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Chapter 161 Muscle Memory, A Powerful Punch

The technique and skill of Wang Mengs punch were indeed the results of hundreds of battles.

After dodging this punch, Lu Yus Dragon Muscles immediately memorized this punch.

His exquisite technique of exerting force and the way of punching were all memorized by Lu Yu.

Moreover, it was skillfully mastered and engraved into his muscle memory.

“Dodge! Keep dodging.

As long as you take one punch from me, you will lose.

Do you understand”

Wang Meng spoke haughtily.

From the beginning, he looked down on Lu Yu, did not even use his weapon, and fought Lu Yu with just his fists.

“Your fists are powerful.

I admit this, but let me tell you the truth.

Your fists are not as good as mine!”

When Wang Meng heard Lu Yus words, he was instantly enraged.

He looked at Lu Yu with a vicious gaze.

“Youre sure arrogant.

Then let me see what confidence you have to say such lies!”

As he spoke, he walked toward Lu Yu.

He felt that Lu Yu was only talking big.

His pair of iron fists had undergone several years of training, regardless of day or night.

It allowed him to use this pair of fists to smash through countless rocks.

He could even punch through a steel plate as thick as a finger!

This was the source of his confidence.

Countless days and nights of training allowed him to develop the most powerful and destructive punching technique!

However, he did not know that the result of his training day and night was imprinted in Lu Yus memory in just an instant.

It was even more powerful than Wang Mengs; the way he punched would also be more precise.

“Alright, then take my punch and observe.

Your fists arent necessarily stronger than mine!”

As Lu Yu said that, he clenched his right fist and began to gather strength.

Wang Meng was getting cautious.

Although he was arrogant and looked down on Lu Yu, he would still take it seriously when it came to a battle.

He placed his hands before him to block Lu Yus attack.

He knew his speed was incomparable to Lu Yus, so he chose to take it head-on!

“Come on, let me see where your confidence comes from! How dare you ignore the rules we set and try to break the order of the university!” Wang Meng shouted loudly.

At that moment, Lu Yu finished gathering his strength and threw a powerful punch at Wang Meng.

The movement of this punch was almost the same as when Wang Meng threw his punch.

When the surrounding people saw Lu Yus punch, they stared at the two eagerly.

“Lu Yu has made his move.

I dont know if he can win.”

“Whether hes Wang Mengs match or not will be evident from this punch.

If he cant harm Wang Meng, there is basically no hope for him.”

“Thats true.

Wang Meng is standing still and taking Lu Yus punch head-on.

If this punch doesnt have any effect, it will prove that there is really a huge disparity in their strength.”

“Lu Yu, you can do it! Whether we can cross the central bridge or not, its all up to you!”

“President, teach that guy a good lesson and let him know how powerful we are!”

“Brother Lu Yu, you must win.

Otherwise, well be utterly defeated in this competition.”

Everyone placed their hopes on Lu Yu.

They would be completely stuck here if Lu Yu couldnt beat Wang Meng.

They would either have to pay or withdraw from the competition.

If they could not get any results, the club they represented could be disbanded.

Therefore, they would still have to take out their money to pay the toll.

At that moment, Lu Yu threw a punch at Wang Meng.

Wang Meng blocked his body with his arm, and Lu Yus fist was also aimed at Wang Mengs forearms.

A dull sound was heard when Lu Yus fist landed on Wang Mengs forearms.

Following that, two cracking sounds were heard as Wang Mengs bones were broken!

Wang Mengs arms felt an unprecedented impact.

He gritted his teeth and braced his feet on the ground to forcefully block Lu Yus fist.

When he felt his forearms bones were broken, he clenched his teeth, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

At that moment, he looked at Lu Yu with shock and disbelief.

The power of this punch was far beyond his imagination!

Wang Mengs arms trembled violently, but he gritted his teeth to persevere.

“What You cant take this punch” Lu Yu asked.

Wang Meng gritted his teeth and said, “Heh, its just so-so.

Compared to my punch, its far inferior!”

Although he said so, he knew that his punch was incomparable to Lu Yus!

There was a difference in power between their punches.

Lu Yu chuckled and said, “I havent fully released the power of my punch yet.

You understand me”

As he said that, Lu Yus right fist continued to exert force, and an unparalleled amount of pressure rushed into Wang Meng.

Wang Meng felt this pressure, and it almost sent him flying.

His brows were tightly knit, and he hurriedly used all his strength to block Lu Yus explosive force.

He no longer cared about his injured arms.

He could not lose.

If he lost, it would be embarrassing, to say the least.

His fists were known as the Iron Fists by countless others.

It was easy for him to break rocks and steel with his hard fist, which was indeed his routine.

However, today, a freshman broke through his iron fists with a punch!

This humiliation made him extremely furious!

“I cant lose! You cant beat me!” Wang Meng yelled!

The surrounding spectators started discussing as they could see that Wang Meng was about to lose.

“Lu Yus punch hasnt finished releasing its power yet”

“Oh **, why has Wang Mengs forearm sunken Could it be that its broken”

“Of course, the sound of bones cracking sounded.

It must be broken.”

“Lu Yus punch is sure vicious.

Wang Meng is known as the Iron Fist, with his fists as hard as steel.

How could they be shattered by Lu Yus punch”

“Oh **, Lu Yu can win.

We have hope to continue participating in the competition!”

At that moment, Lu Yus right fist released all its strength.

A terrifying force poured out into Wang Mengs forearm!

Wang Meng felt this terrifying force and quickly retracted his arms without saying a word.

He did not dare to continue to take this attack head-on.

He could foresee that if he used his arms to block again, his hands would be crippled.

However, he did not have time to dodge after he retracted his arms.

Lu Yus fierce fist landed on Wang Mengs chest!


With a muffled sound, Wang Meng was sent flying, and fainted.

After flying more than ten meters, he fell onto the bridge before stopping.

Everyone present was dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

Countless people looked at Lu Yu with respect…


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