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Chapter 149 Warrior Or Array Mage

Lu Yus hands faced the array formation, releasing his mana and injecting it into the patterns before him.

The array formation could be set up, and it could also be canceled.

The process of creating the array formation was to carve the core from the center according to the formation patterns.

If it were to be canceled, the patterns would just have to be erased.

Of course, even if it was to cancel the formation, the person still had to master and learn the array in question.

Therefore, at this moment, Nie Yi widened his eyes and looked at Lu Yu in disbelief.

It was tough for him to imagine that Lu Yu knew this array formation.

This Thunderstorm Array was a high-level array formation.

In the Array Mages Alliance, one would need to be at least a 3-star array mage to master it.

Nie Yi couldnt fathom from any aspect that Lu Yu was a 3-star array mage!

Lu Yus claws and fighting style indicated that he should be a warrior or an assassin, focusing on martial strength.

Lu Yu could now operate an advanced array formation.

This was simply ridiculous.

Nie Yi narrowed his eyes and began to contest and resist Lu Yus interference.

His mana was quickly depleted, and he drank another bottle of mana potion.

As he operated the formation, he recalled that Lu Yu had displayed his pharmacist capabilities and was ranked as a 5-star pharmacist!

He felt more and more like being in a dream.

How did a young cultivator become so strong in so many fields

At that moment, on the live stream channel, everyone exclaimed in shock when they saw Lu Yus hands revoking the formation.

“The heck, he can actually reverse the array formation.

In other words, he knows how to set up the Thunderstorm Array”

“This is impossible, impossible!”

“This is an advanced array formation.

I repeat, this is an advanced formation.

Only a 3-star array mage can do this.

How is it possible for him to do it”

“Does he even know array formations Really”

“Its one thing if hes good at refining medicine, but why does he know array formations as well”

“Im speechless.

Ive been cultivating in the Array Formation Club for so long, but my capabilities are inferior to a freshman”

“This person has always been able to destroy my worldview!”

Inside the live broadcast channel, Yun Zirou looked at the live feed and was shocked.

Her mouth was slightly agape.

“Lu Yu knows this I never knew that.”

Su Qing frowned slightly, “How can that be In high school, he never learned anything related to arrays.

After he awakened his talent, he also never practiced creating arrays…”

“Could it be that he has an extremely high talent in this area and can learn it at a glance”

Yun Zirou looked at the screen thoughtfully, “Im not sure.

From the live feed, it seems that Lu Yu initially didnt recognize this array.

Yun Zirou looked at the screen thoughtfully, “Im not sure.

Could it be he is just that talented in this area”

At that moment, Lu Yu tried his best to release his mana to stop the formation from taking shape.

He didnt have any talent in this aspect, but he could learn the array formation at a glance.

This ability was thanks to Lu Yus pair of eyes, the Eye of the Dragon God, that could see through everything!

Lu Yus mana was rapidly decreasing, from more than 200 points to just shy of 10 points.

He could only continue to replenish his mana and continue the interference.

The glowing patterns that had spread initially out from the center of the array formation were gradually shrinking.

On the other hand, Nie Yi also had very little mana value left.

From the beginning, he had unstintingly released several array formations, intent on dealing with Lu Yu cleanly and quickly.

However, those array formations did not cause much damage to Lu Yu.

Nie Yi already did not have much mana left.

Most importantly, his formations were ineffective, giving him the biggest headache.

Initially, he had learned from the previous two presidents failures, making him decisive and fierce in his attacks.

However, the result was still the same.

This made him suspect that Lu Yus strength was not inferior to theirs…

Gritting his teeth, he withdrew his hands and took out two more bottles of mana potions!

At the same time, on Lu Yus side, after Nie Yi withdrew his hands, he quickly deactivated the formation.

The glowing patterns that had initially been spread out now retreated to its core.

In the end, the light disappeared, and Lu Yu completely eliminated the formation.

Seeing this, Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

He had already exhausted all his mana and needed to replenish it as soon as possible.

Mana potions were different from life potions.

Mana potions could be continuously consumed, and the cooldown time was much shorter than the life potion.

Although they were quite far away, both fighters replenished their mana with tacit understanding.

Seeing this, the audience on the live stream channel began to get excited.

“Holy crap, both sides are replenishing their mana.”

“I didnt expect that Lu Yu would be able to eliminate the array.”

“Lu Yus current strength is almost that of a 3-star array mage.

This battle will be interesting.”

“I feel that if Lu Yu cant break through the light wall, Nie Yis formation strength shouldnt be underestimated.

Furthermore, as long as he doesnt underestimate his opponent, he should be able to take down Lu Yu.”

Even now, many people still believe that Lu Yu could win against the first two presidents because those two underestimated and didnt pay attention to Lu Yu.

Now that there was a person who did not underestimate his opponent, they felt that Lu Yu would be hard-pressed to take this victory.

It was normal for the older students to have such thoughts.

After all, the presidents of these clubs were already some of the most powerful people in the university.

If Lu Yu, who had just entered Clanorth University, could easily defeat these top powerhouses, it would be too terrifying.

They naturally could not accept such a result, so they comforted themselves by assuming He Kai and Du Peng had underestimated their opponent…

At that moment, Lu Yu drank two bottles of mana potion and continued to attack the light wall.

The light wall, already damaged beyond repair, finally broke slightly under Lu Yus continuous claw attacks.

Seeing this, Lu Yu increased the speed and strength of his attack to strike the light wall.

Crack! Crack!

The light wall continued to shatter, and the hole grew.

Lu Yu would be able to break out of this place soon!

As long as he could get out, Lu Yu would be able to find traces of Nie Yi nearby!

If an array mage wanted to set up an array formation from afar, he would have to place a camera that could survey the entire situation in this place and a small array formation that could transmit his mana.

Through these two things, Lu Yu would be able to find clues and chase after Nie Yi!

Just as Lu Yu tried his best to break the light wall, a new formation was quietly forming behind him.

The light of this formation was dark purple in color, and a strong energy fluctuation spread out from the center of the formation!

Lu Yu turned around and glanced at it.

He stopped his attack after seeing this brand new array formation.

He turned around, stretched out his hands, and released his mana.

He planned to repeat the same thing and undo the formation.

However, when Lu Yus mana surged over, he was surprised to find that his mana could not control the formation.


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