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Chapter 150 Terrifying Suction, Unable To Break Free

The dark purple array on the ground was spreading out continuously.

Lu Yu stretched out his hands, but he paused on the spot.

“Its useless… how could it be”

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

He did not think that his mana did not affect this array!

He carefully studied the array pattern on the ground and found that this pattern was unusually complex and complicated.

The densely packed patterns were dazzling to the eyes.

The most important thing was that Lu Yu still did not know the function of this array.

He opened his Eye of the Dragon God and planned to analyze what it was.

At that moment, inside the live broadcast channel, everyone looked at this brand new array and got curious.

“This array formation looks very complicated.

It seems to be of a high-grade array just by looking at it.”

“This array formation is definitely not normal.

Its possible that Lu Yu wont be able to take this down.”

“Oh **, he cant control this array formation”

“Thats impossible, right Could it be an array formation only Nie Yi can control”

“That seems to be the case.

If so, wont Lu Yu be done for”

“Done for my ass.

The light wall is about to be broken; cant he run out”

“Thats true.

The light wall has a hole, and Lu Yu can just run away.”

“But why is he standing still”

Everyone was puzzled.

This array looked extremely dangerous, but Lu Yu was not afraid and stood still as if nothing had happened.

“Is he serious He should run as soon as possible.”

“Is he planning to take it head-on again Nie Yi wont give him another chance to strengthen himself.”

“Hes making a mistake this time.

Hes going to lose!”

Inside the broadcast room, Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at the brand new array on the screen with worry.

They were puzzled about why Lu Yu was not leaving the place.

If he runs, he should be able to leave quickly.

This array seemed challenging to set up, judging by its slow deployment speed.

As long as he escaped from the range of this array, he would be safe and sound and render Nie Yis hard work into nothing.

“Why isnt Lu Yu running away Theres clearly a chance,” Yun Zirou said anxiously.

Su Qing pursed her lips and reminded Yun Zirou, “Zirou, Lu Yus battle experience is much richer than the two of us.

He should have his concerns…”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou felt it made sense and had no choice but to nod.

“Lets just continue watching.

I believe that he will be able to handle it well.”

At that moment, Lu Yu used his Eye of the Dragon God and successfully analyzed the array in front of him.

[ Dark Star Array, a 4-star array: After the array is formed, it will suck in various objects from the surroundings like a black hole.

The energy absorbed can be fed back to the array mage.


[ This formation is the Nie familys unique formation.

Only the array mage can operate the formation, and no one else can interfere.


Lu Yu nodded slightly.

However, since His Eye of the Dragon God could analyze the origin of this formation and record it, didnt that mean he could also use it

“If I were to carve this formation, would I have the same authority” Lu Yu silently asked.

[ This array can only be controlled by the caster.


After reading this notification, Lu Yu understood that this was the characteristic of the array and had nothing to do with the Nie family.

As long as the array was cast, others could not interfere.

If others could not interfere, it would be difficult to steal and learn the inner workings of this array.

This characteristic was indeed very suitable as a familys inheritance.

In this way, it would only be passed down within the family.

However, Lu Yu had his Eye of the Dragon God.

With this pair of eyes that could see through everything, wouldnt it be easy for him to learn this array formation

Lu Yu had already recorded this formation.

However, the formation was complicated, and it wouldnt be easy for Lu Yu to use it on the first try…

Someone recognized this array formation in the live broadcast room and sent a message in chat.

“I remember this formation now.

Its the Nie clans formation.

Their clans unique formation is Nie Yis Pride!”

“Damn, I saw this formation used once before.

Once the formation is formed, no one can beat him.”

“Looks like this guy is going all out.

He has no intention of letting Lu Yu off.”

“Its over.

Now that Lu Yu is in array formation, he has already lost half of the battle.”

“Lets see if he can escape it…”

Everyone was looking forward to whether Lu Yu could escape this formation in the live broadcast.

At that moment, Lu Yu turned around and struck the light wall with his claw.

The area where the light wall shattered was getting larger, and it was just barely enough for Lu Yu to squeeze through.

Lu Yu continued to strike with his claws, and a few more pieces shattered.

Seeing that the hole was about the right size, Lu Yu jumped and slid through the hole, breaking through the light wall!

When he arrived outside the hexagonal cage, Lu Yu just needed to use all his strength to escape, and he would be able to leave this place and Nie Yis attack!

When the live broadcast audience saw this scene, they all sighed with relief.

Lu Yu finally managed to escape.

“Lu Yu managed to escape.

It looks like Nie Yi wasted this formation.”

“Sigh, Lu Yus attack power is indeed terrifyingly high.

It didnt take long for him to break through that light wall.”

“Indeed, it seems like Nie Yi is going to be pissed.

He brought out all his assets, but in the end, Lu Yu escaped…”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing, too, heaved a sigh of relief.

Their initially worried expressions had now turned into joy.

After Lu Yu broke through the light wall, he left the array formation without hesitation and dashed forward!

However, the Dark Star Array was completed right at that moment.

A ball of dark purple light appeared, and a powerful suction force instantly began to absorb everything around it!

The crushed stones and dust in the surroundings instantly floated up and gathered towards the center of the array formation!

The light wall also shattered into countless pieces, like a broken mirror, and was absorbed by the array formation.

Lu Yu did not care about the Dark Star Array behind him and just charged forward.

However, just as Lu Yu took a step forward, he felt an invisible suction force pulling on him.

Lu Yu was shocked and quickly ran forward.

However, this pulling force seemed to stick tightly to Lu Yu, making it impossible for him to break free!

When the spectators saw this scene, their tone immediately changed.

“Crazy, the area of the Dark Star Array is that large.

I thought its effect was only within the arrays range.”

“Its over.

Its all over.

Lu Yu will be pulled into the Dark Star Array and is destined not to escape.

This suction force will continuously pull him toward the center until he is annihilated.”

“Thats right.

Hes bound to be doomed once he is in range.

He lost this battle, as expected of Nie Yi.

He has the richer battle experience, so its no surprise its his victory.”

“Nie Yi even brought out his familys secret array.

It would be strange if he didnt win.”

Almost everyone was sure that Lu Yu wouldnt be able to escape this time.

Those who had once witnessed the power of the Dark Atar Array were certain that Lu Yu wouldnt be able to escape and would lose.

For a moment, the excitement in the live broadcast room changed from Lu Yu escaping by a hairs breadth to Lu Yu losing…


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