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Chapter 157 Battle, Crushing Force

As soon as the Violent Bear hatched, it immediately came to Lu Yus side.

It squatted on the ground and stared at Lu Yu curiously with its black eyes.

It looked like a giant hamster.

Lu Yu stretched out his hand and stroked the top of its head.

Its thick and hard fur was a little prickly.

This was the first time he hatched a battle pet.

Lu Yu did not know much about them, but having a partner in battle was not bad.

At that moment, Zhao Ding stared at Lu Yu, and his gaze became increasingly gloomy.

“Youre dead for sure.

How dare you kill my most beloved war pet Youre courting death!”

As he said this, he clenched his fists and walked toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at him and did not care about his anger.

He retorted, “If I didnt kill you, would you let your Savage War Bear go easy on me It could kill me with one slap, so why cant I kill it”

Zhao Ding did not say a word.

He did not know how to respond, but he still walked toward Lu Yu with overwhelming anger.

The audience watching the live broadcast felt that Lu Yu was right.

Zhao Ding activated his battle pets ultimate skill and ordered it to kill Lu Yu with a single slap.

So why wouldnt Lu Yu retaliate

Zhao Ding walked toward Lu Yu.

At the same time, the necklace on his neck flickered with a green light.

The light flashed and then expanded.

A gruff figure walked out of the ball of light.

A tiger with green fur all over its body walked out.

The tigers eyes stared at Lu Yu and Violent Bear.

It opened its mouth slightly and let out a low growl.

Zhao Ding sneered, “Green Vine Tiger, A-Level battle pet!”

Then, a light flashed on his neck again, and another beast walked out.

A giant lizard walked out with its tail swaying.

Its body was covered in tiny scales that gave off a metallic luster.

“Black-Armored Giant Lizard, B-Level battle pet.” Zhao Ding continued to speak.

Following that, the light on his neck flickered again.

A muscular gorilla walked out with its entire body covered in golden fur.

Its body was as muscular as an ox, and it was tall.

“Diamond Gorilla, B-Level battle pet!”

“I will release these three first.

Its enough to deal with you and your trash battle pet.”

Zhao Ding looked at Lu Yu with confidence.

Although Lu Yu was strong, he had endured too many battles and consumed a lot of energy.

Even though Lu Yu had a battle pet by his side, the Violent Bear had just hatched and wasnt of considerable battle strength.

This gave Zhao Ding full confidence that he would win against Lu Yu.

“I want to take revenge for my Savage War Bear.

You must die here today, and no one can stop me!”

As he said this, the veins on Zhao Dings forehead bulged.

He gritted his teeth and looked angry.

Lu Yu was still indifferent.

“Are you releasing your pets to their death again If thats the case, Ill fulfill your wish and send your three battle pets to the afterlife!”

“Stop your shameless boasting.

I want to see what else you have to deal with my three battle pets!”

Zhao Ding pointed at Lu Yu and shouted, “Charge! Kill this guy and avenge my Savage War Bear!”

After giving the order, the Green Vine Tiger, Diamond Gorilla, and the Black-Armored Giant Lizard rushed to attack Lu Yu.

The three battle pets in front of him were pretty strong.

If Lu Yu were to fight them one-on-three, he would probably lose.

After all, they have an advantage in terms of numbers.

But now, Lu Yu had a teammate.

Although the Violent Bear had just hatched, it still had some fighting strength.

He wouldnt need his Violent Bear to defeat the enemy; being able to stall one of them was good enough.

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and scanned the strength of the three beasts.

Soon, he found that the Green Vine Tiger had the highest fighting strength among the three beasts.

The Diamond Gorilla was next, and the Black-Armored Giant Lizard was the weakest.

Lu Yu looked at Violent Bear and said, “You go fight the Black-Armored Giant Lizard.

Leave the other two to me!”

Violent Bear seemed to understand Lu Yus words and nodded obediently.

Then, it stretched out sharp claws from its paws and rushed toward the Black-Armoured Giant Lizard.

At the same time, Lu Yu also clashed against the Green Vine Tiger and Diamond Gorilla.

The Diamond Gorillas fist was the first to hit Lu Yus face.

Lu Yu quickly ducked and dodged the huge fist.

Then, he stretched out his right claw and clawed at the gorillas abdomen!


The sharp claw slashed at the gorillas abdomen, instantly creating three bloody wounds as fresh blood oozed out.

The gorilla was in pain and aimlessly swung its fist at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu relied on his nimble body to dodge the gorillas attack a few more times.

The gorillas defense was the strongest among the three battle pets.

Lu Yus claw did not break through its defense, but it managed to deal some damage.

It seemed that its defense was not too high.

Lu Yu prepared his Armor Penetration skill and planned to kill the gorilla first.

The Green Vine Tiger pounced over at that precise moment.

Its pair of sharp claws and terrifying jaws came at Lu Yu!

In just an instant, the tiger instantly pounced on Lu Yus body.

However, it missed, with Lu Yu leaving only an afterimage.

The next moment, Lu Yu appeared on the Diamond Gorillas head.

With a swipe of his claws, the sharp claws struck the Diamond Gorillas back, cutting open its thick skin and revealing the flesh underneath.

His Armor Penetration effect was triggered, reducing the Diamond Gorillas defense by 30%!

The Diamond Gorilla was in intense pain.

It quickly turned around and punched Lu Yu.

Lu Yu dodged again.

The difference in speed between the two was just too great.

Lu Yu struck out with his claw after dodging its attack, aiming at the Diamond Gorillas chest.

This claw crushed the Diamond Gorillas chest, and fresh blood spurted out like a geyser.

The Diamond Gorilla felt a sharp pain and let out an ear-piercing roar.

Lu Yu kicked and sent the Diamond Gorilla flying after that.

Immediately after, the Green Vine Tiger pounced on Lu Yu again.

Lu Yu had already used up more than half of his stamina.

He panted heavily as he faced the Green Vine Tiger.

Zhao Ding, who stood at the side, watched as his three battle pets attacked simultaneously, but they still had no effect.

His Diamond Gorilla was already heavily injured and might be unable to survive another fight.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Dings anger rose again.

His eyes were filled with hatred as he looked at Lu Yu.

“Damn it! I dont believe that Im going to lose to you today!”

First, Zhao Ding lost his strongest and most precious battle pet.

Even after sending out these three battle pets, he still could not gain any advantage in the fight.

This made him start to worry.

Would he lose another three battle pets

Thinking of this, he started to panic.

He clenched his fists and strode toward Lu Yu.

He couldnt stand by the side and watch anymore.

Hes going to join the battle as well!


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