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Chapter 164 Great Harvest, The Rise Of The Featherwing Club

Lu Yu was immediately interested after receiving the first bottle of medicine.

It was too mundane to collect money, and it would be great if he could receive some unique items.

“Everyone, if you dont have credits, you can also barter your items.

Any of them is fine as long as the value is around one million, and you can cross the bridge.”

Hearing this, many people began to prepare their items for barter.

At that moment, a girl walked toward Lu Yu and took out a bottle.


Lu Yu, this is the body tempering medicine that I have been saving for a long time.

After drinking it, it will permanently increase your attack power by 20 points and your defense by 20 points.”

Lu Yu looked at the exquisite medicine bottle in her hand and nodded.

“This medicine is decent enough; I will accept it.”

As he said this, Lu Yu took the medicine bottle over.

The girls eyes were filled with reluctance, but she still sighed and continued to cross the bridge.

Crossing the bridge by paying one million was excruciating for these people.

However, Lu Yu did not care.

When the entire university targeted his Featherwing Club, these seniors did not say or do anything to help his club.

Therefore, Lu Yu did not feel any guilt when he demanded a toll fee from them.

To these senior students, one million was nothing.

Those who could come to Clanorth University were from wealthy families and did not lack this bit of money.

Collecting the toll fee was also a warning to them, to let them know that the Featherwing Club was not to be trifled with.

Very soon, another person walked over.

“Brother Lu Yu, this equipment of mine is a frost spear that I obtained from a cold tundra dungeon.

The market price is about a million.”

Lu Yu looked at the snow-white spear in his hand.

After thinking for a moment, he looked at Wang Meng.

“Do you need this”

Wang Meng shook his head.

“Although this weapon is very powerful, its still far from being equal to mine.”

Lu Yu shrugged.

“Even though I dont need it, Ill just keep it.

At most, Ill sell it when I get out.”

As he said that, Lu Yu kept the spear.

As he allowed bartering instead of paying with cash, he was sure to encounter many things he did not need.

However, Lu Yu was not picky.

Otherwise, these people would not be able to afford the toll fee.

“Continue, next.”

At that moment, Liu Ye was also watching Lu Yus live stream.

He looked at his phone screen and saw Lu Yu collecting the toll fees.

This made him so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Initially, the toll fee was collected to supplement the top clubs.

However, Wang Meng immediately switched sides after being defeated by Lu Yu with a single punch!


Liu Ye was so angry that his eyes narrowed, and his gaze got cold.

“Lu Yu! I will definitely not let you off.

Just you wait!”

Liu Ye could only wait as he would only make a move when there was an opportunity.

Now that Lu Yu and Wang Meng were together, their combined strengths were unparalleled.

Liu Ye could not fight Lu Yu and Wang Meng simultaneously, so he had no choice but to wait for a chance.

On Lu Yus side, he had received tons of things.

There was mostly useless equipment, but some valuable potions were in the mix, such as elemental energy strengthening potions, toughness potions that could provide a layer of shield, or offensive potions that could strengthen ones attack power.

Lu Yu would have an easier time in future battles with these potions.

It would be easier for him to gain an advantage through the enhancement of these potions.

At that moment, Yun Zirou walked over and looked at the elemental potion in Lu Yus hand.

She said, “I have an impression of this potion.

It belongs to a member of our Featherwing Club.

At the beginning of the competition, it was snatched away by an older student.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu was a little surprised.

He didnt expect his club members item to return after going around in circles.

“Send the information about this bottle of potion to the group.

Wait for the member who was robbed to come and collect it.”

After hearing this, Yun Zirou picked up her phone, took a photo of the bottle of elemental potion, and sent it to the group chat.

Wang Meng stood at the side and asked, with some confusion, “Since its already in your hands, do you still need to return it Their items were robbed, so they arent theirs anymore.”

Lu Yu shook his head and said, “As the president of the Featherwing Club, can I still be considered a qualified president if I take advantage of my own club”

These words made many other club presidents feel awkward as they had received many benefits from their club members.

Some became club presidents purely to benefit from their clubs.

With this comparison, many students had the idea of joining Lu Yus club, even if they were seniors.

Soon, a freshman came to Lu Yu.

“President! Im here.

I just saw the news and this bottle of potion was indeed stolen from me.”

He came to Lu Yu with a bright smile on his face.

He had been depressed when his seniors robbed him.

But when he saw that Lu Yu had recovered his medicine, he was so happy and excited, as he looked at Lu Yu with respect.

“President, thank you for helping me find my potion.

If not for you, I would have gone broke!”

Tears were welling in his eyes as he looked at Lu Yu as if he were a hero.

“Take it well, dont lose it again!”

The freshman nodded heavily.

“Dont worry, I wont make the same mistake again!”

He took the bottle and said earnestly, “President, I will work hard to complete the competition!”

After saying that, he walked towards the bridge and started collecting the spider lilies on the other side.

Lu Yus purpose was to show these senior students how rubbish their club was.

At that moment, a senior walked over awkwardly.

“Hello, Lu Yu.

I want to join your Featherwing Club too.

Is that okay”

Lu Yu sized her up.

She was pretty good-looking, but her abilities were average.

“No problem.

But our Featherwing Club was created with the purpose of helping freshmen.

If you want to join, you have to prove your intentions.

So, go in and help the Featherwing Club collect their spider lilies.

Once youve collected enough, Ill allow you to join.”

Hearing this, the senior was elated.

She had to work hard to get this chance to join the Featherwing Club!

Seeing this, the other seniors had different thoughts too.

The current Featherwing Club could no longer be compared to the past.

The president of the Featherwing Club was practically the most powerful person in the entire school.

Someone like Lu Yu, of course, had the qualifications to create their club.

Moreover, the Featherwing Club had Wang Meng.

With the addition of such a powerhouse, the Featherwing Club was no longer just an ordinary club.

In the future, it would only be a matter of time before they rose to the top at Clanorth University.

“Brother Lu Yu, I want to join the Featherwing Club too!”

“Let me go over.

I will help the Featherwing Club complete their mission too.”

“Give me a chance too…”


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