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Chapter 160 Martial Arts Fanatic, Silver-Rank Wang Meng

Everyone looked at Lu Yu and hurriedly explained, “Its not that we dont want to cross the bridge, but someone has blocked it and is refusing to let us pass.”

“Yeah, if we could cross the bridge, why would we stay here”

“Its that guy.

He blocked the bridge, our way, and is charging a sky-high toll to cross!”

Lu Yu looked in the direction the crowd was pointing and saw Wang Mengs figure.

At that moment, Wang Meng was also looking in Lu Yus direction.

Wang Meng revealed an expectant smile and looked at Lu Yu with eyes filled with fighting spirit!

Standing beside Lu Yu, Yun Zirou reminded him, “Be careful.

This guy is very strong and is a martial arts fanatic.

He doesnt care about his life when fighting.

The only value in his life is to find an opponent stronger than himself.”

Su Qing continued, “This guy is nothing but detestable.

He has robbed many of our club members and is simply shameless!”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, “I know.

Since this guy is a martial arts fanatic, then the reason he is here is most likely not for money.”

In Lu Yus opinion, Wang Meng was so strong that it would be easy for him if all he wanted were money.

In other words, he shouldnt be short of cash.

Therefore, he was probably not here for the money.

More likely, he was here to meet a strong person.

As for this strong person, Lu Yu felt that it was him.

From the looks of the five presidents, Lu Yu felt that the seniors were targeting him and Wang Meng was one of them.

“Leave the rest to me and let me face him.”

As he said that, Lu Yu walked toward Wang Meng.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing were a little worried.

“That person is very strong.”

“Yeah, be careful.”

Lu Yu waved his hand.

“Dont worry, I will defeat him!”

When everyone saw Lu Yu make his move, they were all excited.

“Lu Yu has made his move! He is going to fight Wang Meng.”

“If Lu Yu makes his move, will we have a way out”

“Lets hope that Lu Yu can win, but I dont think so.”

“Wang Meng is indeed very strong, but Lu Yu is not a pushover either.

This battle will be very exciting!”

“Whether or not we can continue the event will depend on Lu Yu.

I dont want to go back the way we came.”

Everyone placed their hopes on Lu Yu, hoping Lu Yu could defeat Wang Meng.

From the live broadcast yesterday, everyone was hopeful that Lu Yu could break the deadlock before them.

At that moment, Lu Yu was standing before Wang Meng.

Wang Meng sized up Lu Yu from head to toe and knew his target was right before him.

However, no matter how he looked, he could not tell how Lu Yu was someone strong.

He did not have strong muscles, nor did he have an aggressive aura.

The pieces of equipment on his body were also ordinary.

“Lu Yu, Ive finally met you,” Wang Meng said bluntly.

Lu Yu smiled, “So you are waiting for me.

Am I that important to get many club presidents to attack me continuously”

“Whether youre important or not, it doesnt mean anything to me.

I just want to know if you can defeat me or not.

Ive never lost from my freshman year to my senior year.

I want nothing more than to experience what it is like to lose.”

Wang Mengs words made the others want to chastise him for being pretentious, but in reality, they couldnt refute him.

After all, what Wang Meng said was true.

He had never lost before.

Looking at the person before him chasing after a lost, Lu Yu smiled, “I can tell that youre obsessed with fighting.

You feel a sense of emptiness when you think you are invincible.

Since thats the case, Ill let you know what it feels like to chase after the back of someone.”

When Wang Meng heard this, he immediately became motivated.

“Good! Then lets spar.

Let me see what qualifications you have that are worthy of me attending this event!”

Wang Meng had never thought that one day he would be seeking defeat from a freshman.

But now, such a ridiculous thing has appeared.

Wang Meng did not care, as he only wanted to have a good fight!

Before the fight started, he looked at his phone and the chat on his live broadcast channel.

He shouted, “Everyone, guess how long it will take to defeat him”

“Or you can also guess whether I will beat him until he cries”

The audience in the live broadcast room began to discuss it enthusiastically.

Of course, most of them were sure that Wang Meng would win.

After all, the image of Wang Meng as an undefeatable powerhouse had already been rooted in their minds.

As for Lu Yu, he was just a very outstanding freshman.

Those who watched Lu Yus live broadcast yesterday felt that Lu Yu could win, but most still supported Wang Meng.

Looking at the chat in his live broadcast, Wang Meng revealed a confident and proud laugh.

“It seems that not many people think that you can beat me!” Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu proudly.

Lu Yu said expressionlessly, “Do you need the audience to cheer you up in your usual battles Are you a three-year-old child”

Hearing this, Wang Mengs face turned cold as he put his phone into his pocket.

“I will beat you until you cry today, or my surname will not be Wang!”

“All I need is an ordinary attack to end this battle instantly!”

After stating bold claims, Wang Meng rushed toward Lu Yu!

He dropped his spear to the ground and clenched his iron fist as he smashed it toward Lu Yu.

He was physically strong, and his attack speed was much faster than the four presidents Lu Yu had fought previously!

Lu Yu did not dare to take Wang Meng lightly and hurriedly dodged.

When Wang Meng was close, Lu Yu was surprised to find that there was a badge hanging on his chest.

The badge was inlaid with silver, with tiny wings carved on both sides and ten horizontal bars in the middle.

It seemed that his strength rating was silver rank 10.

He was only one step away from gold.

Perhaps learning a new skill or changing a new piece of equipment could allow his overall strength to break through silver into gold.

Lu Yu had yet to undergo the test, so he did not know who was stronger in terms of overall strength compared to Wang Meng.

However, he had to stand up and fight.

Wang Meng was here for him, so he couldnt avoid this fight!

Lu Yu could afford a million dollars for the toll fee, but he knew that even if he wanted to pay, Wang Meng would not accept it!

Lu Yu felt pressured by Wang Mengs huge fist coming at him with a whistling gust.

At that moment, Wang Mengs stance, strength, and timing were all recorded by Lu Yu and engraved into his muscle memory.

Countless people watched as Wang Meng boasted that he would finish Lu Yu with one punch!

They were all looking forward to seeing if Wang Mengs punch could achieve such an effect!

Wang Mengs fist came at Lu Yu, and Lu Yu used all his speed and dodged to the side!

Dragon Shadow was activated, and Lu Yu disappeared with only his afterimage remaining on the spot.

Wang Mengs fist passed through Lu Yus afterimage.

When he realized that he had missed, Wang Meng was furious.

He swung his fist again and smashed it at Lu Yu.


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