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Chapter 142 Collision, Lu Yus Skill Stacks

Du Peng was hiding behind the pillar with his face full of fear.

He didnt expect Lu Yu to clear the poisonous fog with a single skill and was now heading straight at him.

He was out of options.

He slowly stood up, walked out of the stone pillar, and looked at Lu Yu.

“You are sure strong.

In this situation, you did not retreat and tried to fight back against me.

This is really beyond my expectations.”

Du Peng licked his lips and revealed a wretched smile.

“It would have been the right choice to escape.

Since you chose to stay, its your doom.

If you fight me, you will lose miserably.”

Lu Yu raised his right claw and looked at him.

“Is that so It looks like youre very confident.”

“Heh, Im a fourth-year senior fighting a freshman.

If I dont even have this confidence, do I still have the dignity to face others”

As he spoke, he pulled out a pair of daggers.

The daggers were jet-black in color, with sharp blades glinting with a cold light.

At the same time, the backs of these daggers seemed to be dripping with poison.

Lu Yu could tell at a glance that this guy was someone used to playing with poison.

Lu Yu always kept antidotes in his storage ring.

However, using these ordinary antidotes against this guys poison was probably ineffective.

Lu Yu could only be more careful since that was the case.

“Lu Yu, I admit that you are a very talented newcomer.

However, you are playing with fire and digging yourself into a deeper hole.

Its a pity that you wont have a future!”

With these club presidents attacking Lu Yu one after another, no one would expect Lu Yu to hold his ground.

In particular, the older students were even more certain.

They all knew the gap between the new and older students was nothing short of an abyss.

Those who could bridge this gap must be talented people of the highest degree.

As for Lu Yu, he faced Du Peng confidently without a trace of fear or unease.

If the situation before them occurred to any other freshman, they would have been scared out of their wits.

“Stop bragging.

Let me see just what kind of strength you have to be so arrogant!”

Lu Yu could not be bothered to say any other harsh words and directly rushed toward Du Peng.

Du Pengs defense was 370 with over 600 points in health.

If Lu Yu could not break through his armor, his normal attacks would only deal 30 damage, which was definitely not enough.

Lu Yu planned to continue using the combined skills he had just discovered.

He began to activate his Dragon God Breathing Technique and his other skills.

First, he activated the Armor Penetration skill, which gave Lu Yus claws a layer of sharp aura.

Next was the Flaming Claw, and Lu Yu activated it thrice in a row.

Three clusters of flames merged into his claws, making the pair of sharp claws immensely bright.

They emitted intense light, and the high temperature distorted the surrounding air.

Seeing this, Du Peng could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

Even though he was more than ten meters away, he could still feel the intense high temperature.

It was a temperature high enough to scare him.

He looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

He did not expect Lu Yu to be this strong in fire elemental energy!

“Your fire elemental energy seems to be very strong.

However, can you take this move of mine”

The corners of his mouth slanted as he revealed a cold smile.

The next moment, he gripped the daggers in his hands and charged toward Lu Yu!

His speed was slower when compared to Lu Yus.

Lu Yu saw him charging towards him and waved his claws, wanting to attack him.

Just as Du Peng was getting close to Lu Yu, he suddenly let out a cold smile.

Immediately after, Du Peng spat out a silver needle from his mouth and shot it at Lu Yu!

Du Peng acted as if he was getting ready for a close-combat battle.

However, just as he was about to attack, he suddenly released a sneak attack.

It was genuinely sinister of him.

Lu Yu frowned and instantly noticed the silver needle that he had released.

He knew about the Medicine Kings talent.

Those with this talent could possess high anti-poison capabilities, and it was easy for them to hide poison-related items in their bodies.

Therefore, this silver needle was 100% poisoned!

Lu Yu hurriedly withdrew his claws and blocked them in front of him.

When the silver needle struck Lu Yus sharp claws, it instantly melted into liquid form!

“Hey, is it fun to play dirty when fighting against a freshman” Lu Yu asked.

Du Pengs expression turned cold.

He had never thought that his sneak attack would fail.

“Your reaction is pretty fast.

In that case, I wont play around anymore.

I will end this battle as soon as possible!”

He gripped his pair of daggers in his hands tightly and charged at Lu Yu once more.

Lu Yus defense was less than 300, and his health was only 350 points.

Meanwhile, Du Pengs attack power was over 500 points.

Lu Yu would not be able to withstand Du Pengs attacks.

However, Lu Yu had an absolute advantage in terms of speed!

A pair of daggers lunged at Lu Yu, and he brandished his claws to retaliate with scorching heat!

A pair of sharp claws and daggers collided violently.

Dazzling sparks shoot out wherever the blades hit!

Seeing that the high temperature was melting his daggers, Du Peng could not help but widen his eyes!

These pair of purple grade daggers were treasures he valued the most.

He could not allow a freshman to destroy them!

At the same time, he was also surprised.

Even his weapons found it difficult to withstand Lu Yus high temperature.

Du Peng was also getting scorched by the high temperature, and his entire body felt uncomfortable.

“I didnt expect your fire element to be this strong.

In that case, I will also use my elemental power!”

A clear liquid condensed on his arms and covered the dagger along his arms to lower the temperature of the dagger.

The most common elemental power pharmacists possessed was the water element.

Thus, Lu Yu was not surprised by this at all.

Lu Yu exerted more force in his claws and slashed viciously at the daggers blade!


Lu Yus claws slashed downwards at the dagger.

Dazzling sparks instantly shot out in all directions, and Du Peng was pushed back by this attack.

Finally, he stumbled onto a stone pillar and stopped.

He panted heavily with a somewhat ugly expression.

The gaze he used to look at Lu Yu lacked the arrogance he once had.

“Phew, you surprised me.

Since thats the case, then I have to give it my all.”

At that moment, he lowered his head and shockingly discovered several holes in his pair of daggers!

His eyes instantly widened, and a wave of anger surged through him.

“You bastard, how dare you cause damage to my weapon I wont forgive you.

Youre finished, youre completely finished!” He roared, venting the anger inside him.

The damage to his most beloved weapon caused him incomparable heartache.

However, he did not know that they would have been destroyed if he had not used the water element to cool down his pair of daggers.

Lu Yu looked at him without the slightest bit of fear and proceeded to take out a bottle of mana potion from his backpack.

A high-grade mana potion could recover 150 points of mana, and Lu Yu only had a total value of 220 points.

Lu Yus mana had depleted, and he needed to replenish it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to use his skills.

Lu Yu opened the bottle of potion and drank it in one gulp.

His mana began to recover, and Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, Du Peng saw this and sneered, “Replenishing potions, right It looks like you have met your match.”

As he spoke, he took out a bottle of potions made of pure gold and inlaid with various gemstones.


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