collect the tolls himself.”

Wang Meng smiled and nodded.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

Im good at this kind of work!”

Lu Yu took the lead and walked to the other side.

In total, he let less than 50 people pass through the bridge.

Before Lu Yu came, Wang Meng let some people go.

Adding all of them together, there were about 50 others in the forest.

The rest were members of the Featherwing Club.

There were nearly 200 members, and it was an absolute suppression in numbers!

“Oh right, hows the collection of the spider lilies coming along” Lu Yu asked.

Su Qing turned on her phone and sent a message to Lu Yus live stream to inquire.

Very soon, the other members reported their respective numbers and totaled them.

“Weve collected 67 flowers, which puts us in first place.”

200 people had collected 67 flowers, not a large number by any means.

It seemed that the spider lilies werent easy to find and collect.

“Lets continue.

In terms of numbers, we have an absolute advantage.

Counting everyone that we let through the bridge, their total isnt even half of ours.”

“The most important thing is that those 60 people are not from the same club.

Under such circumstances, we are certain to be in first place.”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing nodded in agreement.

“With an advantage in numbers, we will definitely be number one.”

“Our club will have unlimited mining rights, and this will develop our club quickly!” Su Qing said excitedly.

Any club that could obtain this power would be able to earn a fortune while being the envy of countless other clubs.

The three of them continued to walk through the wild forest, and Lu Yus phone suddenly rang.

He picked it up and looked, noticing it was a call.

He was puzzled.

In this wild forest, wasnt it impossible to receive a call


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