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Chapter 148 Reversing The Formation

Lu Yu was surprised by the description of the Thunderstorm Array.

300 damage per second was too ridiculous!

The ridiculous fact was that it could last for 30 seconds.

If this were added up, it would do 90,000 damage!

This amount of damage was simply horrifying!

Moreover, no defense would be able to block it completely.

Lightning had penetrative properties that only those with lightning resistance could negate them.

However, Lu Yu did not have lightning resistance at all.

It was unrealistic for him to withstand the damage caused by this formation fully.

Moreover, Nie Yi had already seen that Lu Yu had the skill to block against instantaneous explosive damage, so he chose a formation with continuous damage.

This time, Lu Yu was in a deeply dangerous situation.

Once this array was formed, Lu Yu could not withstand the huge damage and would probably be eliminated on the spot.

Lu Yu quickly turned around and used his two claws to attack the light wall with all his might.

Among the live broadcast room audience, many also learned array formations; some were Array Formation Club members.

They quickly knew what this formation was.

“This is a high-level formation, the Thunderstorm Array.

It can deal 300 damage per second!”

“Damn, is it that strong”

“This is just insane.

300 damage per second.

Can Lu Yu withstand it”

“If he doesnt have lightning resistance, Im afraid he wont be able to last more than a few seconds.”

“Hes currently attacking the light wall.

As long as he can break through the light wall, he can turn the situation around!”

“I think its a long shot.

Although Nie Yi is no longer repairing the light wall, its not something Lu Yu can break through in such a short time.”

“He only has one option left.

If he doesnt try his best, he will only lose!”

“Sigh, thats true.

He can only do this.

Otherwise, he will be electrocuted.”

“Its going to be very difficult for him to break through this cage.”

“I am betting that he wont be able to break through at all!”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at the screen, and their hearts tensed up again.

Yun Zirou looked at Su Qing.

“Youve known him for quite a long time.

Have you heard that he has lightning resistance”

Su Qing pursed her lips and shook her head slightly.

“To be honest, I never interacted with him much in the past.

So Im not sure either, but theres a high probability that he doesnt.”

“If he doesnt have resistance, hell be in trouble.

He definitely wont be able to withstand this Thunderstorm Array.”

Su Qing was a little puzzled.

“Do you think he wont be able to break through the light wall”

Yun Zirou hesitated for a moment before shaking her head.

I dont think hell be able to break through the light wall.

The strength of the light barrier isnt something he can break through in a short time.

“Unless he can use that powerful punch, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to break through with his current attack power.”

Yun Zirou was experienced and knowledgeable, so Su Qing did not refute her assumptions.

She had not even heard of this light wall, so she naturally had nothing to offer.

Both girls began to worry as it seemed almost impossible for Lu Yu to break through the light wall.

Nie Yi also thought so.

He couldnt help but reveal a proud smile when he saw Lu Yu crazily attacking the light wall.

“Attack all you want.

My Thunderstorm Array is about to be completed, and you will be able to savor it well.”

“Du Peng and He Kai, those two show-offs, actually fell at the hands of a freshman.

How absurd.”

Nie Yi muttered and continued to complete the array.

At the same time, Lu Yu clashed against the wall of light with his claws.

However, all he did was scrape it more.

Lu Yu activated his skill Armor Penetration, which only improved his attack slightly.

There was almost no effect when he activated his skill, Flaming Claw.

The flames were next to useless, and the only thing that could increase the damage slightly was the high temperature.

The other skills were even more useless, except for Dragon Fist.

If it were Dragon Fist, it would be able to break this wall of light here with one punch.

However, he only had the power of five tigers and was still far from the power of one dragon.

Lu Yu stopped attacking.

If he continued like this, there would be no result.

It proved difficult for him to break through this wall in a short time, and he would have to attack for at least five more minutes before he could free himself.

He turned around and looked at the Thunderstorm Array carving out on the ground.

Lu Yu would most likely die once this array was completed.

When the live broadcast room people saw that Lu Yu had stopped attacking, they all thought Lu Yu had given up on himself.

However, Lu Yu did not.

He was using his Eye of the Dragon God to observe this array.

[ Recording the formation… ]

Once he was done recording, Lu Yu would have complete control over the formation.

Lu Yu did not know the use of that, so he was still looking for other opportunities to stop the formation.

[ Recording completed.

The Thunderstorm Array has been recorded.


[ Host can now use the formation or undo the formation.


Reading the second notification, Lu Yu was immediately interested.

“Undo the formation”

[ Undo the array formation: Remove the array formation.

By erasing the existing patterns, the array formation will be destroyed, leaving remnants of the array formation with some minor effects.


Lu Yu was elated.

He could still reverse the formation!

This was normal; of course, he could undo it if he knew how to set it up.

If it were an array formation that could not be undone, that would be something to be cautious of when setting it up.

Lu Yu quickly stretched out his right hand.

His mana converted into energy and materialized in his palm while formation patterns on the ground continued to appear!

The next moment, his mana started interfering with the formation before him.

It was even removing the marks that had been carved!

Seeing this, Lu Yu revealed a bright smile.

He could indeed reverse the formation and erase what had been carved.

He concentrated and fully released his mana to fight against Nie Yi.

This scene floored everyone.

“What… whats going on Why isnt he attacking the light wall Why did he come over and exert force on the formation”

“Why isnt he attacking the light wall Did he give up”

“No way.

How can he be so weak mentally Who knows, there might be a miracle if he continues to attack the light wall”

“Maybe he also knows that he will definitely lose…”

A message in chat suddenly cried out in surprise.

“Holy **, the formation has stopped.

Its Lu Yus doing!”

“Woah, hes right.

The carving of the formation has stopped.

It must be Lu Yu!”

“When he stretched out his hand, was he actually contesting against Nie Yi”

“No bloody way, this is outrageous!”

“He can actually reverse it.

Doesnt this mean he knows how to carve this Thunderstorm Array”

For a moment, everyone got passionate.

This conclusion was too shocking.

They could not imagine that a close-combat warrior with high combat capabilities was capable of operating a high-level array formation!

Furthermore, he was competing on an equal footing with Nie Yi!

They were all dumbfounded.

They initially thought Lu Yu would lose if he could not break the light wall.

It was true that Lu Yu could not break the light wall, but he could stop the array formation!

Lu Yus reversing the creation of the array formation deactivated it, and he was fighting Nie Yis control of the array.

At that moment, Nie Yis eyes suddenly widened as he felt an unprecedented shock!


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