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Chapter 135 S-Level Talent, Abyssal Shadow

On Liu Yes live broadcast channel, countless viewers started to worry about Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing were among them.

When they heard of Liu Yes plan, they immediately panicked.

“Zirou, what should we do next Lu Yu is in danger!” Su Qings face was full of panic.

Yun Zirou took two deep breaths and said helplessly, “Theres nothing we can do.

We cant call and send messages during the Battle of the Hundred Clubs.”

“So, we cant do anything.

We can only watch helplessly.”

All signals were blocked during the Battle of the Hundred Clubs, which was why they couldnt contact Lu Yu.

They could only see Lu Yus current situation through Lu Yus live broadcast room.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing quickly opened Lu Yus live broadcast channel.

Although calling and sending messages were useless, they could still watch the live stream.

They could also send messages on Lu Yus channel, but Lu Yu could not see these messages.

Lu Yu could not see his own channel, nor could he see how others were commenting about him.

At that moment, Lu Yu was carefully walking through the abandoned concrete building.

The surroundings were very dark, and the overall tone of gray would make anyone feel depressed.

Lu Yu originally just wanted to come in and take a look.

But when he came in, he used the Eye of the Dragon God and found footprints inside the building.

After these footprints gathered at the center of the building, they stopped for a while and then moved in four other directions.

Such a tacit agreement meant that they had come prepared.

Lu Yu felt that he was being watched.

These footprints had just been created.

In other words, when Lu Yu discovered this building, those people had set up an ambush here.

Lu Yu was as cautious as he could be at this moment.

If he werent careful, it would be bad for him if he was ambushed.

Suddenly, Lu Yu heard some movement behind him.

He turned around and saw a black figure jumping from one concrete pillar to another.

Someone was following him and was ready to make a move at any moment!

Lu Yu got uneasy and asked, “If you need me for anything, just come out.

Theres no point in hiding.”

Liu Ye, hiding behind the pillar, revealed a sly smile.

“My dear junior, its your great honor to have me personally target you.”

Hearing this ear-piercing voice, Lu Yu was displeased.

“Are all the seniors at Clanorth University such sneaky cowards Dont tell me you cant bear the light and dont dare to come out to face me directly”

Liu Ye immediately got angry after hearing this and scolded, “Since youre so impatient, let me teach you a good lesson!”

The next moment, a black shadow jumped from behind the pillar, holding a pair of sharp daggers, and charged toward Lu Yus direction.

The person was swift, and Lu Yu did not dare to take the situation lightly.

He quickly unsheathed his claws and prepared to fight!

However, Lu Yu was stunned when a black shadow rushed before him.

This guy was not human! His entire body was pure black, and even the dagger was colored ink black.

Lu Yu hurriedly retreated and swung out his claws at the same time!

After he swung out his claws, they collided with the black shadows pair of daggers!

However, the black shadows ink-colored dagger was broken by Lu Yus sharp claws when they clashed.

At the same time, Lu Yus sharp claws pierced through the black shadows body!

Blood did not flow out.

The black shadow turned into a black mist and dissipated on the spot.

Seeing this, Lu Yu immediately felt that something was wrong.

This black shadow was not the person himself!

Lu Yu hurriedly opened his Eye of the Dragon God and swept his gaze around, scanning everything.

Soon, a personal information panel appeared in front of Lu Yu.

[ Liu Ye ]

[ Attack: 450 ]

[ Speed: 340 ]

[ Health: 390 ]

[ Mana: 290 ]

[ Defense: 220 ]

[ Talent: Abyssal Shadow (S-Level) ]

[ Talent effect: Consumes mana to create a clone.

The clone has half of the attributes and equipment effects of the original.


After reading the description, Lu Yu was confident that Liu Ye had created the black shadow.

At that moment, Liu Ye was still hiding.

However, he had nowhere to hide under Lu Yus Eye of the Dragon God.

“Liu Ye, right It looks like you want to spar with me.”

When Lu Yu said this, Liu Ye, who was hiding, widened his eyes.

He was not surprised that Lu Yu knew him.

What surprised him the most was that the direction Lu Yu was facing was the direction he was hiding!

Could it be that he had been discovered

Liu Ye shook his head.

He had chosen the best hiding place.

How could he have been discovered this quickly

“My dear junior Lu Yu, it looks like youve heard of me.

If thats the case, then I will cut the chase and allow you to experience my strength!”

Very quickly, another black shadow flashed out and charged toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not panic at all.

If it were the real Liu Ye, only then would Lu Yu be a little more worried.

After all, his stats were much lower than Liu Yes.

First was the difference in speed.

Lu Yus was 100 points behind Liu Yes!

In all other aspects, Lu Yu was also at a disadvantage.

Lu Yu only had a slight advantage in his defense.

However, with Liu Yes talent coupled with his pair of daggers, it was clear that he was an assassin.

It was meaningless to compete with an assassin in terms of defense.

Lu Yus attributes were weaker than Liu Yes in all aspects.

However, although his attributes were not as good as Liu Yes, Lu Yu still had an advantage in terms of skills.

Each of Lu Yus dragon skills was extraordinary, and their strength was much stronger than any ordinary skill.

Therefore, Lu Yu wasnt afraid if they were to fight!

However, without the Dragon Fist, Lu Yu was still uncertain about his victory…

The black shadow rushed to Lu Yu, brandished its dagger, and stabbed at Lu Yus face!

Lu Yu quickly counterattacked, swishing his claws and launching a counterattack at the black shadow.

His pair of dragon claws instantly shattered the black shadows dagger and split the black shadows body apart!

The black shadows attributes were only half of Liu Yes, so its health was only around 200 points and its defense around 150.

Since this was the case, Lu Yu could one-shot the Black Shadow with a single swipe of his claws.

However, if it were Liu Ye himself, Lu Yu would use his armor-penetration skill to break through Liu Yes defense before continuing his attack.

The situation of a battle between the strong would constantly change.

If one ignored a single detail, one could be instantly defeated and killed.

Therefore, using one more armor-penetration skill was one more risk.

Lu Yu was not afraid of risk.

If Liu Ye dared to show up personally, Lu Yu would definitely face him head-on!

Liu Ye, hiding in the dark, saw how easily Lu Yu defeated the two black shadows.

His face instantly darkened.

He came here intending to play around with Lu Yu.

A game of Cat-and-mouse was what he wanted.

However, the two black shadows he released could not toy with Lu Yu.

Instead, they were easily defeated by Lu Yu.

“It looks like your attributes are not low.

Since thats the case, I will allow you to witness my true strength.”

The next moment, black shadows emerged from each of the dozen or so stone pillars around Lu Yu…


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