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Chapter 163 Continued To Block The Bridge, Stopping Seniors

Lu Yu took the pocket watch from Wang Meng and looked at it carefully.

He realized that it was indeed exquisite and well-made.

He opened his Eye of the Dragon God and checked that it was a genuine spatial pocket watch.

Such a precious item was rare.

“Wang Meng, where did you get this pocket watch”

Wang Meng hurriedly replied, “I collected it as a toll payment from a student.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“I didnt expect you to collect such a thing even though you were mainly collecting money.”

“Hehe, its because of my good luck.

Also, the guy who gave me the pocket watch was a little stupid, so I was able to get this treasure.”

“It seems like the toll fee is pretty good.

You earned quite a lot of money, right”

Wang Meng scratched his head and said awkwardly, “Its not bad.

I only earned a little more than ten million…”

Lu Yu was speechless.

More than ten million from blocking a bridge Wasnt that enough

“If thats the case, it does seem like a pretty good way to earn money.”

Lu Yu decided to block the seniors and let them taste what it was like to be at the other end!

Lu Yu pondered and continued, “Since thats the case, the two of us will block the bridge together.

If anyone wants to pass through here, they will have to leave their money behind!”

Hearing this, Wang Meng was stunned and did not react for a moment.

He thought that Lu Yu would continue with the event after defeating him.

He did not expect Lu Yu also to have the idea of blocking the bridge.

“Brother, you want to block the bridge too Arent you going to continue with the mission”

Lu Yu chuckled, “The mission The mission is just to collect spider lilies, and anyone can do that.

Theres no point in me doing it.”

Lu Yu decided that he would let his club members cross the bridge for free and allow them to complete the mission.

Then, he could slowly block the bridge and plunder the assets of these senior students.

Thus, the two of them stood on the bridge with their hands on their waists.

When the surrounding people saw this, they were all stunned.

“Fuck, whats going on”

“The two of them are blocking the bridge”

“Are you serious I thought that if Lu Yu won, we would be able to cross the bridge freely.”

“Huh Looks like we have to pay the toll one way or another.”

Everyone no longer felt that they could beat Lu Yu.

They finally acknowledge that this new student could easily crush them.

Therefore, when Lu Yu stood at the bridge, the first thing that came to their mind was that it was time to pay up…

After all, if they did not pay the toll, they would not be able to continue the competition.

If they could not continue, their clubs ranking would go down, and the losses would be even greater!

Very quickly, someone walked up to Lu Yu.

“Bro, could you not collect money One million is really not a small amount.”

That person complained with a face full of grievance.

Lu Yu did not care as these were senior students at Clanorth University.

Saying that they could not afford one million Who were they kidding

“I dont care.

If you want to pass through here, pay up.

Stop the nonsense!”

“Brother, I really dont have any money.

If you block us here, then this Battle of the Hundred Clubs will be meaningless.”

Lu Yu did not care about what he said and did not want to waste more time on him.

At that moment, Wang Meng scolded, “If you dont have any money, then get lost.

Dont get in the way! There are plenty of rich people who want to pay up!”

That person had a helpless look on his face.

Seeing that he couldnt do anything about it, he could only reluctantly take out his card and pass it to Lu Yu.

“This is ten school credits.

Can I go over now”

Wang Meng smiled and nodded.

“Thats more like it.

See, arent you rich Why are you pretending to be poor”

That person sighed helplessly and walked past the two across the bridge.

Soon, others were also getting restless.

They were judging the situation from afar before this, but there was no reason to do so any longer.

The two strongest participants in this competition had already joined forces.

They had nothing to wait for, as no one could stop them from blocking the bridge.

Many people accepted their fate and prepared their credit cards, intending to pay the toll.

In Lu Yus live stream, many people were furious when they saw that Lu Yu had started to block the bridge.

“Lu Yu is too much.

Is he blocking the bridge with Wang Meng”

“Hes just a freshman, but hes targeting us seniors.

Hes going too far!”

“Theres nothing we can do as hes too strong.

With even Wang Meng being no match for him, what can we do”

“Sigh, how could there be such a monster in this batch of freshmen I was tricked when I was a freshman.

Now that Ive got over that with great difficulty, Im getting squeezed out by a freshman…”

“The president is too powerful.

Youre our eternal leader!”

On the central bridge, a few members of the Featherwing Club reached the bridge.

“Hello, President.

We should be able to go over…”

One of the members asked with uncertainty.

Lu Yu smiled faintly and said, “Of course.

Youre all members of the Featherwing Club.

Go on ahead.”

Hearing this, the members of the Featherwing Club heaved a sigh of relief and walked onto the bridge.

Following that, more members of the Featherwing club walked up the bridge and headed to the other side of the river.

Lu Yu would not stop the members of his club.

After all, the results of this competition were determined by the club as a whole.

Letting them go earlier would allow them to complete the competitions mission as soon as possible, obtaining a good result.

Seeing more and more members of the Featherwing Club crossing the bridge, the others could not sit still any longer and get envious.

Those who entered the other side first would be able to gather more spider lilies, and their results would be better.

In that case, those who crossed after them would be disadvantaged.

After those students had collected all they needed, the rest would be picking at scraps of whatever was left behind.

Hence, more and more people could not sit still and walk toward Lu Yu.

“Hello, Mr.

Lu Yu.

I want to cross the bridge, but I dont have ten credits on me.

What do you think…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Wang Meng immediately followed up.

“You want to barter, right No problem.

What do you plan to offer Let me see if its worth ten credits.”

Then, that person took out a potion bottle from his storage ring.

“This is a bottle of battle pet growth potion.

After giving it to your battle pet, it can increase its growth speed and increase its attributes.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu couldnt help but smile.

“It seems that you watched my live broadcast yesterday.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have taken out this.”

That person scratched his head and smiled awkwardly.

He saw that Lu Yus battle pet had just hatched, so he prepared the battle pet potion in advance.

“No problem.

Ill take this potion.

Go ahead.”

After taking the potion, Lu Yu let the man in front of him go.

Lu Yu sized up this potion.

It was indeed very suitable for a battle pet that had just hatched.

This was much more useful than money, and it was just what Lu Yu needed right now.


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