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Chapter 153 The Savage War Bear Strength

A tall figure stood behind Nie Yi.

When Nie Yi saw him, he immediately stood up and hid behind that person.

“This guys strength is a little strong.

Can you handle him”

That person patted his chest and said disdainfully, “You guys underestimated your enemy too much.

Just look at how I deal with him.

He wont be able to last more than a few rounds against me!”

Nie Yi heaved a sigh of relief after hearing his confident words.

Lu Yu looked at the person in front of him.

He was at least 1.9 meters tall, and his entire body was bulging with thick muscles.

On his broad, square face was a thick layer of a mustache.

This guy was the Battle Pets Club President, Zhao Ding!

“Another one.

All five of you have finally shown your faces.”

Lu Yus words shocked Zhao Ding.

He was surprised as to how Lu Yu knew that there were only five of them.

“Haha, the earlier three just got unlucky, losing to you.

Next, I will use all my assets to show you what true strength is!”

It was not that Zhao Ding did not watch the battles of the first three.

He discovered that the three didnt use their ultimate skills when dealing with Lu Yu from the beginning.

He had learned this lesson and planned to use his strongest battle pet to defeat Lu Yu from the very beginning!

Lu Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at Zhao Ding.

He said, “Then let me see what your strongest pet is.”

Zhao Ding snorted coldly.

Then, the wolf fang necklace around his neck began to glow.

Among the rows of wolf fangs, the largest one in the middle was emitting a dazzling light.

Then, the light jumped out and landed on the ground.

Then, it enlarged, and a tall figure appeared.

Rearing battle pets was considered a side job, and that was all Lu Yu knew.

The wolf fang necklace around Zhao Dings neck was an item especially used to bind his battle pets.

This necklace was similar to a storage ring, which allowed it to keep a pet beast.

Most pet accessories could only hold one battle pet.

However, the necklace on Zhao Dings neck could keep one battle pet per wolf fang.

There were a total of seven wolf fangs, which meant it could hold seven battle pets simultaneously!

This accessory was extremely rare among cultivators who specialized in training battle pets, as most accessories could only hold one or two battle pets.

From this, it could be seen that Zhao Ding was especially strong.

Moreover, his battle pets strength should not be weak.

At that moment, the light dissipated, and a colossal beast entered Lu Yus field of vision.

A black bear with pitch-black fur and a huge body appeared beside Zhao Ding.

After this black bear appeared, it let out a howl.

When it howled, its sharp canine teeth looked like a pair of daggers.

Anyone who saw it could not help but feel terrified.

This bears height was around 2.3 meters when it stood up, and the muscles on its body were many times thicker than Lu Yus!

“The Savage War Bear is one of the few battle pets that can reach S-Level talent.

Youre definitely going to lose!”

Zhao Ding said this with absolute certainty.

He was confident that Lu Yu would be defeated this time.

Lu Yu felt that it was laughable to meet yet another overconfident one.

However, this massive bear in front of him put him under a bit of pressure.

He used his Eye of the Dragon God to look over and see through the giant bears attributes.

[ Savage War Bear ]

[ Attack: 350 ]

[ Speed: 180 ]

[ Health: 950 ]

[ Mana: 190 ]

[ Defense: 320 ]

After seeing these attributes, Lu Yu knew this bear was a tank-type pet.

Its defense and health were both very high.

If Lu Yu did not break through its armor, he would need to attack it nearly ten times to deplete its health.

Moreover, since this war bear was that of a tank, it would definitely have recovery skills.

In a real battle against it, this bear would be troublesome to deal with.

Lu Yus hands turned into sharp claws as he prepared for battle.

Lu Yus advantage over this giant bear was his speed and agility.

Bears, in general, were all bulky.

They could easily be played around by agile enemies, even with high combat strength.

On Zhao Dings side, he stepped back and ordered the Savage War Bear to charge at Lu Yu.

Behind him, Nie Yi could no longer fight due to his severe injuries.

He started to heal his wounds.

At that moment, a man and a bear were facing each other.

When the audience watching the live stream saw this, they immediately became excited.

“The Savage War Bear, an S-Level battle pet.

Its combat strength is indeed terrifying.”

“Hehe, no matter how terrifying its combat strength is, how can it be as strong as Lu Yu”

“Thats hard to say as the Savage War Bears strength is definitely not weak.

Moreover, Lu Yu has already fought for three rounds.

Im afraid that he doesnt have much stamina left.”

“This battle is going to be arduous.

Lu Yu has already defeated three people in a row, but I think hes going to lose here.”

“These few presidents sure are shameless.

Four against one, round after round.

Even if Lu Yu loses, he shouldnt be taken lightly.”

“Indeed, even if Lu Yu cant win, its understandable.

These people are just shameless.”

In the live broadcast, many viewers felt Lu Yu might lose after experiencing three consecutive rounds of battles.

Of course, some believed that Lu Yu could continue to create miracles and achieve four consecutive victories!

In the abandoned building, the Savage War Bear stretched out its paws, and a pair of sharp, pitch-black claws appeared.

This pair of claws looked like ten thick black daggers had grown out of its pair of paws.

They were slender and sharp, utterly different from Lu Yus dragon claws.


The Savage War Bear roared angrily and charged at Lu Yu.

Its speed was extremely fast, and it instantly arrived before Lu Yu with a violent rumble.

Following that, it swung its right paw and slapped at Lu Yu.

It swung its paw in slow motion in Lu Yus eyes.

Its speed was indeed much slower than his!

Lu Yu took two steps back and nimbly dodged the Savage War Bears attack.

After Lu Yu dodged, the Savage War Bear struck the stone pillar with its claw.

The stone pillar, one meter long and one meter wide, was instantly broken.

In the hands of the Savage War Bear, the rigid pillar was as fragile as a bubble.

Seeing this, Lu Yu felt it was best not to get hit by this bear.

Otherwise, it would be painful, to say the least.

Even if he could bear it, it would affect his later battle.

After Lu Yu retreated and dodged, he immediately rushed toward the Savage War Bear.

At the same time, a pair of dragon claws clawed into the Savage War Bears chest!

“Use Hard Fur directly, dont take it head on!”

Zhao Ding ordered as he knew his Savage War Bear wouldnt be able to dodge Lu Yus attack.

It could only take the attack head-on.

However, the Savage War Bears had a skill, Hard Fur, that could increase its defense by 50% for 10 seconds.

In that case, its defense could be significantly increased for a short period of time to withstand Lu Yus attack.

After the Savage War Bear heard the order, it retreated and activated its skill.

The fur on its entire body became thick and hard, like a layer of armor.


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