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Chapter 132 A Person Blocking The Bridge, Toll Fees

“Countdown before the Battle of the Hundred Clubs begins!”

“Five! Four! Three! Two! One!”

After the countdown, over a thousand people rushed into the wild forest together and headed forward quickly.

The central bridge was a very important node for the event!

If one wanted to cross the wild forest to the east from the west, one had to cross the central bridge.

Therefore, if anyone could reach the central bridge first, they would be the first to gain the advantage!

Some of the stronger members dashed away instantly, disappearing from the view of everyone else.

They were fighting for control of the central bridge.

Once one reached the bridge, the person would be the first to gain the advantage!

At that time, a group of people would guard the entrance of the bridge, and it would be difficult for others to pass through.

Lu Yu followed the crowd into the jungle and began to move toward the bridge.

Because there were too many people at the beginning, the scene was chaotic.

Therefore, fewer than ten freshmen could keep up with Lu Yus pace.

However, Lu Yu was too fast.

In an instant, he had shaken even the ten freshmen off…

Lu Yu was moving forward as he thought of the rules of the event he had just been informed of.

“The river seems to be filled with corrosive liquid.

Theres no way to cross it through the river.”

Lu Yu understood why those people were so anxious about reaching the bridge first.

The bridge was the only way from the west to the east.

As long as a club guarded this place, the club would definitely win the Battle of the Hundred Clubs!

Lu Yu quickly accelerated his pace.

He had to rush over as soon as possible!

Outside the wild forest, the instructor turned on his tablet.

On the screen was a flat map with the current positions of all the presidents marked on it.

The instructor in charge of the activities saw that the one at the front of the pack was Wang Meng!

At that moment, Wang Meng was sprinting forward rapidly in the dense forest.

He used his strong body and hard muscles to break through the trees forcefully!

Therefore, his progress was exceptionally smooth, which allowed him to shake off the people behind him by a large margin.

A smug smile appeared on his face.

“Haha, Im number one now, and will always be number one!”

As he shouted, he knocked down a few more trees.

After sprinting forward for about an hour, no one else was around him.

From afar, he could see a bridge!

The bridge crossed a river that was more than a hundred meters wide.

The bridge wasnt wide and could only accommodate at most two cars traveling side by side.

Wang Meng quickly came to the bridge entrance and took out his weapon.

He took a steel spear from his storage ring and stabbed it on the ground.

The spear was as thick as an ordinary persons forearm, and the spearhead was extremely sharp.

It looked incredibly powerful, and the length of this spear was enough to pierce through four to five people at once!

Following that, Wang Meng brandished the long spear and used the spearhead to carve out a few large words on the ground.

“A toll fee will be needed if you want to cross this bridge.

Ten credits!”

He said the words he carved out and revealed a satisfied smile.

At the same time, the camera on his chest transmitted back the live feed, allowing the audience in the live broadcast room to see his actions.

The audience watching this live broadcast were not only students but also the universitys higher-ups and the businessmen who were at the university.

The benefits would be huge if students could display their strength in front of these people.

When the audience saw that Wang Meng was the first to reach the bridge, they couldnt help but exclaim in admiration.

“Wang Mengs speed is so fast.

Did he reach the bridge in such a short time”

“His speed is crazy fast.

How did he manage to run over this quickly”

“I only managed to run less than half the distance to the bridge, and he already reached the destination”

“As expected of Wang Meng, he is the second strongest in the academy.

Not only is his strength terrifying, his speed is also so fast.”

“The heck, I dont want to meet Wang Meng.

If he were to stab me with his spear, even if I didnt die, I would be crippled!”

“You say as if anyone is willing to face him…”

At that moment, someone in the live stream room saw the words Wang Meng carved out, and the live stream room immediately burst into an uproar.

“A toll fee will be needed if you want to cross this bridge…”

“Hey, this is extortion!”

“He sure knows how to earn his pocket money.

Crossing the bridge once costs ten credits, which is a million dollars.

This is just insane.”

“But I didnt bring this much money when I came.”

“Its over.

I cant even afford to cross the bridge.

Whats the point of this event I might as well surrender.”

“My mind is exploding.

How are we supposed to complete this event if we cant cross the bridge and we cant beat Wang Meng”

“This fellow isnt after the money at all.

He just wants to fight!”


He doesnt even lack the money.

He just wants to find someone to fight against.”

“Ha! In the entire university, how many of us are there that can defeat him”

“Isnt there still a first place…” Someone asked weakly.

But very quickly, countless people retorted.

“Would the gap between first and second place be even significant The two of them definitely wont get into a fight.”

“When the time comes, the first place will throw over a million, and the rest of us will all be stopped.

What should we do”

“Fuck, this Battle of the Hundred Clubs is over.

The winner has already appeared!”

“Wang Mengs physical body is exceptionally strong, and his physical attacks are ridiculously heavy.

One shotting each of us is not a problem for him.”

“Gah, he used a normal attack and crippled five challengers in his last battle.

We can just surrender.”

The contestants in the live broadcast channels were all very sullen.

The event had just begun, and they could already see the end at a glance.

Numerous club presidents have been defeated by him, not to mention just the ordinary members of these clubs.

For the freshman, Wang Mengs mere existence made them feel despair.

The only thing they could do was pin their hopes on Lu Yu.

Soon, the first wave of people approached the bridge.

The first to reach the bridge were a boy and a girl.

The boy wore white sportswear, and the girl wore a long white dress.

They looked like a couple.

The two walked to the bridge and saw the tall Wang Meng.

They couldnt help but gulp.

“Isnt this brother Wang Meng Youre sure fast to reach here this quickly.” The girl showed an awkward smile.

Wang Meng glanced at her, then waved his spear and pointed it at the ground.

The girl saw the words carved on the ground, and her face morphed into a frown immediately.

The toll fee was one million dollars.

This was too much!

“Brother Wang, theres no need to be so ruthless, right Isnt ten credits a little too much” The girl asked, somewhat helplessly.

Wang Meng snorted coldly.

“Its fine if you dont want to pay up.

Fight with me.

Come On!”

As he said this, he couldnt wait any longer and held his long spear with both hands and looked at the two of them.

Looking at the hostile Wang Meng, the girl was instantly terrified.

She quickly shook her head and said, “No, no, weve decided.

Well pay the toll and choose to not fight…”

She looked at her boyfriend next to her and said, “Take out your bank card.

We cant defeat him, so lets just admit defeat.”

However, her words greatly insulted the boys pride!

To make him admit defeat in front of the girl he loved was worse than killing him!

“What do you mean by admitting defeat Hes just a crude man.

Watch how I defeat him easily!”


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