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Chapter 152 Deciding The Winner, Finding Him

Lu Yu kept walking forward and soon broke free from the gravitational pull behind him.

He walked toward the array formation he had set up.

After shaking off the gravitational pull behind him, Lu Yu soon arrived at the center of his Dark Star Array.

If it were an enemy, being sucked into the center would cause terrible damage in an instant.

The tremendous amount of pressure hitting anyone would cause them to be severely injured in an instant.

However, reaching the center of the array formation would benefit the caster positively.

It would allow the caster to continuously absorb energy from his surroundings and feed it back to his body.

These were the two uses of the Dark Star Array.

One was to attack, and the other was to speed up the casters cultivation speed.

At that moment, Lu Yu was sitting in the arrays center.

Gravity attracted energy from all directions and converted it into mana, replenishing Lu Yus body.

His mana, which was initially drained, was now rapidly recovering.

Lu Yu did not have to use any mana potions, but he quickly regained his mana with this array.

Not far away from him, the Dark Star Array created by Nie Yi began gradually disappearing.

Without an enemy, this array would lose its purpose.

Moreover, Nie Yi was not here, so he could not rely on the array to recover his energy.

At that moment, Nie Yi was extremely aggrieved.

He had created his trump card but did not get the result he was hoping for.

He had even exhausted all his mana points.

Meanwhile, Lu Yu had created the same array, using it to break through his array and even replenish his mana.

This time, Nie Yie suffered a colossal loss and found it hard to accept this reality!

After Lu Yus mana points had fully recovered, he stood up and prepared to leave.

Nie Yi had been secretly releasing these array formations to mess with him.

Naturally, Lu Yu would not let this guy off.

Lu Yu erased the Dark Star Array.

At the same time, he activated his Eye of the Dragon God and began to scan his surroundings.

Soon, he saw a clue.

[ Footprints of an adult male have been detected.

Do you want to track it ]

“Track it!”

There were only two footprints here.

One belonged to Lu Yu, and the other could only belong to Nie Yi.

His Eye of the Dragon God analyzed the clue and gave a route to follow.

Lu Yu followed the path and began to move forward.

Everyone inside the live broadcast channel began to sigh as they watched the live broadcast of the two fighters.

“I didnt expect that Nie Yi would be defeated by a newbie.”

“Nie Yi probably wont be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

Lu Yu was able to defeat the top powerhouse in the university in terms of combat, but I sure didnt expect him to be so skilled in array formations.”

“The ridiculous thing is that he was able to learn the Nie familys array formations.

This will be the one giving Nie Yi his greatest headache.”

“The battle between the two has ended and they have started to leave.”

“However, Lu Yu didnt head towards the exit.

Where is he going”

Someone analyzed Lu Yus direction and realized he was going toward Nie Yi!

“Hey, this direction is to Nie Yis position!”

“Has Lu Yu found Nie Yi”

“How did he find him How is it possible”

“Oh damn, this is really the correct direction.

How did he do it”

“What is he trying to do Is he going to engage in close combat with Nie Yi”

“If thats the case, Nie Yi will definitely lose.

He is trash in close combat that even I can beat him up!”

“I thought the battle was over, and I didnt expect Lu Yu to come knocking on his door.”

“Hehe, how can Lu Yu not go after Nie Yi After being attacked all this time, anyone would be angry.

If I were him, I would also look for Nie Yi!”

Lu Yu walked forward quickly inside the abandoned building.

Nie Yi was not far ahead, packing his things and preparing to leave.

However, just as he was about to leave, a figure suddenly rushed over.

The person was right there before him in the blink of an eye.

Nie Yi took a closer look and shockingly discovered it was Lu Yu.

He was so scared that his entire body trembled as he raised his voice.

“How did you find me” he asked tremblingly.

“You dont need to care about that, as I am here to settle the score.

Just now, you hid in the dark and used all those array formations on me.

Did you have a good time”

As Lu Yu said that, he walked toward Nie Yi.

Nie Yi was instantly terrified and asked in return, “All I want to know is how did you use my familys array”

He was just trying to change the topic, but Lu Yu humored him.

“To be honest, before I fought you, I didnt know anything about this Dark Star Array or whatnot.

I hadnt even heard of this name before.

However, I learned it after I saw the process of you setting up the array formation.”

When Nie Yi heard this, he thought that it was nonsense.

There had never been an array mage who could recreate the formation by relying on the formation patterns they had memorized during a battle.

The formation of these arrays was extraordinarily mysterious and complicated.

It wasnt something that just one person could understand just by looking.

Therefore, Lu Yus words made Nie Yi feel that it was ridiculous.

Nie Yi couldnt understand.

“Youre talking nonsense.

How could you learn it in one glance”

Lu Yu continued, “If I knew from the start, why didnt I use it in the academys trials”

These words stumped Nie Yi, and he couldnt explain them.

When the viewers of the live broadcast heard this, they were also unable to understand what was going on.

“Isnt it ludicrous that Lu Yu could learn the array formation just by looking at it”

“Doesnt that mean he also learned the explosion array formation just now The summoning array formation too”

“Hes insane, being able to learn it with just a glance.

Moreover, its a 4-star array formation.

A high-grade array formation!”

“Im an array mage, and it takes me a long time to learn even just a 2-star array formation.

Heres Lu Yu, who can learn it with just a glance.

Hes even more of a genius than a genius.”

“Is there anything that he doesnt know…”

At that moment, Lu Yu looked at Nie Yi in front of him and said, “Hiding in the dark to set up these array formations and not daring to fight me face-to-face.

I despise a wretched fellow like you the most!”

As he said that, Lu Yu unsheathed his pair of sharp dragon claws and closed his distance against Nie Yi.

Nie Yi kept retreating as he looked at Lu Yu with a fearful expression.

Lu Yu stepped forward and clawed at him!


Lu Yus dragon claws sliced through Nie Yis chest, causing blood to spurt out from his chest.

Nie Yi let out a blood-curdling scream as he collapsed onto the ground.

After lying on the ground, he clutched his chest as he kept scooting back.

“Lu Yu, this one claw is enough.

You can leave now, or else Ill bleed out.”

He looked at Lu Yu in panic.

Lu Yu continued to take two steps forward.

“Is that so Youve only taken one of my attacks.

Isnt this price a little too cheap”

Nie Yi continuously retreated.

As he scooted backward, he felt something hit his back.

It wasnt a pillar but a persons leg.

Nie Yi suddenly turned his head and saw a tall man with a body as strong as a bear standing behind him.

Seeing this, Nie Yi immediately grinned happily.

“President of the Battle Pets Club, youre finally here!”


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