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Chapter 144 Strengthened, Defeat Du Peng

At that moment, Du Peng looked at Lu Yu with wide eyes.

There was disbelief as well as a fit of uncontrollable anger.

This bottle of dragon blood secret medicine had consumed much of his effort.

The collection of materials alone had cost him half of his wealth.

While refining the medicine, countless hardships caused him to be mentally and physically exhausted.

But in the end, he was gratified that the dragon blood secret medicine had been produced.

He originally wanted to save it when he met a strong opponent before drinking it.

When he met Lu Yu, he felt he was respecting Lu Yu by taking this medicine bottle out.

However, the situation in front of him was unacceptable…

“You… Did you drink my medicine You deserve to die!” Du Peng gritted his teeth and growled in a low voice.

Lu Yu nodded slightly as he walked toward him.

“It tastes pretty good.

It looks like your skills are pretty good.”

Du Peng was furious, and his face turned red.

“Youre dead meat! I wont let you go!!”

As he shouted, he charged toward Lu Yu!

He swung the daggers in his hand with all his might as he vented his anger!

Lu Yu did not expect that drinking a bottle of potion from him would cause such a huge reaction.

The distance between Lu Yu and Du Pengs attributes had been shortened.

Lu Yu was confident that he could defeat Du Peng.

Du Peng rushed in front of Lu Yu and swung his daggers down at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu raised his right claw and grabbed the blade of a dagger.

The tremendous grip force made it impossible for Du Peng to pull the dagger back.

He quickly used another dagger to stab at Lu Yus abdomen.

However, this dagger was also grabbed tightly by Lu Yus left hand, and he completely blocked Du Pengs attack.

Du Pengs hands trembled as he tried to pull the daggers out.

However, no matter how hard he pulled, he could not overcome Lu Yus strength.

This strength was scaring him, and he was getting into a panic.

The anger on his face gradually disappeared, and he looked at Lu Yu in shock.

“Youve already lost!” Lu Yu said.

Du Peng shouted at the top of his voice, “If you hadnt snatched my potion, I wouldnt have lost.

Youre not my match; Im supposed to be the winner!”

A bright ball of fire appeared from Lu Yus body.

It gathered from his arms to his claws.

Then, the second and third balls appeared and were gathered over.

Lu Yus claws emitted a bright orange-red light.

A high temperature instantly assailed and melted the daggers in Du Pengs hands.

When Du Peng saw this, he was utterly dumbfounded.

He was no longer a match for Lu Yu!

When everyone on the live broadcast channel saw this scene, they were stunned by the sudden increase in Lu Yus strength.

The pressure that had previously been on Lu Yu in his fight against Du Peng was all gone!

“Lu Yus strength has increased, and his claws have become much bigger!”

“Looks like that bottle of medicine has increased his strength by quite a bit.”

“It seems like the victor is about to be decided…”

“Lu Yu has also defeated the second president.

Is he really a freshman Why are the fourth-year powerhouses not his match”

Many people on the live broadcast channel could not comprehend what was going on.

They did not understand why Lu Yu had the strength to defeat these two presidents.

The freshmen in the live broadcast cheered excitedly.

Lu Yus strength surprised everyone.

From the moment Lu Yu entered the campus, he had been breaking records and renewing their understanding.

Its the same now!

At that moment, Lu Yu clenched his claws firmly, and Du Pengs pair of daggers immediately shattered into countless pieces.

Holding the handles in his hands, Du Peng retreated quickly and looked at Lu Yu with a shocked expression.


His secret medicine had been snatched away, and his weapon had been destroyed.

He was so furious that he was about to spit blood!

He wanted to curse, but he was unable to do so.

He was afraid that if he really cursed out loud, he would be beaten up by this freshman.

The veins in his hands bulged as he gripped the handles of his daggers tightly.

He gritted his teeth so hard that his teeth and mouth were bleeding.

In the end, he forced out two words, “It ends…”

“The duel between us has ended.

It seems that you are indeed very strong.

As an older student, I am very satisfied…”

He solemnly said this, treating the battle just now as a mere duel.

Lu Yu naturally knew what he was thinking.

Once the battle ended in his loss, he did not forget to save some dignity for himself.

“My dear senior, you sure like helping your junior.

In order to spar with your junior and exchange battle experiences, youre even willing to contribute your own secret medicine and purple grade weapons.

How generous.”

When Du Peng heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched.

Lu Yu was saying it so sarcastically that Du Pengs heart began to ache again.

“Goodbye, Im leaving…”

Du Pengs face was dark as he turned around and left.

As soon as he turned his head, he could not stop his tears from flowing.

Todays fight was so miserable that he did not have the heart to continue the rest of the event…

After seeing Du Peng leave, Lu Yu only shrugged his shoulders and left the building to continue the event.

In the live broadcast room, countless people watched this scene and could not help but mock Du Peng.

Couldnt he just admit defeat He had lost so miserably, yet he still had to find a way out for himself.

Inside the live broadcast channel, Liu Ye was also watching this live broadcast.


His face was gloomy.

He clenched his fists and smashed them strongly against the wall.

At this moment, a figure walked out of the darkness on the side.

“President Liu, leave the rest to me.

Although they failed, they also exhausted Lu Yu quite a bit.

Its my turn to reap the harvest.”

Liu Ye glanced at that person and said, “Why dont the two of you attack together I dont want any other accidents to happen.”

That person rejected firmly, “President Li, you are looking down on me.

Im the president of the Array Formation Club, and my club is ranked in the top ten in the entire school.”

Liu Ye nodded slightly.

“Alright, since youve said so, I wont insist.

However, theres no need to play with him if you decide to attack.

Lets end this quickly.”

“Dont worry, he wont be able to escape from my grasp!”

The man answered confidently as he stretched out his skinny right hand and clenched them tightly.

At the same time, Lu Yu had already walked quickly to the entrance of the building.

He knew that there were still three people in the building.

If the three of them attacked together, Lu Yu did not have complete confidence that he could defeat them.

He walked quickly to the entrance and was about to leave when he suddenly realized that there seemed to be something different here compared to when he came.

Lu Yu bent down and looked at the ground.

Under the layer of dust, there seemed to be some special symbols and patterns.

He blew the dust away, revealing the complicated and obscure patterns below.

After Lu Yu looked carefully for a while, he immediately concluded that this was an array formation!

Someone had set up a formation in advance, and Lu Yu was standing in the middle of it!

Lu Yu was immediately alerted and got up to rush out of the main entrance.

However, just as he was about to leave the main entrance, his figure instantly disappeared without a trace…


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