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Chapter 136 One Against Five, Surrounded By Powerful Enemies

Lu Yu surveyed his surroundings and discovered that behind every stone pillar in his surroundings, black shadows had appeared.

These black shadows were all holding a pair of daggers and were all summoned by Liu Ye.

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

He did not expect Liu Ye to be able to summon more than ten black shadows at once.

Moreover, he could summon them from different directions at the same time.

This talent was practically born for assassination!

The surrounding black shadows quickly surrounded Lu Yu tightly!

The black shadows swished their pair of daggers.

The blades around Lu Yu glinted brightly, and the sharp daggers slashed over Lu Yus entire body.

The daggers quickly landed, and their sharp daggers instantly pierced through Lu Yus body!

However, the dagger only pierced through his body, and nothing else happened.

Liu Ye was shocked for a moment, but he instantly reacted.

Before participating in the Battle of the Hundred Clubs, he had seen Lu Yus battle videos and knew that Lu Yu had this teleportation skill.

Very quickly, the black shadows locked onto Lu Yu, who had teleported away, and the dozen black shadows rushed toward Lu Yu like a black wave.

Lu Yu did not care about these shadows.

It was meaningless to fight against these shadows, as only by finding Liu Ye could he end the battle.

Otherwise, if Liu Ye hid in the dark and kept releasing skills and consuming mana recovery potions, he would exhaust Lu Yu to death sooner or later!

This was the cat-and-mouse game that Liu Ye was talking about.

He only needed to use his skills and hide in the dark, watching the show.

At that moment, Liu Ye, who was hiding behind the stone pillar, suddenly frowned.

Although he was hiding behind a stone pillar, he could see through his black shadows and saw that Lu Yu was rushing to a specific location.

That direction was where Liu Ye was hiding!

Liu Ye was stunned.

When did he reveal his position

He couldnt figure out what had happened, but he didnt overthink it as Lu Yu had already rushed over!

At that moment, Lu Yu had already rushed to the front of a stone pillar.

Following that, he swung his sharp claws and instantly cut through the stone pillar!

The stone pillar shattered into pieces.

The cut was as smooth as a mirror.

One could tell how sharp Lu Yus claws were by looking at them.

At that moment, the audience on both parties live broadcast channels had gone crazy.

“This is practically a showdown of the century!”

“The unprecedented strongest freshman at Clanorth University against the current strongest senior president.

This battle is bound to be very exciting.”

“Woah, this is the first time Ive seen Liu Yes talent, and it seems he can keep creating these clones.

Whoever fights against this guy will definitely be exhausted to death.”

“Lu Yu is sure powerful.

Even with so many clones, they cant do anything to him.”

“He actually found Liu Yes location.

Isnt he just spectacular How did he find out”

“Liu Ye has already fled in a panic.

It cant be that he doesnt dare to fight head-on, right”

The martial arts club members stood up and spoke up for their president on the live broadcast channel.

“Hes just a freshman.

How can he compete with our president”

“Haha, what a joke.

What bull** strongest freshman Our president will defeat Lu Yu for sure.

Under our presidents hands, hes going to be annihilated in an instant!”

“Thats right.

How dare you suggest our president, the strongest on the entire campus, be afraid of just a strong freshman Are you guys daydreaming”

The two sides argued.

Some people supported Lu Yu, but most believed that Liu Ye would be the final winner.

They did not believe that the top student of all grades at Clanorth University could not defeat a freshman who had just entered!

Yun Zirou and Su Qing, too, watched Lu Yu and Liu Yes live broadcast.

The two of them were extremely nervous and silently cheered for Lu Yu.

At that moment, in the live feed, Lu Yu slashed the stone pillar in half with his claws, but he realized that Liu Ye was not behind it.

Lu Yu hurriedly used his Eye of the Dragon God to check his surroundings, only to discover that Liu Yes figure had appeared on the ceiling!

He hurriedly raised his head and, with a glance, locked onto Liu Ye on the ceiling.

“Are you scared You dont dare to fight me head-on” Lu Yu smiled at him sarcastically.

Liu Ye was utterly dumbfounded by what had happened.

Lu Yu knew his whereabouts at any time.

This ability was simply incomprehensible to Liu Ye!

Liu Ye thought his speed was already insanely quick, which was already a speed the human eye could not sense.

However, in Lu Yus eyes, it was as if there was nowhere to hide.

No matter which direction he ran, he would be accurately targeted by Lu Yu in the end.

“Damn it, youve messed up my plan!”

At that moment, Liu Ye was so angry that he gritted his teeth!

His original plan was to continuously hide in the dark and release his clones to play with Lu Yu.

However, he couldnt play around anymore.

His clones were instantly one-shotted when they rushed over.

His hiding was also useless since Lu Yu could see where he was at any moment.

His cat-and-mouse game had already failed from the start…

Lu Yu looked straight at him and asked, “If you want to fight me, then come! Dont just hide.”

Liu Ye heard this and felt resentful.

He had called the four presidents over today and hadnt planned to fight one-on-one from the start.

Moreover, he could not be sure if Lu Yus terrifying punch could be used, so he had no choice but to be more cautious.

“The show has just begun.

Dont worry…”

After saying that, he fell from the ceiling and disappeared from where he was, leaving behind a cloud of black fog.

Lu Yu did not expect this fellow to escape.

So, this was the strongest student at Clanorth University.

However, Lu Yu thought back to the four sets of footprints he had just discovered.

He deduced that Liu Ye had helpers, and that was why Liu Ye didnt act rashly.

Instead, he went to gather his helpers for a joint attack!

After Liu Ye disappeared, it also caused a wave of opinions on the live broadcast channels.

“Liu Ye just disappeared like that”

“Haha, did he escape What a joke.”

“So this is the so-called Martial Arts Club president Isnt he too cowardly”

“He really went to look for his helpers.

How shameless!”

“Damn, is it really five against one Was Lu Yu really giving off that much pressure”

“Hehe, and he said that he wanted to toy around.

Whos playing around now”

Soon, the Martial Arts Club members stood up and retorted, “Our president is just being cautious.

What do you know!”

“Anyway, our Martial Arts Club president will definitely win.

You guys can just sit still and watch.”

“Wait until the five club presidents gather and beat up Lu Yu.

You guys will know who the real boss is at that time!”

“Lu Yu Hes just a clown.

Lets see how our president will cripple him!”

“Five against one.

The advantage is ours!”

The Martial Arts Club members words made the other audience members call them out for their shamelessness.

Five against one, and they still said it with such pride.

It was simply laughable.

The members of the Featherwing Club watched the live broadcast, and their hearts almost jumped out of their throats.

They were afraid that something would happen to Lu Yu.

If something happened to Lu Yu, the Featherwing Club would be disbanded on the spot…

At that moment, as shown in the live broadcast, Liu Ye arrived beside the Refining Club president.

The two were discussing something, and their faces revealed vicious expressions…


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