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Chapter 146 Explosion Damage, Instant Block

Array patterns were still being formed continuously.

Lu Yu used his claws to block in front of him, making ample preparations.

Someone inside the broadcast channel recognized this formation and immediately started a heated discussion.

“This formation pattern is so familiar.

Ive seen it in books, and its a high-grade formation!”

“I recognize it too.

This is an explosion formation.

Once formed, the formation can produce a mighty explosion with terrifying power!”

“Its over.

Lu Yu might not be able to block it.

The explosion damage dealt will be 1,000 points.

Can his defense and health add up to that much”

“Doubt it.

My two attributes add up to only 500-600.

How can he have 1,000”

“This formation will kill Lu Yu.

It looks like Nie Yi is using his trump card right from the start.”

“Lu Yu cant block it, and he cant run either.

This is such a hopeless situation.”

“Its over.

This guy is planning to be ruthless from the start and is not holding back at all!”

“Looks like his two teammates battle taught him a lesson.”

Everyone sighed.

They all felt that Nie Yi was being brutal and decisive.

No one expected Lu Yu to survive this attack.

This time, the enemy wasnt underestimating Lu Yu and immediately set up a formation to trap him.

They didnt give Lu Yu any way out.

In the live broadcast, Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at this scene and started to fret.

The enemys attack had instantly put Lu Yu in a dangerous situation.

It was apparent that he was different from the previous two.

At that moment, Lu Yu had his hands in front of him to block the attack.

At the moment the array was completed, an intense energy fluctuation appeared.

Terrifying power surged out from the array as the energy collided, creating an intense vibration.

With a loud thunderclap, countless cracks appeared under Lu Yus feet.

The impact of the explosion broke out from under his feet.

The intense impact directly blasted the ground under his feet into countless pieces.

Lu Yu was also blasted into the air by the intense impact!

The intense crash of the explosion seemed to be able to tear through everything.

The surrounding walls, stone pillars, and ground were all covered with dense spider cracks.

Lu Yu used both claws to block the explosions impact in front of him!

The Strong Wall skill was the only skill that Lu Yu had that could block the explosion damage.

It could block 90% of the damage in a second, and it was the best way to deal with the situation before him.

The power of the explosion came in an instant.

The debris and dust from the explosion swam through the air and enveloped Lu Yus body.

Everyone looked at the scene and felt sorry for him.

“The explosion happened in an instant.

It arrived as expected.”

“As predicted, he didnt manage to get out of it.

Im afraid he wont be able to survive this explosion…”

“If he took this explosion head-on, he would be crippled even if he didnt die…”

“A genius like him wouldnt die here, right That would be too sad.”

“Who knows, we might only be able to see the name Lu Yu in the history of Clanorth University in the future.”

Everyone was pessimistic that Lu Yu would survive the explosion.

Yun Zirou and Su Qings hearts were in their throats.

They would probably be blown to pieces instantly if they were the ones in the middle of the explosion.

Although they knew Lu Yu was much stronger than them, they were still worried.

At that moment, the live feed video gradually became clear.

As the camera was hung on Lu Yus chest, Lu Yus trembling also caused the live feed to shake.

The scene trembled, and the smoke gradually dispersed.

They were shown with nothing but devastation.

The initially flat ground was filled with countless cracks, gravel, and faint smoke and dust.

Soon, everyone saw that Lu Yus entire body was intact.

Even his equipment was not damaged, with only a little dust on his clothes.

Lu Yu patted the dust off his body and muttered, “The power is sure strong, being able to destroy the surrounding area so badly.”


This stunned everyone in the live broadcast room.

“How did he do it, taking zero damage”

“Did I miss anything Wasnt he in the explosion area when it happened”

“Is the explosion fake There was no damage at all”

“Thats impossible.

Is his defense that high”

“With a damage value of 1,000, as long as hes within this range, theres no way he can dodge it.

He took it head-on, but how did he survive it”

“I dont think any of his equipment is purple grade.

A set of blue equipment can only increase his defense by 300 points at most, and there should be no way he could take the explosion unscathed.”

In the live broadcast, some people were shocked, while others analyzed the situation.

However, no matter how they discussed it, they could not come up with a conclusion.

“Do you guys think that Lu Yu has a very strong defensive skill, which is why he blocked it”

“Theres a possibility.

The skills that Lu Yu has displayed so far are ridiculously strong.

It should be normal for him to have a strong defensive skill…”

Everyone stared at the screen, looking forward to Lu Yus next move.

At that moment, Lu Yu was done dealing with the attack.

Strong Wall was a powerful skill that could block most damage.

However, the cooldown time was also long, and Lu Yu would not be able to use it again for a while.

Therefore, Lu Yus priority now was to break this cage.

Otherwise, if that guy tried to cast another explosion array, he would be finished!

Lu Yu unsheathed his right claw and hit the light wall.

The tip of his claw scratched against the light wall, creating a dazzling flame, but it did not have any effect.

Lu Yu continued to attack the light wall.

Every time he created a crack, the light wall would immediately recover.

Just as Lu Yu felt helpless, he was surprised to find that the repair speed of the light wall seemed to be slowing down.

In other words, the repair of the light wall was controlled by Nie Yi, and he was consuming mana to repair it.

If Lu Yu continued to attack the light wall, he would eventually exhaust all of Nie Yis mana.

In other words, only when Lu Yu forced Nie Yi to use up all his mana could he break the light wall.

The only other method was for Lu Yu to use his Dragon Fist to unleash damage explosive enough to break the light wall instantly.

Lu Yu continued to attack the light wall.

At that moment, he saw from the corner of his eye that a glowing array pattern was being carved on the ground.

Lu Yu quickly took a closer look.

Even though the ground was no longer flat, the array was still carving itself.

It was just that the array seemed to be suspended in mid-air and was considered a smooth surface.

However, what surprised Lu Yu the most was that this guy could repair the light wall and set up the array simultaneously.

Moreover, he was doing so by hiding himself and casting these spells from afar.

These showed how extraordinary of an array mage this fellow was!

Lu Yu carefully stared at the array formation on the ground and activated his Eye of the Dragon God to identify it.


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