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Chapter 165 Queuing Up, Paying The Toll

Lu Yus actions made everyone else want to join the Featherwing Club.

They all surrounded Lu Yu and begged him to let them join the Featherwing Club.

However, Lu Yu refused.

“Dont think I dont know what youre thinking.

The Featherwing Club is a sanctuary for new students.

I dont have plans to recruit people on a large scale yet!”

“Now, all of you, either pay me the toll or go home.

Dont waste your time on me!”

Lu Yus words disheartened everyone, and they dismissed the idea.

Everyone dispersed and began to discuss among themselves.

Many people were still hesitating about whether they should pay to cross the bridge.

Slowly, more and more participants arrived.

They heard the discussions, understood the situation when they were about to cross the bridge, and were stunned.

“Whats going on Isnt that a freshman Did he really block all of you”

“Woah, there are actually so many people being stopped here, almost 200 of you.

Dont you all dare to make a move”

“Thats right.

There are 200 of us.

Why are we afraid of him Lets just make a move!”

At that moment, someone quickly reminded them, “Are you all crazy Have you forgotten Lu Yus terrifying punch That punch destroyed half of the stadium, and that was him restraining himself!”

“Shit, now that you mention it, I remember that.

That punch is indeed terrifying.

If we were to attack together, all of us combined might still be unable to withstand that punch.”

The crowd got excited for a moment, but returned to its dispirited state.

“Bloody hell.

Ive never been this cucked before!”

“Why are the freshmen this year so strong Theyve completely disrupted the order of the past.”

“This batch of new students is sure lucky.

If only I were also in this batch of freshmen.”

“Lu Yu is too greedy.

He has already collected many things, yet he is still unsatisfied!”

“This will make him rich, and the Featherwing Club will rise up!”

These older students gathered not far away and quietly chastised Lu Yu for being greedy.

However, no matter how much they complained, they still obediently came over and handed over the money.

At that moment, Lu Yu saw no one had come over to pay the toll, so he counted his gains.

The first was a bottle of body tempering potion.

Lu Yu opened the cap and drank it in one gulp.

The potion entered Lu Yus body and turned into a surge of energy that flowed into Lu Yus limbs.

Lu Yu opened his personal interface and checked his current attributes.

[ Current Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 470 ]

[ Speed: 240 ]

[ Health: 450 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 240 ]

After this surge of improvement, Lu Yus attack power had almost broken through 500 points.

Lu Yu actually did not care much about his stats as long as they were not too low.

If one wanted to talk about a persons overall combat power, one could not just look at their attributes.

Skills and equipment were the other two important factors.

Also, there were talents, potions, battle experience, and so on.

There were too many things that could affect ones combat strength!

Therefore, Lu Yu needed to test his overall strength.

Only then would he be able to judge his true power.

Lu Yu took out the battle pets growth potion.

The bear claw necklace on Lu Yus chest flashed, and a brown-furred Violent Bear appeared beside Lu Yu.

After opening the bottle cap, Lu Yu aimed the opening of the potion at the Violent Bears jaws and poured the potion inside.

The Violent Bear was cooperative.

It raised its head and drank the potion.

The effect of the growth potion was simple.

It was to accelerate the growth of the Violent Bear.

His Violent Bear was still underage, and its height was only up to Lu Yus chest.

After its accelerated growth, it would mature faster, allowing it to reach adulthood even quicker.

After drinking the potion, the Violent Bear entered the spacial necklace again and rested quietly.

Lu Yu continued to count his high-grade life potions, mana potions, high-grade defense strengthening potions, high-grade attack strengthening potions, and so on.

These were all consumption-type potions, and they would only be helpful in actual combat.

These potions that enhanced attack speed and defense could only be consumed before a battle.

Lu Yu continued to count the school credit he got after counting the potions.

There were a total of 130 credits, which equates to 13 million dollars.

This income was huge and came much faster than Lu Yu earned from completing quests or whatever.

However, it was easy to attract hatred by doing so.

Those who came to pay the toll had a look of resentment and unwillingness on their faces.

However, as they came up to Lu Yu, they all smiled and didnt dare to show any dissatisfaction.

After Lu Yu finished counting the things he collected, he put them back into his pocket watch.

At that moment, Wang Meng suddenly reached out and handed Lu Yu a few school credit cards.

“Brother, this is the toll paid by the members of the Featherwing Club.

Ill return it to you.”

Lu Yu took the credit card and nodded affirmatively.

“Sure, Ill return this money to its original owners.”

Wang Meng revealed a simple and honest smile.

Since he had decided to follow Lu Yu in the future, the members of the Featherwing Club were considered his people.

After putting the things away, Lu Yu continued to guard the entrance of the bridge and collected more toll fees.

Soon, there were a lot of people gathered around.

There were about two to three hundred people who stood around.

Some senior students took the lead and came up to Lu Yu.

They started to pay their dues.

After Lu Yu received ten credit cards, he let them pass and continued to collect the next ones.

A senior student walked over and handed over another bottle of medicine.

“This is a body tempering potion.

It can increase 30 points of attack power and 10 points of speed.”

Lu Yu looked at the potion in his hand and found that different body tempering potions would increase attributes differently.

He knew that some potions would produce random results when the final step of the concoction was completed.

Body tempering potions were the most typical type.

The concoction of this potion would increase attributes randomly.

However, the total number of attributes increased would be 40 points.

Lu Yu took the potion and let him pass.

A body tempering potion was a scarce type of potion that could increase attributes.

It was a permanent increase and was different from other strengthening potions.

The key was that most cultivators did not have many ways to increase their attributes.

Other than equipping better pieces of equipment, they would constantly go through dungeons and subdue ferocious beasts.

Therefore, this bottle of potion that could add 40 points worth of attributes was tempting to most people.

Lu Yu continued to collect the tolls, and every person who came to pay the tolls had a forced smile.

After paying the tolls, they couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief.

At that moment, a group of people walked toward Lu Yu.

They didnt line up to pay the tolls, which made the other senior students curious.

The leader of this group was a young girl who was one of the members of the Featherwing Club.

She led the group to Lu Yu and looked at him with a smile.

“President, the remaining freshmen have gathered.

We can go and collect the spider lilies now!”


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