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Chapter 133 Sky-High Toll Fees

The boy let out harsh words and walked toward Wang Meng.

“Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you have the strength Next, Ill show you someone who is truly strong.

Do you want to extort a million dollars from me In your dreams!”

As he spoke, he turned to look at the girl and revealed a confident smile.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

Your boy will never let you down!”

When the girl heard this, she was a little touched in her heart, but she quickly realized the reality.

“Why dont we forget it Its not going to be easy for you to defeat him.

Even if you can win, both sides will suffer.”

The boy shook his head confidently.

“Youre wrong.

Just watch my performance.”

With that, he walked over to Wang Meng.

It was Wang Mengs first time seeing such a pretentious person, and he was immediately amused.


Lets use you as my warm-up then!”

The boy did not falter and said arrogantly, “Its the other way around!”

Everyone saw this scene on Wang Mengs live broadcast channel and was amused.

“Damn, this guy is not afraid of death.”

“Where did he get his confidence from”

“Does he have to pay such a heavy price just to show off in front of his girlfriend”

“Lets mourn for this child.

Its going to be tragic next…”

“Hes sure good at acting big by trying to show that he can fight Wang Meng Does he not know who Wang Meng is”

“Its possible.

Wang Meng has always cultivated alone; not many people know about him.”

No one on the live broadcast channel thought the boy could defeat Wang Meng.

In the end, that was indeed the case.

The boy pulled out his long sword and charged at Wang Meng.

Seeing this, Wang Meng wanted to laugh even more.

Putting everything else aside, there was already a level difference in terms of weapons!

A long spear had the absolute advantage in a battle between a long spear and a sword!

The boy stretched out his long sword and stabbed it toward Wang Meng!

The next moment, Wang Meng thrust the long spear in his hand, and the spearhead firmly struck the blade of the sword!


The long sword in the boys hand shattered into pieces on the ground with a crisp sound!

The boys eyes instantly widened as he saw what had happened.

It had only been the first clash of their battle, and his weapon had already been shattered!

A violent tremor was transmitted from the weapon shattering, causing the palm of his right hand to split open and blood to flow out.

A piercing pain finally allowed him to see reality!

The short exchange showed him the gap between them.

However, he had no way of turning back.

Wang Meng threw out his long spear once more, and the sharp tip of the spear flew over!

The boy panicked.

The long spear pierced through his chest the next moment, and blood instantly spurted out!

He lowered his head and looked at his chest, and his eyes widened in horror.

This difference in strength shocked him.

Whether it was in speed, strength, or equipment, he was miles away from Wang Meng!

Wang Meng looked at him with some disappointment.

He shook his head and said, “Its certainly boring, being only two exchanges.”

“But its your honor to be able to see my Silver Jade Divine Spear.”

Wang Meng pulled back his spear, causing the boys chest to spew blood as he collapsed to the ground.

The girl hurriedly ran over and gave the boy a recovery potion.

The girls hands were trembling.

She was terrified, afraid that Wang Meng would attack her too.

When the live broadcast channel audience saw this, they all cried out in surprise.

“This boy sure lost quickly.

He said arrogant words but couldnt last more than two rounds!”

“Sheesh, the Silver Jade Divine Spear is a piece of purple grade equipment.

This equipment must be ridiculously strong!”

“Oh, Wang Mengs weapon is a piece of purple grade equipment.

No wonder his combat capabilities are this strong…”

“A purple grade equipment.

Ive only dreamed of having one…”

“Im so envious.

If I could get a piece of purple grade equipment, its a no-brainer that I would be strong.”

Everyone on the live broadcast channel was interested in the weapon in Wang Mengs hand.

After all, a piece of purple equipment was not common and definitely a rarity.

At that moment, in front of Wang Meng, two young lovers ran away dejectedly.

The man was heavily injured and had lost the ability to continue fighting and had to leave.

Later on, more people came over.

The way they looked at Wang Meng became a lot timider.

The crushing battle just now was still vivid in their minds.

They did not want to be beaten up like the boy.

“Bro, I will pay the toll fee.

This is my one million dollars.”

“This is mine.

I will also pay up.”

“Bro, congratulations on making a fortune.

This is my toll fee…”

After a few wealthy students put down their credit cards, they walked onto the bridge and headed toward the other side.

Wang Meng sighed in boredom.

“No one is fighting with me.

Its so boring.”

There were other participants, but some didnt have the money, and others didnt want to throw away a million dollars.

They were already discussing how to use other methods to cross the river.

Some were discussing forming teams to gang on Wang Meng together so they could cross the bridge.

No matter how strong Wang Meng was, he shouldnt be able to win against a massive group of people.

Although it would be an unfair victory, it was better than throwing away all that money.

When the students discussed how to defeat him, Wang Meng did not panic.

Instead, he revealed a confident smile.

He was confident in his strength.

Before absolute power, any strategy would be useless!

At that moment, a person walked over and looked at Wang Meng with a troubled expression.

“Brother Wang, I dont have that many credits, but I want to cross the bridge.”

Wang Meng nodded and said, “Sure, fight me.

If you win, you can cross the bridge.”

That person hurriedly shook his head.

“Brother Wang, isnt that just suicide How can I fight against you You can just stab me to death with a single shot.”

Wang Meng was slightly displeased.

“Then what do you want If you dont have the money and dont want to fight, get lost!”

That person explained, “Im thinking since I dont have the money, I can exchange my equipment or use my things as collateral.”

He was too eager to cross the bridge, as getting the spider lily was more important than anything else!

If he couldnt get one, his club would be disbanded.

Wang Meng looked at him from head to toe, revealing a disdainful look.

“You dont have anything good on you.

I dont like it.”

“Big Brother, I have three pieces of blue equipment on me.

Adding these to the other equipment on me, you should be able to sell them for a million, right”

Wang Meng shrugged.

“Im not interested in these.

Forget it.

However, Im still interested if you want to fight me.”

Looking at Wang Mengs excited face, the man felt a lingering fear.

He did not want to fight with this “beast”.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and said unwillingly, “If thats the case, then see if youre interested in this thing…”

He used his trembling right hand to take out a pocket watch as he spoke.

Wang Meng rubbed his chin and looked at it carefully.

“A watch Do you think Im someone who needs a pocket watch”

That person shook his head.

“This item isnt just a pocket watch, its a spatial pocket watch!”

Wang Mengs eyes widened slightly at this.

He had heard of the spatial pocket watch before.

It was a purple grade item!

He didnt know many details about the spatial pocket watch, but what left the most profound impression on him was that the space within this spatial item was limitless!


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