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Chapter 139 Destruction, A Weapon Surpassing Purple Grade

Lu Yus pair of sharp claws got extremely hot and powerful after being strengthened!

Everyone on the broadcast channel felt incredulous when they saw this scene.

“These claws look so bright.”

“Damn, theres no need to turn on the lights with these around.

This pair of claws can light up the entire floor of a building.”

“How hot is the temperature I feel like I would get roasted just by getting close to it.”

“Look carefully.

The air around Lu Yus claws is constantly distorting.

We can see how high the temperature of these claws is just by that!”

“Its indeed terrifying.

The temperature of those claws is really something else…”

When Yun Zirou and Su Qing saw this scene, they were both shocked.

The two of them had seen Lu Yu in battle many times, and they had some understanding of this Flaming Claw skill.

However, they had never seen such a terrifying effect from the Flaming Claw skill!

The two of them looked at each other and sighed simultaneously.

“Lu Yu still has more up his sleeves”

At that moment, Lu Yus claws were already slashing toward He Kai.

He Kai no longer dared to belittle Lu Yu.

He hurriedly raised his machete and blocked the front of him.

At the same time, He Kais machete was again imbued with the ice element effect, intending to use it to offset Lu Yus high temperature.

Lu Yus pair of sharp claws slashed down, and they instantly collided with the thick machete.


A ringing sound echoed as Lu Yus claws and He Kais machete clashed against each other, creating intense sparks.

The sparks shot out quickly, and the collision emitted a dazzling light.

The moment the two sides collided, He Kai felt unprecedented pressure!

This power made him feel terrified.

The biggest reason was that Lu Yu was only a freshman.

He had just entered university and already had such strength.

Once Lu Yu had undergone four years of cultivation here, He Kai couldnt even imagine what level Lu Yus strength would reach.

He gripped his machete tightly, withstanding Lu Yus attack!

However, Lu Yu did not relax at all.

His claws pressed down with force, trying to force He Kai to his death!


With yet another ringing sound, He Kai saw with his eyes that the machete in his hand had cracked!

He widened his eyes in horror, unbelieving of what had just happened.

“This… This is impossible!”

He could not believe that his weapon showed signs of damage and cracks!

This was a purple grade weapon, but it was gradually getting damaged under Lu Yus attack.

At that moment, Lu Yu did not think about anything else.

He used all the strength in his body, trying to crush He Kai to death.

After the first crack appeared, the second and third cracks emerged.

The ridiculous thing was that He Kais machete melted at the point of contact with Lu Yus claws!

Sweat beaded on Lu Yus head as he used all the strength in his body to press his claws down.

He Kai was also holding on.

He could not understand why a freshman was suppressing him!

Everyone in the live broadcast room was excited when they saw the battle between the two of them.

“This battle is too exciting!”

“Oh my god, Lu Yu caused cracks to appear on the Metal-Fusion Machete.

This is a purple grade machete!”

“What grade are Lu Yus claws made of They cant be orange, right”

“Who knows Thats his innate talent, so theres no grade for it.”

“Look, hes about to break through! The victor is about to be decided!”

Everyone stared at the screen intently, carefully watching this duels climax!

The high temperature on Lu Yus claws was released like a dam bursting, melting the machete.

It wouldnt be long until the machete broke.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth and released all the strength in his body!

“Break! It! Now!”

With an angry roar, Lu Yus claws slammed down strongly!

The machete in He Kais hand shattered into countless pieces instantly, and its pieces shot out!


With a loud bang, the machete in He Kais hand exploded, leaving only the handle in his hand.

He stood where he was and was dumbfounded.

He could not accept the fact that his weapon was shattered.

He looked at Lu Yus claws in horror.

It broke his purple grade weapon! What kind of offensive equipment was this

When the live broadcast channel audience saw this scene, they instantly became excited.

“Shit, Lu Yu is just too strong.

He really broke the machete!”

“This is too painful to watch.

This machete is a rare treasure, and He Kai took a long time before he could make it.”

“Damn, it broke just like that He Kai has suffered a great loss this time.”

“How terrifying.

Im afraid if this claw were aimed at him, he wouldnt be able to withstand it.”

“This is the president of the Refining Club.

He cant… really be defeated by Lu Yu, right”

“It seems like its possible.

Just what kind of strength does Lu Yu have A freshman, yet already challenging a 4th-year senior”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu in shock.

They had only one word for Lu Yu, ridiculous!

At the same time, He Kai stood in front of Lu Yu in a daze.

Seeing this, Lu Yu didnt know what to do for a moment.

He Kai was not in his right mind and was completely unprepared.

If Lu Yu made a move now, he could easily attack He Kai.

Just as Lu Yu was thinking about what he should do, He Kai knelt with a plop.

He did not kneel to Lu Yu.

Instead, he knelt in front of the debris littered on the ground and looked at it in a daze.

“My… my treasured machete! Why, why is it broken”

“Give me back my treasured sword!”

He hit the ground hard and cried out in grief.

His proudest masterpiece had been shattered in an instant.

Anyone else would have collapsed too.

He Kai had completely lost his fighting ability and no longer had the heart to fight.

Seeing this, Lu Yu withdrew his dragon claw.

“You asked for it.

Dont blame it on me if your weapon is broken.”

This machete was worth a lot, and Lu Yu sure couldnt pay for the damage.

He Kai ignored Lu Yu and picked up the fragment with both hands.

Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes, and he had a regretful expression on his face.

Lu Yu did not say anything more.

He turned around and left, as staying here would only cause more trouble.

After turning around, Lu Yu quickly left the place.

He continued to walk toward the exit and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

It wasnt because he was afraid, but because he had stayed here too long and needed to continue completing the event.

However, Lu Yu was not in a hurry to complete this event as he had seen Wang Mengs live broadcast channel and knew where he was blocking the bridge.

Therefore, he did not need to go there too early.

Most of the people would be blocked anyway.

If someone stood up and stopped Wang Meng, Lu Yu would not have to trouble himself…

As he continued walking, Lu Yu suddenly saw a few glass bottles on the ground.

When Lu Yu came, these bottles were not there.

Who placed these bottles Why were they placed All of this caused Lu Yu to be puzzled.

Lu Yu squatted down and carefully examined them.

To his surprise, he discovered residual liquid in these bottles, which all had a faint medicinal smell.

This was a bottle of a strengthening potion, and it had just been used!


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