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Chapter 137 The Refining Clubs President, Battle Preparations

In a dense forest, Yun Zirou and Su Qing stopped in their tracks.

Both of them stood on the spot, watching the live broadcast nervously.

The two of them stood side by side.

One of their phones was playing Lu Yus live broadcast, while the other was playing Liu Yes.

But now, after Liu Ye had communicated with the Refining Clubs president, it seemed like it was time for him to make his move.

The two girls could clearly hear Liu Yes sinister laughter.

“Slowly play with him.

I want to exhaust him to the point of despair and make him completely lose his fighting spirit! In that case, he wont be able to recover from this for the next few years!”

Liu Ye had already set his goal, which was to completely cripple Lu Yu and make an example of him so that the freshmen would no longer dare to have any thoughts of resisting.

At the same time, he would also snuff out a potential genius to reduce the pressure on his future competition.

When Yun Zirou and Su Qing heard his words, they both felt furious.

Yun Zirou growled, “This guy is simply too shameless.

He is clearly a senior, yet he still has to unite five others to bully a freshman!”

Su Qing looked at Lu Yu in the live feed with a worried expression.

“Lets hope he can resolve this crisis.

As long as he can escape there, he will be free.”

Yun Zirou nodded in agreement.

“As long as Lu Yu can escape that abandoned building and return to the complex jungle, hell definitely be able to escape!”

“Lets hope that he can find the opportunity.

If he cant escape, Im afraid that this will be his end…”

The two of them looked at their screens nervously.

They were no longer in the mood to continue the event.

On Lu Yus side, he was already planning to leave this place.

He felt it was dangerous to continue to stay here, and entering the dense jungle would give him more leeway.

In this spacious abandoned building, if Lu Yu were to be surrounded, he wouldnt be able to escape even if he wanted to.

Lu Yu returned the way he came and planned to leave this place.

However, he had only taken a few steps when he saw a figure standing not far away, staring at him.

“Another one, interesting.”

As Lu Yu spoke, he continued to walk toward the man before him.

Gradually, Lu Yu could see his appearance.

He was wearing an exquisite set of light gray armor covering his entire body with almost no flaw.

He wore a helmet with golden edges on his head.

The style of the helmet was similar to that of an ancient general, with all kinds of gemstones on it.

That pair of average size eyes narrowed at that moment as he stared at Lu Yu.

“My name is He Kai, the president of the Refining Club.

Im a fourth-year senior, and it will not be shameful for you to lose to me today.”

He said it calmly, as if he had already decided the outcome of this battle.

“The battle hasnt started yet.

How can you be sure that you will win” Lu Yu asked back.

Hearing this, He Kais lips curled into a sneer.

“You are sure cocky.

No wonder you have the guts to create a club.”

“Let me tell you the truth.

Your existence has already broken the order of the older clubs.

Today, I am here to maintain this order!”

Lu Yus heart was filled with disgust.

This fellow spoke righteously and strictly, as if he thought of himself representing justice!

“Youre going to lose for sure.

Just come at me!”

Lu Yu was enraged, and both his arms began to grow dragon scales.

A ray of light flashed past, and He Kai took out a one-meter-long machete from his storage ring.

The machete blade was incomparably sharp, and he had to use both hands to hold it.

There were several iron rings on the back of the machete, and each iron ring had a different type of imbued elemental power!

Just by looking at such a machete, one could feel the extraordinary power it held.

Lu Yu looked at him seriously and said, “So this is your weapon.

It looks pretty good.

As expected of the president of the Refining Club.”

He Kai said proudly, “Ha, I spent half a year slowly forging this Metal-Fusion Machete.

Once it was forged, it was determined to be of purple grade, and I even strengthened it a few times after that.

This machete is the number one weapon in the university, with no one daring to challenge me!”

This machete was He Kais blood and sweat and was also a piece of equipment he was proud of.

When the live broadcast channel audience saw this machete, they all cried out in surprise.

“Holy, I actually get to see this machete with my own eyes!”

“Ive only heard rumors about the Refining Clubs presidents blood and sweat precious weapon.

I didnt expect to see it live today…”

“This weapon sure looks terrifying.

How is Lu Yu going to deal with it”

“The few pieces of blue equipment on Lu Yus body arent enough to block this powerful machete!”

The audience in the live broadcast room kept praising the machete, praising it to the very heavens.

Of course, this weapon was worth commending.

After all, compared to this machete, the scrap metal in their hands was inferior in every way.

At this moment, He Kai looked at Lu Yu and laughed loudly, “How is it Are you in awe of my machete”

“However, this is only one of them.

Any of the equipment I have on me is worth all of your wealth!”

He Kai said, with a face full of pride.

As the president of the Refining Club, he was most proud of the equipment he possessed.

He continued, “Show me your weapon.

Let me see what kind of scrap metal you are using!”

Lu Yu lowered his head to look at his arms and said, “I dont have a weapon.”

Hearing this, He Kai was puzzled at first, but he quickly reacted.

He had seen Lu Yus battle videos, and Lu Yu indeed did not use a weapon.

He only used his pair of sharp claws.

“Haha, your weapon is your pair of sharp claws.

This is bad.

Can your claws even fight against my machete”

Lu Yu brandished his claws and pointed at He Kai.

“You can come over and try.”

He Kai started to move toward Lu Yu.

“You sure have guts, daring to talk like that when you are up against me!”

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and scanned He Kais personal information.

[ He Kai ]

[ Talent: Flaming Soul (S-Level) ]

[ Attack: 420 ]

[ Speed: 270 ]

[ Health: 1050 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 370 ]

After looking at these attributes, Lu Yu concluded that this guy was likely scared of even getting injured, explaining his high defense and health stats.

His health was extraordinarily high, exceeding 1,000.

If Lu Yu couldnt penetrate his armor, he would probably need more than a dozen attacks to defeat him.

Also, even if Lu Yu broke through He Kais defense, Lu Yu would still need to attack him at least three times before he could kill him!

This difference in attributes was indeed a little big.

However, Lu Yu did not feel he had no hope of defeating him.

His greatest advantage was his unique dragon skills, which could infinitely increase Lu Yus potential!

The Dragon Fist was the best example, giving Lu Yu a leap in explosive power!

“Come on, let me see what your machete can do!”

Lu Yu extended his claws and prepared himself for battle.

At the same time, he observed his surroundings and looked for a quick escape route.

He had found a way to retreat in advance.

If he could not win, at the very least, he could retreat to safety…


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