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Chapter 147 Stall For Time Instant Kill

The array formation beneath his feet was carved with complicated and mysterious patterns and looked extremely beautiful.

Lu Yu carefully observed the formation, and his Eye of the Dragon God quickly analyzed the purpose of this array formation.

[ Detected a summoning formation.

Summoned Creatures: Five iron-clawed wolves.


[ Recording formation… ]

The formation in front of him was used to summon five iron-clawed wolves.

Lu Yu had some understanding of these ferocious beasts, and they were not very strong.

Nie Yi probably activated the formation to buy some time.

However, this second notification made Lu Yu curious.

What does his system mean by recording the array formation

Just as Lu Yu was getting curious, the system gave another notification.

[ The recorded array formation can be carved out by the host.


Seeing this, Lu Yu was excited.

Wasnt this equivalent to him learning the array formation

Lu Yu could use his mana to create this array formation now!

“System, did you learn the explosion array formation just now” Lu Yu muttered in his heart.

[ Recorded… ]

Lu Yu couldnt help but laugh at his absurdly strong ability.

With this, wouldnt it just be a matter of time for Lu Yu to become a top-tier array formation mage

Of course, Lu Yu would not focus his main attention on array formations.

After all, his innate Claw Attack talent was not suitable to pair with array formations.

As a supporting ability, this wouldnt be bad…

At that moment, the array was completed.

A ray of light condensed and shone like a teleportation portal.

The next moment, five giant wolves walked out of the opened portal.

The huge wolves were about the size of a big motorcycle.

Their thick fur had a grayish-white color that was similar to steel.

Their front claws were unusually big, and their sharp claws were made of steel.

The five wolves glared at Lu Yu and lowered their bodies in preparation for an attack.

When the audience saw the five wolves, they all broke out in cold sweat for Lu Yu.

“These five wolves dont look weak.

Lu Yu is in for a tough battle.”

“But its unrealistic for Nie Yi to think he can defeat Lu Yu with just five wolves.”

“Of course.

What kind of strength does Lu Yu have Why would he be afraid of these five wolves”

“If these five wolves attack together, its probably still not enough to take down Lu Yu.”

“Nie Yi set up such a weak array and hopes to defeat Lu Yu”

“This is ridiculous.

Why would he be afraid of these five wolves After managing to block the explosion.”

At the same time, a thin figure was sitting in the corner of the building.

His eyes were shut, and his brows were tightly furrowed.

He placed his hands in front of him and continued to draw something in the air.

After he finished, he opened his bloodshot eyes and picked up his phone.

He went on the live stream channel and watched Lu Yus broadcast.

“Hehe, a bunch of idiots.

These five wolves are just me trying to stall for time.

My true attack is still yet to come!”

From the beginning, Lu Yu had been attacking the light wall, and he needed to constantly transfer mana to repair it.

As he could not create any complicated array formation during the repair process, he could only do a simple summoning array formation, summoning a few wolves to stall Lu Yu.

Once free, he could set up another earth-shaking array formation and completely incapacitate Lu Yu!

“These five wolves should be able to delay for about ten minutes.

Its enough for me to set up a new array formation.”

After saying that, he picked up a bottle of mana potion and drank it.

Once he drank that, he casually threw the potion bottle to the side.

His side already had a few bottles piled up…

At the same time, Lu Yu was facing five giant wolves, but he did not care much about them.

He drew his claws and just rushed at the giant wolves.

When the giant wolves saw Lu Yu rushing over, they pounced on Lu Yu.

The five pairs of giant steel claws were sharp and carried a glinting aura as they attacked Lu Yu!

Lu Yu crossed his claws in front of him and used all his strength to create an X-shaped claw attack!


Lu Yu activated his Split Claw skill, and ten sharp claw attacks shot toward the five giant wolves like sword auras.



The strong claw attack passed through the bodies of the giant wolves.

The giant wolves flew in the air and were cut into pieces before falling to the ground, turning into bloody chunks of meat!

Lu Yu used an AOE skill to end the five giant wolves in just an instant.

It was done cleanly and in one go.

Lu Yus move amazed everyone.

“Whoa, this… this is the end”

“The five wolves died just like that So quickly!”

“Damn, I knew Lu Yu would win, but not this quickly.”

“I thought Lu Yu would enter a tough battle against the five giant wolves.

I didnt think he would kill them all in just an instant…”

“This claw attack is crazy vicious.

What a ridiculous instant kill.”

“Im stupefied.

Why is his claw attack so powerful”

Everyone was shocked, to say the least.

If these giant wolves were to be attacked by them, they would probably be caught in a bitter battle that would only end after a long time.

Nie Yi also saw this situation and was completely dumbfounded.

His initial plan was to summon these ferocious beasts to buy some time from Lu Yu.

This way, he would have the time and energy to set up a new formation.

However, Lu Yu easily killed the giant wolves he summoned and did not give him a chance to take a breather…

He gritted his teeth and braced himself, starting a new array formation.

He could not wait any longer.

Otherwise, his mana would be depleted.

He had to activate the sure-kill formation and finish Lu Yu off!

At that moment, Lu Yu continued to slash his claws, attacking the light wall at the side.

He was surprised that the gap created by his claw attack had not been repaired!

In other words, Nie Yi had given up on repairing it and was occupied with doing something else!

Lu Yu quickly turned his head back and saw another formation pattern had started appearing on the ground.

From the center, it was beginning to carve into the surroundings.

Lu Yu only had one choice left, and that was to break through the light wall and leave this place quickly!

Lu Yu still did not know what the array beneath his feet was, but Nie Yi definitely would not use a weaker array after that explosion array.

Lu Yu could not withstand another array of that level anymore.

He had to leave this place as soon as possible and find Nie Yis location to teach him a lesson!

However, he still planned to use his Eye of the Dragon God to analyze what this new formation was.

[ A high-grade array formation analyzed: Thunderstorm Array.

All living creatures within range will be continuously struck by lightning.

300 damage per second for 30 seconds.



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