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Chapter 162 Wang Meng Joins In

Lu Yu sent Wang Meng flying with a single punch, shocking everyone.

It was hard for them to imagine that Lu Yu, as a freshman, could send the second strongest person in the entire university flying with a single punch.

He even knocked Wang Meng into a state where he was powerless.

Moreover, Lu Yus punch was just an ordinary punch.

He did not even use any skills, and his movements were not much different from Wang Mengs.

It was as if Lu Yu defeating Wang Meng was an easy matter.

“Lu Yus strength is just unreal, right”

“How can he have such strength at his age I dont believe it.”

“This is ridiculous.

He ended the battle with one punch.

All this happened so fast.”

“This punch is terrifying.

If it hits any of us, well all be finished…”

“Wang Meng lost.

Can we cross the bridge now”

At that moment, Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

They were shocked, as they didnt expect Lu Yus strength to increase after one night.

Yesterday, when he fought with the four club presidents, they were on equal footing.

Wang Mengs strength was higher than the four of them.

But all it took was a punch from Lu Yu to end the battle.

In the eyes of the crowd, this was unfathomable.

No one could raise their strength so much in one night.

At that moment, Wang Meng, lying on the ground after fainting, slowly opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Lu Yus figure.

He was so scared that he stepped back and looked at Lu Yu nervously.

“My arms are already broken.

What else do you want”

Lu Yu chuckled, “Werent you very arrogant just now Why arent you continuing with that same attitude”

Wang Meng gulped, “Im only arrogant to those who are weaker than me.

If someone can defeat me, Im willing to follow that person who defeated me!”

His words were straightforward, stating his intention to follow Lu Yu.

Lu Yu rubbed his chin and thought for a moment.

“If you want to follow me, I have no objections.”

Wang Meng immediately revealed an awkward smile.


Lu Yu, I want to ask you a question.

How did I lose I feel that my strength is above yours.”

“If you want my advice, no problem!”

Lu Yu continued, “In a real battle, you have to be completely devoted without any external disturbance inside you.

Its simple, you are supposed to only focus on your fist in a fight.

Only then can you gather your strength into your fist.”

“Just now, when you punched, were you thinking about how to teach me a lesson after defeating me”

Hearing this, Wang Meng was stunned on the spot and pondered for a long time.

“Brother Yu, youre right.

Youre absolutely right.

I shouldnt be preoccupied by these unnecessary distractions.

No wonder my strength is inferior to yours even though Ive been working hard to cultivate it.

It turns out that Ive taken the wrong path!”

At this point, Wang Meng couldnt help but shed tears.

His heart ached when he thought about how his training over the past few years had been wrong.

Fortunately, he had met Lu Yu.

He felt fortunate about this fact.

“Thank you for your guidance, brother Yu.

I understand now.

I understand everything.

Your help has benefited me greatly.

Im truly ashamed…”

As he wiped away his tears, he spoke up.

When everyone saw this, they laughed out loud.

“Didnt he say he wanted to beat Lu Yu until he cried”

“I dont know.

Maybe he meant hes the one whos going to cry.”

“Hehe, wasnt he very pretentious just now Now, hes the one crying.”

“Wang Meng is obsessed with martial arts.

He recognizes those who are stronger than him and only follows those who are stronger than him.

Lu Yu is the person he is looking for.”

“Woah, Lu Yu wants to take Wang Meng as his underling Isnt this just crazy”

Wang Meng completely broke down.

He looked at Lu Yu and cried, “Brother Yu, I took the wrong path.

What should I do next I want to become as strong as you.

My fist is simply too weak compared to yours!”

Lu Yu looked down at Wang Meng and stretched out his right hand.

“Follow me.

Follow me, and you will learn.”

Wang Meng knelt on the ground and looked up at Lu Yu with hope in his eyes.

“Really Can I follow in your footsteps”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Of course.

You dont have a bad heart, you just like fighting a little too much.”

Wang Meng immediately stood up and looked at Lu Yu earnestly after hearing this.

“Dont worry.

I will listen to your orders and your teachings!”

He wanted to improve his strength, no matter the cost.

Even if he had to become an underling of a freshman, it didnt matter if that improved him.

What was the point of having dignity Strength was the most important thing.

When the others saw this, their eyes widened.

“Is this for real Is the number two strongest in the university going to join Lu Yu”

“Brother Wang Meng, you are representing our senior clubs.

How can you be an underling to a freshman”

“This guy named Lu Yu is too terrifying.

If this continues, the entire Clanorth University will fall under his control!”

“Wang Meng following Lu Yu has nothing to do with us.

However, Lu Yus defeating him is an act of kindness, allowing us to cross the bridge.”

“Thats right.

That is why I was hoping Lu Yu could defeat Wang Meng…”

Some older students were glad they didnt have to pay the toll, while the others felt humiliated.

Wang Mengs joining Lu Yu was like a slap to all the older students faces.

The few club members planning to target Featherwing Club gritted their teeth in anger when they saw this situation.

After Wang Meng joined, no one dared touch the Featherwing Club.

At that moment, Yun Zirou and Su Qing both heaved a sigh of relief and smiled happily.

Featherwing Clubs ability to attract such a powerful person as Wang Meng undoubtedly strengthened their club and made it even more influential.

On the central bridge, Wang Meng hurriedly stood up and moved to the side.

“Brother Yu, please pass.

I wont block this bridge anymore.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and continued walking forward.

Suddenly, Wang Meng thought of something and hurriedly stopped Lu Yu.

“Brother Yu, I plan to give you a gift by being your apprentice.

I hope that you can teach me more in the future.”

As he spoke, he pulled out an exquisite pocket watch from his pocket.

“Brother Yu, this is a spatial pocket watch.

Its a precious item!”

Lu Yu took the pocket watch and looked at it carefully.

He asked, “Whats the benefit of this thing compared to a storage ring”

Wang Meng quickly explained, “The main benefit of a spatial pocket watch is that it has unlimited space and can store anything you wish.

These are usually owned by huge business tycoons.”

“Its as difficult as flying to the moon for a normal person to obtain such a pocket watch!”

“Whats even more ridiculous is that this pocket watch has a time-stopping function.

Food wont rot, equipment wont age, and potions wont lose their potency when placed inside.

Theres nothing but benefits to this thing.”

“Now, Ill give this pocket watch to you.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and handed the pocket watch over.


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