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Chapter 140 The Pharmaceutical Club President

Lu Yu quickly recognized that the bottles in front of him were the bottles of strengthening potions.

Someone had just finished drinking these strengthening potions and was probably hiding in a corner.

Lu Yu chuckled.

It looked like he was being targeted again.

“Come out.

Since youre looking for me, theres no need to play dirty.

Its useless.”

Lu Yu shouted, but there was still no movement around him.

No one walked out.

Lu Yu got impatient.

He used his Eye of the Dragon God and began to scan for clues in front of him.

[ Footprints of an adult male detected.

Do you want to track it ]

Lu Yu muttered silently, “Track it!”

Soon, a silhouette began to condense from the footprints beside the potion bottles.

The silhouette picked up the bottles and drank them one after another.

Then, it walked and hid in a corner.

Lu Yu followed the silhouette.

After a few steps, he realized that the silhouette had disappeared!

This was the first time Lu Yu had seen such a situation.

Although the silhouette had disappeared on the spot, it left behind a human-shaped outline and continued to move forward.

Lu Yu instantly realized that the silhouette was expressing the effect of invisibility! The person Lu Yu was tracking was in a state of invisibility!

The humanoid outline continued to move forward and squatted behind a stone pillar.

[ Tracking completed, synchronizing ]

After seeing this notification, Lu Yu was sure that the person was hiding behind the stone pillar in front of him.

Lu Yu went around and found no one behind the stone pillar, but the outline was still there.

As expected, this guy drank an invisibility potion and hid here sneakily, waiting for an opportunity to ambush Lu Yu.

Lu Yu decided to use the information gap between them to catch him off guard and beat him at his own game!

Lu Yu looked left and right, pretending he couldnt see the invisible enemy.

He had his right hand behind his back and had already unsheathed his sharp claw.

The next moment, Lu Yu suddenly reached his right claw forward and slashed the pillar before him!


Lu Yus sharp claw slashed, and a few blood streams shot out instantly.

The invisibility effect disappeared, and a figure appeared.

That person wore a long black robe, and his long hair was disheveled.

At that moment, his face was filled with fear.

He clutched his bleeding chest, and his face was filled with pain.

“You bastard, how did you find me This is impossible, absolutely impossible!” He shouted angrily.

He simply could not accept that Lu Yu had found him accurately.

His invisibility potion made him completely invisible, including his smell and temperature.

However, he was still quickly discovered.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Lu Yu looked at him and said, “Cut the crap.

Youre hiding here because youre looking for an opportunity to ambush me, right So, why wouldnt I fight back”

He covered the wound on his chest.

Because he drank a recovery medicine in advance, the blood from his chest quickly stopped.

“Since youve already found out, lets just fight.

Im the president of the Pharmaceutical Society, Du Peng!”

Lu Yu was getting impatient.

“Another one of you.

Are you guys done yet Why dont you all attack together I cant be bothered to waste more time.”

To be honest, if these people had attacked together, Lu Yu wouldnt have been able to defeat them.

However, if he gathered all his enemies into one spot, it would be much easier for him to escape.

Du Peng snorted.

“Our goal isnt just to defeat you, but to play with you and slowly wear you down until you fall into despair!”

“Only then can we crush you mentally!”

His words made Lu Yu laugh.

“So this is your plan.

However, youve got it backward.

Youre not making me fall into despair; Im the one inflicting despair on you all!”

Du Peng sneered and said, “You sure think highly of yourself as a mere freshman.

What do you have that gave you the idea you could deal with us”

Lu Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest and continued, “One of you, He Kai, has already fought with me just now.

However, he has already lost.”

When Du Peng heard this, his eyes widened slightly, but he did not believe Lu Yus words.

“Dont be stupid.

How could He Kai lose to you”

“In my opinion, you were beaten by him until you found a chance to run away, coming here!”

Noticing that Du Peng was unwilling to accept reality, Lu Yu got lazy to say anything more.

“Since you cant see reality for what it is, let me help you!”

Lu Yu raised his claws and walked toward Du Peng as he said that.

Du Peng looked at Lu Yu calmly, then took out his weapon, a long sword.

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and saw Du Pengs attributes.

[ Du Peng ]

[ Talent: Medicine King (A-Level)]

[ Attack: 510 ]

[ Speed: 140 ]

[ Health: 650 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 370 ]

Du Pengs attributes were much higher than Lu Yus!

However, these attributes were obtained after he drank the strengthening potion.

Basic attributes were just one aspect of the whole battle.

More importantly, the victory would still depend on ones overall strength, such as skills, equipment, combat experience, and techniques.

Although Du Pengs attributes were much higher than his, Lu Yu was still confident that he could fight him.

Du Peng brandished his long sword and charged toward Lu Yu.

As he stabbed out with his long sword, a stream of sword aura surged through quickly at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu activated his Dragon Shadow skill and teleported to dodge the incoming sword aura!

The next moment, Du Peng looked around and quickly found Lu Yus location after he teleported.

However, Du Peng did not stab with his sword again.

Instead, he took out a bottle of black liquid.

“Now, enjoy the pain!”

As he said this, Du Peng threw the bottle in his hand with all his might toward Lu Yu.

When Lu Yu saw this, he instantly realized that this bottle was not filled with something good.

Hence, he used his skill, Flaming Claw!

His claws were covered in flames as he swung his claws forward, causing the flames to shoot out.

When the highly toxic bottle of potion came into contact with the flames, it exploded instantly.

The liquid inside the bottle splashed onto the ground, emitting a sizzling sound of corrosion.

Lu Yu lowered his head and shockingly discovered that the ground had been eroded into a large pit!

This terrifying, corrosive power was simply startling!

Lu Yu did not dare imagine what would happen if the liquid splashed him!

“You like to play dirty, dont you Then I dont have to show you any mercy!”

As he said that, Lu Yu swished his claws as he rushed at Du Peng!

Du Peng held his long sword and was prepared to clash against Lu Yu too.

Du Peng had the advantage in that he had all kinds of potions.

He had various types, and those potions were of high quality.

This was his greatest edge over Lu Yu!

Hence, he took out another bottle of potion!

“This time, I dont believe you can continue to dodge!”

Du Peng directly smashed it open at his feet.

A ball of thick fog quickly escaped from the bottle and instantly covered the surroundings.

Being enveloped by the fog, Lu Yu frowned slightly.

This fog was not right, and there was a high probability that it was poisonous!

Lu Yu hurriedly held his breath and looked at Du Pengs figure in the fog.

He discovered that Du Peng could breathe in the fog easily.

Could it be that he was immune to this poisonous fog

Lu Yu would be in a difficult situation if that were the case.

He needed to hold his breath in a battle in this poisonous fog, but Du Peng did not, and this would be fatal.

If Lu Yu stopped breathing, it was equivalent to losing his ability to fight!


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