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Chapter 156 Hatched Successfully, Violent Bear Cub

Zhao Ding was utterly flustered.

He shouted at Lu Yu, “Lu Yu, stop! The battle has ended.

The winner has been decided.

You won! Youve won!”

He wasnt stupid.

He could tell that his Savage War Bear had lost.

If Lu Yu continued the fight, his Savage War Bear would probably lose its life.

However, Lu Yu ignored him.

He swung his claw and chopped off one of the Savage War Bears arms.

Zhao Dings eyes widened at seeing the arm fall to the ground with a thud.

“You! Youre courting death.

If you dare to kill my Savage War Bear, youre dead meat!”

He shouted angrily.

His eyes were red, and he wanted to rush up and fight Lu Yu.

Lu Yu continued to ignore him and continued to swing his claws.


With another swing of his claw, the other arm of the Savage War Bear was chopped off.

At this moment, the Savage War Bear had lost too much blood and was already lying on the ground.

It didnt even have the strength to cry out.

When this bloody scene was broadcast live, countless people cried out in surprise.

“It… was killed just like that”

“This is Zhao Dings proudest battle pet.

It took him a lot of effort to nurture it.”

“Its over.

Zhao Ding must be going crazy, right”

“Damn, this Savage War Bear activated its ultimate skill, but it still cant beat Lu Yu.

This is too ridiculous.”

“Lu Yu won again.

All four presidents attacked, and all of them were defeated.

Lu Yus strength is the strongest among all the students at Clanorth University!”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing sighed in relief after seeing that Lu Yu had won.

They continued to move forward, hoping to meet up with Lu Yu as soon as possible.

At that moment, Zhao Ding was kneeling on the ground in the abandoned building.

His eyes were blurry.

He could not accept the reality in front of him, nor did he want to accept it.

His most beloved battle pet, the battle pet he was most proud of, had died just like that.

As the President of the Battle Pets Club, it was difficult for him to take this in.

Lu Yu did not care about this man who had been hit by reality and went to the side of the Savage War Bear.

He tore open the Savage War Bears chest, dug its heart out, and took out a drop of blood essence.

Lu Yu remembered that he had once fought with a bear-type ferocious beast.

It was the Violent Bear, and it had left behind an egg that had yet to hatch.

The storage ring on his hand glowed, and soon, an egg appeared in front of Lu Yu.

In high school, he had read up on these battle pets.

Among them was a question about hatching these eggs.

Using the blood essence of the same type of ferocious beast to nourish it, the egg could be quickly hatched.

The pet would automatically be contracted to the owner.

Lu Yu placed the Violent Bear egg on the ground, took the bottle containing the Savage War Bears blood essence and poured it over.

The blood essence was quickly absorbed into the Violent Bear egg without a trace.

The egg had been in Lu Yus storage ring for a long time.

Lu Yu had been busy with his enrollment during this period of time, so he did not particularly go out of his way to hatch it.

Since there was a chance now, he decided to hatch it.

After pouring all the blood essence, Lu Yu began to wait quietly.

He wanted to see a reaction from the Violent Bear egg.

That way, he would know if the blood essence was useful or not.

After absorbing the blood essence, an energy fluctuation appeared and was released from the Violent Bear egg.

It was starting to hatch!

When this scene was broadcast live, it created discussion in the chat.

“Yo, is he using the blood essence of Zhao Dings battle pet to incubate his battle pet”

“This is just evil.

Zhao Ding just lost his battle pet, and you are hatching one before him”

“The ridiculous thing is that he used Zhao Dings battle pet blood essence to hatch it.

Zhao Ding is going to be pissed, right”

“Hes already sitting on the ground in despair.

I think hes about to go into depression.”

“Hes probably going to explode.

Id burst with anger on the spot if I were him.”

As soon as this chat message appeared, someone immediately retorted.

“Dude, this guy took the initiative to attack Lu Yu for no reason and lost.

What reason does he have to be angry”


I dont pity him, even after losing his battle pet.”

“Thats right.

Why couldnt he just ** off and train his battle pets Why did he have to come here to bully someone else”

“I wonder what this blood essence can hatch out.”

At that moment, Lu Yu carefully observed the Violent Bears egg movements.

Energy was continuously being released, indicating that the Violent Bear was breaking through its eggshell.

Crack! Crack!

The crisp sound of the eggshell breaking could be heard, and Lu Yu could see that there were cracks on the eggshell!

This battle pet egg, which was as tall as half a person, had started cracking.

The cracks were continuously magnified, and the inside of it could already be seen.

Lu Yu took a closer look and saw the silhouette of the Violent Bear cub.

The Violent Bear cub was using its paws to break the eggshell so it could come out.

Pieces of the eggshell fell off, and the Violent Bear cubs head was revealed.

The little bear looked like a chubby dog.

Its eyes were wet, and the way it looked at Lu Yu was filled with curiosity about this world.

It stared at Lu Yu earnestly, treating Lu Yu as its master.

The audience in the live broadcast room couldnt help but sigh when they saw this scene.

“Another life is born.”

“A death and a new life.

Such a contrast.”

“Moreover, it was a death that birthed this new life.

How ironic.”

“Both of them are bears.

What a coincidence.

Zhao Ding lost his bear, and Lu Yu got a bear.

Balance, as all things should be!”

“I wonder how Zhao Ding will feel when he sees Lu Yus battle pet.”

“Hes probably going to die from outrage.

What else is there to wonder about”

In the abandoned building, Zhao Ding was still sitting on the ground, unable to accept reality.

On the other hand, Lu Yu carried the Violent Bear cub out of its eggshell.

At the same time, the Violent Bear cub began to grow in size.

From a little baby cub to maturity, it only took three minutes.

The Violent Bears body had grown a lot bigger.

It was now as tall as Lu Yus chest, and its muscles had grown out.

It stood obediently behind Lu Yu, waiting for Lu Yus orders.

At that moment, Lu Yu found a bear claw in the eggshell.

This was the material used for the bond with the Violent Bear.

The Violent Bear could enter this material and come out when needed.

Lu Yu took a thread and threaded it through the bear claw.

It was made into a necklace, and he hung it around his neck.

This completed his battle pets contract.

Lu Yu could summon his battle pet or order his battle pet to fight.

Of course, it would be weak in battle in the beginning as it required constant training.

At that moment, initially sitting on the ground, Zhao Ding suddenly stood up.

After a period of frustration, his desire to fight was rekindled.

“Lu Yu, you took my battle pets blood essence and hatched your battle pet.

You are insulting my honor!”

He clenched his fists in anger.

“Today, you and your battle pet must die here together!”


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