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Chapter 166 The Outcome Of The Competition, Decided

In front of Lu Yu were nearly 100 Featherwing Club members.

“Alright, you guys go over first and gather the spider lilies.

We will definitely be able to take first place.”

The girl nodded heavily.

She turned her head to look at the members of the Featherwing Club and shouted, “Next, we will begin carrying out our mission.

Everyone, work hard.

We will definitely be able to take first place in this competition!”

The members cheered loudly, and everyone was excited.

When they first participated in this competition, they had no expectations.

They even felt it would be difficult for the Featherwing Club to even score within the top 50.

However, judging from the current situation, it was difficult for the Featherwing Club not to win first place.

90% of those who crossed the bridge were members of the Featherwing Club, and there was almost no doubt that they would win first place.

With this expectation, the members of the Featherwing Club were extremely excited!

The other seniors waiting to hand over the money had ugly faces when they saw this.

They had worked hard to line up here and hand over their money so that they could cross the bridge.

However, these freshmen could cross the bridge at will for free, and there was a large group of them!

They were furious, but it was useless no matter how angry they were.

Their strength was inferior to Lu Yus, so they had to follow his rules.

Just as the girl led the members to cross the bridge, Lu Yu called out to her.

“Oh right, whats your name again” Lu Yu asked.

She turned to look at Lu Yu and revealed a bright smile.

“President, my name is Jiang Ya.

My strength is decent, so they are all willing to listen to my commands.”

The girl in front of them was wearing light blue sportswear.

However, even the baggy clothes could not hide her marvelous figure.

Her appearance was beautiful, with fair and delicate skin.

Among this batch of freshmen, she was considered the most beautiful.

“From now on, you will be one of the clubs main members.

You will take on more responsibility for our club management.”

Lu Yu appointed Jiang Ya as one of the main members to free his time.

There were many things to do as a club president, and he could not manage everything.

He would definitely need to hand some over to someone else.

When Jiang Ya heard this, the smile on her face became even more radiant.

“Dont worry, president.

I will manage the club with all my might!”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, then took out thirty school credit cards, seven or eight pieces of various equipment, and some potions.

“When you all entered the wild forest, some of your things should have been snatched away.

I took these back from those seniors, so come and claim them.”

Nearly a hundred freshmen quickly surrounded them and began to search for their things.

“This is my blazing dagger.

Its finally back.”

“I thought I would never see my yellow jade bracers again, and here they are, miraculously returned.”

“The president is really too good to us.

He even helped us retrieve the things that were stolen.”

“I suggest that we donate half of these things to the club as the clubs operating funds!”

This proposal made countless freshmen agree.

“Yes, thats right.

We should contribute half.

After all, without Lu Yu, we wouldnt be able to retrieve our things.

Without Lu Yu, our Featherwing Club wouldnt be able to be established.”

“I think so too.

Then Ill donate my three credits.”

“Ill donate this equipment!”


Everyone distributed half of the items and donated them to the club.

Jiang Ya was in charge of collecting and managing these resources.

She stored all these items in her storage ring.

“Everyone, our club will develop better and quicker with your support!”

Jiang Yas words of encouragement made everyone nod their heads firmly.

Everyone had the desire to develop their club as a whole!

Jiang Ya led the team of freshmen across the bridge to begin their mission.

At that moment, more than 90% of the people in the eastern half of the wild forest were members of the Featherwing Club.

The number of spider lilies they collected was firmly in first place.

The Featherwing Club was basically number one in this competition, and the others no longer had the chance to take first place.

Even with that fact, these older students still paid the toll to go to the other side.

The first place was gone, but there was still a second place for them to fight for.

The second and third places were also important to their clubs.

Therefore, these clubs still had to send their members to the other side.

It was also because of this that they had to pay Lu Yu.

However, they had all learned to be smart.

They only needed to send the strongest members of their clubs over.

There was no need for others to go over.

If they also sent all their other members over, the cost would be too high, and they could not afford it.

The people who crossed the bridge paid one after another.

After handing the money to Lu Yu, they all walked over the bridge reluctantly.

Lu Yu took out a bottle of body tempering potion he had just obtained, opened the cap, and drank it.

Soon, Lu Yu absorbed its uses, and he could feel he had become stronger.

[ Current Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 500 ]

[ Speed: 250 ]

[ Health: 450 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 240 ]

As soon as the 30 attack points were raised, Lu Yus attack power had reached 500.

This number was terrifyingly high.

In terms of numbers alone, Lu Yus attack was stronger than most older students.

Moreover, the numbers did not represent his true strength, as his true damage was slightly higher than 500.

This was all related to ones talent.

If a persons talent were a healer type, the damage they dealt would be lower than their stats.

Lu Yus talent was an offensive type, so his actual attacking power was higher.

Lu Yu continued to collect his dues.

The line before him was short, only about twenty people long.

Adding them up, there was definitely another ten million dollars worth, and most seniors were more willing to hand in their equipment instead.

Cultivators would usually not carry much cash.

Whenever they had money, they immediately spent it on strengthening themselves without hesitation.

Therefore, Lu Yu received a lot of equipment but has only received a hundred or so credits so far.

A hundred credits were ten million dollars.

Lu Yu estimated that after he collected all he could, he would have around 20 million.

Lu Yus total assets would be around 80 million!

This amount of money would be enough to keep his aunt in the hospital for a long time.

Lu Yu continued to collect the tolls.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing stood on both sides and cooperated with Lu Yu to collect the tolls.

Su Qings eyes widened at seeing so many credits collected.

She had never seen so much money in her life.

On the contrary, Yun Zirou had a calm expression.

This bit of money was nothing to her.

After collecting the tolls, Lu Yu saw another bottle of body tempering potion.

That person held the potion with both hands and walked carefully to Lu Yus side.

“Brother Yu, I will also use this bottle of body forging potion as the toll.

Please check it.”

Lu Yu took the potion, sized it up, and found no difference.

It was exactly the same as the previous potions.


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