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Chapter 141 Wretched Opponents

In the thick fog surrounding him, Lu Yu held his breath and assumed a battle stance.

His opponent, Du Peng, had the talent of “Medicine King”.

Although this talent was only A-Level, it was suitable for refining and creating medicine.

The most powerful aspect of the Medicine King talent was that he could drink more bottles of potions than others.

For example, if a person drank a bottle of life potion, he might need a ten-minute cooldown before he could drink another.

However, Du Peng could drink two bottles, three bottles, or even more.

It depended on his current strength and the degree of evolution of his talent.

Therefore, Lu Yu adopted a different strategy when fighting such an opponent.

Du Peng could drink multiple bottles of attribute-enhancing medicine, temporarily increasing his strength by some time.

In other words, if Lu Yu couldnt defeat Du Peng now, he just had to wait until the effect of the medicine ended before he fought back.

It was a fact that Lu Yus attributes were indeed inferior to his.

Therefore, as long as Lu Yu dragged on the fight, the effect of the attribute-enhancing medicine on Du Peng would disappear.

When the difference in attributes between the two of them wasnt that big, he would be able to fight much more easily.

But the main issue was that the current Lu Yu couldnt see where Du Peng was!

Du Peng consecutively threw out several bottles of poisonous fog, reducing the visibility of the surroundings to a shallow level.

Moreover, toxic gas was mixed in the fog, making it impossible for Lu Yu to breathe.

When the live broadcast channel audience saw this scene, they could not help but worry for Lu Yu.

“Such a large area of poisonous fog, Im afraid Lu Yu will lose here.”

“If he escapes from here quickly, there might still be hope.”

“Indeed, he can only run.

Fighting Du Peng in the poisonous fog is definitely not a rational thing to do.”

“Could it be that he still wants to fight back He probably doesnt even know where Du Peng is right now.”

“Hurry up and escape.

I dont want to see a genius fall here.

That would be such a pity.”

Everyone sent messages on the live broadcast channel and felt that Lu Yu should leave.

There was no need to take this fight here.

He was highly talented and would reach his peak sooner or later.

At that moment, Yun Zirou and Su Qing, too, felt that Lu Yu should leave this place.

“Lu Yu, just go.

Dont fight with that guy anymore,” Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yus live broadcast and silently said.

Su Qing reminded, “Zirou, even if you say it through the screen, he wont be able to hear you.”

Yun Zirou nodded slightly.

“I know.

I just hope that he can be more rational and leave that place quickly.

Fighting in the poisonous fog is definitely not a wise move.”

However, Su Qing said confidently, “Lu Yu is a very rational person.

He definitely knows that if he continues fighting, it will be disadvantageous for him.

He will leave.”

Yun Zirou closed her eyes and silently prayed in her heart…

In the corner of the abandoned building, Du Peng hid behind a pillar and revealed a cold smile.

“Lu Yu, youre dead meat.

If you continue to stay in the poisonous fog, even the gods themselves will not be able to save you.”

Du Peng let out a wretched giggle, and his laughter was filled with pride.

He hurriedly changed his position, afraid that Lu Yu would follow the sound to find him.

Lu Yu frowned slightly, initially thinking Du Peng would find an opportunity to sneak attack him after releasing this poison fog.

He did not expect him to be so cowardly.

After releasing the poisonous fog, Du Peng immediately found a place to hide and did not even attempt to fight.

“You are, after all, the president of a club.

How can you be so cowardly You just hide after releasing the poison fog and dont even dare to make a move!”

Lu Yu activated his Eye of the Dragon God as he spoke and scanned Du Pengs position.

At that moment, Du Peng thought Lu Yu was trying to goad him out.

He let out a gloomy laugh.

“My dear junior, youre too naive.

Youre delusional to think you can goad me out with these words.

Youre so inexperienced.”

“You can slowly find me in the poison fog.

If you can find me, its my loss.”

His words made Lu Yu feel speechless.

Lu Yu didnt even have the intention of goading him out.

“Du Peng, the five of you decided to take turns playing with me.

This is you looking down on me and all of the freshmen.

Next, I will let the five of you know that arrogance is the fatal weapon that destroys you!”

As Lu Yu spoke, he walked in Du Pengs direction.

When the audience on the live broadcast channel saw Lu Yu not retreat but walking toward Du Peng instead, they all felt incredulous.

“Isnt he too bold Is he really going to fight Du Peng in the poisonous fog”

“He must be crazy.

Under such circumstances, does he still have the will to fight If it were me, I would definitely escape in a jiffy.”

“Its over.

How long can he hold his breath If he inhales the poison gas, he will immediately lose the ability even to walk.”

“He is trying to be strong and is too prideful.

This is going to harm him.”

“Where did he get the confidence…”

Everyone was puzzled as to why Lu Yu dared to continue the battle in such a situation.

In their view, Lu Yu was enveloped by the poison fog and did not know the enemys whereabouts.

Under such circumstances, anyone else would run away.

However, Lu Yu had broken their understanding…

At that moment, Du Peng vaguely saw Lu Yu walking toward him.

The wretched smile on his face instantly froze, and his expression got nervous.

“Lu Yu, do you really think that you can fight us We are just playing with you now.

If you fight, you will lose instantly!” Du Peng said with certainty.

Lu Yu continued to walk forward.

At the same time, a pair of sharp claws grew with dazzling flames.

“You are as wretched as Liu Ye.

If you think you can win, then come out and fight head-on! Theres no use hiding as Ive already seen you.”

Du Peng was shocked.

He didnt expect that his tracks would be exposed again!

He had fought many other powerhouses before, and Lu Yu was the first with such keen senses!

It was as if Du Pengs surroundings were transparent, and Lu Yu could see wherever Du Peng hid.

“Nonsense, you only know a general direction at most!”

Du Peng guessed that Lu Yu had only heard the sound coming from his direction and followed it.

He shut his mouth and changed his hiding place to a pillar at the side.

After shifting his hiding spot five meters away, he looked at Lu Yu again in the fog.

His vision had been enhanced, which was why he could see Lu Yu but Lu Yu could not.

Furthermore, Du Peng did not make a sound when he hid there.

Lu Yu suddenly turned around and walked straight toward him again!

Du Peng was utterly dumbfounded.

He did not understand why it was as if he was locked on and could not escape!

Wherever he hid, Lu Yu would follow!

Lu Yu sneered, “Continue to change another hiding place.

Why are you not moving”

After saying that, Lu Yu swung his claws.

Flames danced around him and instantly shot out.

A flaming storm swept through his surroundings!

The appearance of the flaming storm caused the surrounding air to start distorting.

The power of the storm dispersed the poisonous fog!

With Lu Yu as the center, his surroundings were engulfed by a flaming storm.

The high temperature also desanitized the poisonous fog in the air.

At this point, Lu Yu took a deep breath of air.

He looked at Du Peng and said, “Now, you have no way to hide, right”


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