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Chapter 151 Dark Star Array, Stellar Array Mage

A powerful suction force was pulling Lu Yu from behind him, preventing him from taking a step forward!

He could not even activate his Dragon Shadow skill, as this suction force prevented him from using his displacement skill!

He stood on the ground and performed a standard martial arts stance, preventing himself from being pulled back.

Lu Yu was thinking about how he could resist this Dark Atar Array and realized he didnt have any reliable way to do so…

The audience in the live broadcast also felt that Lu Yu didnt have any means to resist.

As long as a person was sucked in, it was nearly impossible to escape.

This array formation was just that overpowered.

But, this array formation was also complicated to set up.

It needed to be used in conjunction with imprisonment-type arrays.

At that moment, Yun Zirou placed her finger in her mouth and bit her fingernails nervously.

“What should we do Hes being sucked in!”

Su Qing also got anxious.

“This is tricky.

Once hes sucked in, itll be difficult for him to break free.”

“He hasnt used his skills even now.

It looks like he wont be able to use his displacement skills after being sucked in by the array formation.”

The two girls stared at the screen intently, hoping to see Lu Yu break through this array and escape the place!

In a dark corner of the abandoned building, Nie Yi looked at the screen on his phone and revealed a sinister smile.

“Hehehe, Lu Yu, you still fell into my hands.

It seems that your strength is only at this level.

As long as I dont underestimate you, you arent my opponent.”

“Next, you will know how terrifying the person you have offended is!”

He stretched his hands forward and continuously released his mana to support the operation of the Dark Star Array.

Lu Yu, pulled by the suction force, thought of a solution.

Perhaps he was not entirely without the means to resist.

Since the effect of this Dark Atar Array could not be interfered with, what if there was another Dark Star Array

Lu Yu could cast a Dark Star Array before him, and wouldnt the suction force of the two arrays cancel out

Lu Yu decided to use the Dark Star Array he had just learned after thinking about it.

If he succeeded, he would have a chance to fight back!

He stretched out his hands and began to release his mana.

Not far ahead, he was carving this exquisite and complicated array.

A ball of purple light appeared and began to spread out in all directions.

The light was manipulated into exquisite patterns, and the array formation was being formed.

Lu Yus operation confused everyone in the live broadcast after seeing it.

“Lu Yu has started to set up an array formation.

He knows how to set up an array formation, proving that hes an array mage!”

“Sheesh, he sure hid that fact about him deeply.

His identity as an array mage has never been exposed.”

“This dude is just omnipotent.

Its already enough if he is excellent in one aspect, but hes perfect in all of them!”

“Quickly, take a look! What kind of array is this”

“Im an array mage.

Let me take a look!”

Not long after, an answer that shocked everyone appeared.

“This array… isnt this array the Dark Star Array”

“What What nonsense are you spouting Thats the Nie familys unique array formation, which has never been spread out!”

“Yeah, what nonsense are you spouting How is it possible for Lu Yu to know the Dark Star Array”

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.

The Nie family members are the only ones who can use the Dark Star Array.

This formation can not only attack enemies but also be used for cultivation.

The energy absorbed from the surroundings can be supplied to the array mage.”

“Im also an array mage, and Ill be the witness.

This is the Dark Star Array.

Its exactly the same as the one behind Lu Yu.”

Everyone carefully scrutinized the array Lu Yu drew and compared it with the one behind him.

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

“This… This is really the same array”

“Such a complicated array, and hes capable of setting it up.

What kind of joke is this”

“This is ridiculous.

When did the Nie familys array formation leak out”

“His idea cant be to create another suction force and neutralize the two forces, right”

“Looks like this is the case…”

Everyone in the live broadcast was speechless that Lu Yu knew such a unique formation.

This was simply too bizarre.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at each other in the live broadcast room and were stunned again.

They were surprised that Lu Yu knew this, as the two girls didnt know anything about it.

“It seems that Lu Yu has a lot of secrets,” Yun Zirou sighed.

Nie Yi held his phone tightly in the corner of the abandoned building with both hands.

His eyes were wide open, and his eyeballs were about to pop out.

“This is impossible! Impossible!”

He shouted loudly, his voice reverberating in the surrounding area.

He was about to break down.

How did his familys array formation leak out to an outsider

“What the hell is going on How did he learn it”

He wished he could call his family and ask them how they leaked out their most precious array formation.

He clenched his fists and pounded them hard against the wall.

He had countless questions inside him, but at this moment, he had to continue operating the array formation and fight…

This battle attracted more and more viewers, and Lu Yus array formation shocked groups after groups of people.

At that moment, Lu Yu did his best to engrave the array formation as it was about to reach the final stage.

He gritted his teeth and refused to let gravity pull him in.

His speed of creating the array was slightly slower than Nie Yis.

The first reason was that it was his first time drawing this array formation, and the second was that the array formation was indeed adequately complicated.

Very soon, he reached the final stage.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth and continued to draw the array formation with his mana value almost at the bottom.

Fortunately, the array formation was completed!

The patterns were sealed, and a light flashed.

A dark purple ball of light appeared.

A powerful suction force began to suck in various substances from the surroundings, crazily!

Naturally, Lu Yu was one of them.

Lu Yu felt a suction force in front of him, and the force behind him became less intense.

He could even start to move forward slowly.

When the audience in the live broadcast saw this scene, they cried out in disbelief!

“He created it, for real.”

“He was planning to use another suction force to pull himself away.

This is just ridiculous.”

“Sheesh, I thought that he would lose for sure.

I didnt expect that there would be such a solution to his situation.”

“Nie Yi is probably dead pissed from seeing this.

This is the Nie familys formation, and now it has turned against him.”

“Its fine if Lu Yu wins in other aspects, but I really dont understand how he is winning in terms of array formation…”

At that moment, Nie Yi was so angry that his hands repeatedly slammed on the wall.

He, who had always been calm and rational, couldnt control his emotions anymore.

All he wanted to do was vent his anger.

He couldnt accept it, not one bit.

The enemy was using his familys special array formation to defeat him!

Nie Yi shouted angrily, “Arghhhh! Lu Yu, Ill definitely not let you go!”


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