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Chapter 138 Battle Begins, Special And Precious Weapon

He Kai gripped his machete tightly and charged toward Lu Yu.

He raised his machete with both arms and smashed it down heavily on Lu Yu!

The next moment, the machete blade was covered with scorching flames as it landed on Lu Yu!

Lu Yu did not panic when the scorching blade with flames attacked him.

When the machete reached where he was, Lu Yu hurriedly dodged to the side.

Although He Kai was much stronger than Lu Yu in other aspects, the two of them were equally matched in speed.

Immediately after, He Kai responded to Lu Yu by dodging to the side.

The angle at which he swung the machete changed slightly, and he continued to slice in Lu Yus direction.

The blades momentum was so swift and violent that Lu Yu did not have time to think.

He had to use all his speed to dodge this blade attack as soon as possible!


The blade came down and slashed through Lu Yu.

He Kai, who had rich combat experience, immediately realized that this was not Lu Yus real body!

He scanned his surroundings and found nothing.

Without any hesitation, he stabbed the blade into the ground!


A cold current was released from the center of the blade and spread out in all directions.

The ground instantly froze, and the temperature dropped sharply!

“Come out, or Ill freeze the entire building!”

He Kai was very unhappy as he boasted.

He did not expect that he could not see through Lu Yus movement speed, and this gave him a sense of danger.

At that moment, Lu Yu clung to the ceiling, staring at He Kai under his feet.

He activated his skill, Grappling, and began to analyze He Kais weaknesses.

Lu Yu found He Kais weakness very quickly.

His left forearm was equipped with a wrist guard.

It was only a blue grade wrist guard, and his forearm was injured.

Compared to his right forearm, its movement was more unnatural.

When He Kai withdrew his machete, Lu Yu used his feet to push himself from the ceiling and dove down toward He Kai!

At the same time, Lu Yu unsheathed his claws and slashed at He Kai.

He Kai was dragging his heavy machete with his right hand, and there was no time for him to defend himself!

He raised his head to look at Lu Yu.

When he saw that Lu Yu was charging toward him at a rapid speed, he did not have time to react.

He originally wanted to raise his machete to block Lu Yus attack.

However, it was too late.

He could not free his right hand, so he could only raise his left arm to block his head!

Lu Yu dropped at He Kai and gathered strength in his claws as his muscles expanded!

Following that, Lu Yu activated his skills, Armor Penetration and Flaming Claw!

During the last self-training, Lu Yu unexpectedly discovered that perhaps because of the Dragon God Breathing Technique, his normal skills could be used in combination with his dragon skills.

Thus, Lu Yu used both Armor Penetration and Flaming Claw at the same time.

One attack, but with two effects!

In the eyes of the other cultivators, this was an attack with a ridiculous effect!

It was equivalent to Lu Yu attacking one extra time!

Lu Yus claws were covered with blazing flames.

As he swung his claws, the flames drew a perfect arc in the air.


With a ringing sound, Lu Yus claws crossed and struck He Kais left arm.

The penetration effect instantly took effect, and the flames followed with a burning effect.


After a muffled sound, He Kais left wrist guard exploded, shooting out countless fragments.

At the same time, his left arm suffered several wounds, and blood spurted out.

He Kai was in pain.

He twisted his expression, and he gritted his teeth.

Lu Yu completed a somersault in the air and landed safely.

He Kai quickly placed his left arm in front of his eyes and carefully examined it.

The burning of the flames left him in unbearable pain.

The destruction of his wrist guard also made him even weaker.

It was not a big deal for his equipment to be destroyed.

After all, He Kai did not care about a piece of blue grade equipment.

However, the main issue was that he had a weakness now.

Initially, he was fully armed, but now his left arm had lost its protection.

He also suffered a serious injury, which could easily affect the upcoming battle.

At that moment, He Kai checked his personal interface.

He found that his defense had been reduced by 30%!

His defense was reduced by a total of 111 points!

After two more reductions, he would have basically zero defense left!

However, what shocked him the most was that two effects assaulted him.

One was burn damage, and the other was armour penetration.

What kind of skill could have both these effects at the same time

He had cultivated for many years, but he had never seen such skill before…

He hurriedly raised his machete and faced Lu Yu with even more caution.

His left arm was injured, and his machete was a weapon meant to be used with both hands.

This somewhat affected his combat ability.

“Ha, Ive given you the upper hand.

However, dont even think you have a chance to defeat me.

The gap in our strength is not something that your little cleverness can break through!”

He Kai was still very confident.

His attributes were much higher than Lu Yus, and most of his pieces of equipment were purple grade.

If he couldnt defeat Lu Yu, he would really be too ashamed to face anyone.

Lu Yu looked at He Kai, and his expression was calm.

“Continue, let me see just what you are made of!”

Lu Yu walked toward He Kai as he said that.

At the same time, he used his Flaming Claw skill again.

The remaining heat on Lu Yus claws had yet to dissipate from the first Flaming Claw, and flames again covered it.

The temperature of this second Flaming Claw attack was higher than before.

Lu Yu was surprised by this and was keenly aware that the temperature was not right.

The temperature of his claws was a little higher than the previous time.

At that moment, Lu Yu remembered that his Flaming Claw attack was equivalent to a skill that could strengthen his normal attacks.

If this effect could be stacked…

After Lu Yu had this hypothesis, he immediately activated Flaming Claw for a second time!

A wave of blazing flames surged from Lu Yus body and climbed up his sharp claws along his arms.


A huge fire pillar rose from Lu Yus claws and instantly lit up the surroundings.

Lu Yu suddenly realized that the temperature of his claws had become even more terrifying than ever!

Even the air around his sharp claws was distorting.

Under the effects of the two Flaming Claw skills, the originally dark-ish claws were now emitting bright orange light.

This scene stunned He Kai.

Lu Yu immediately followed up with a third Flaming Claw skill.

After the flames were attached to his claws yet again, the temperature and brightness of their surroundings were strengthened once again.

The bright flames released by Lu Yus claws lit up their surroundings dazzlingly.

The terrifying high temperature made the air around them distort.

He Kai also felt an unprecedented high temperature around him.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and the high temperature painfully roasted his face.

“You bastard, what did you do What are you brewing”

He Kai felt uneasy and quickly strode toward Lu Yu.

He raised his machete and rushed at Lu Yu.

At that moment, Lu Yu had completed three enhancements to the Flaming Claw.

His sharp claws were now dazzling to the eyes and scorching hot.

Finally, Lu Yu activated an ordinary skill, Armor Penetration!

Four effects were used simultaneously as Lu Yu rushed toward He Kai!


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