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Chapter 131 Martial Arts Fanatic Joins In, Battle Begins

As Wang Meng spoke, he walked to the side of another boulder.

Following that, he began to accumulate strength.

His muscles bulged, and his fists clenched tightly!

He suddenly threw a punch, and with a loud bang, another huge boulder exploded.

Wang Meng wiped the sweat off his forehead and continued to ask, “Tell me, is the guy Im going to fight stronger than me If hes not as strong as I am, then forget it.

Dont disturb my training anymore!”

With that, he continued to walk toward the next rock.

Liu Ye looked a little embarrassed and said timidly, “This… how about… forget it.”

Wang Meng chuckled.

“Looks like that trash isnt worth my time, right If thats the case, then you can go back.

Dont butt in my cultivation.”

He continued to swing his clenched fists at more rocks.

This was his unique training method.

He had already shattered countless rocks just to train his pair of peerless iron fists.

Liu Ye nodded and continued, “What I mean is that if I call you over, its very likely that hell kill you.

So, youd better stay here and train.

The difference in strength is too big…”

As he said this, Liu Ye turned around and was about to leave, but a cold smile appeared on his face.

When Wang Meng heard this, he was instantly enraged!

“Stop right there, what do you mean”

“Are you saying Ill die at that persons hands How many people in the entire Clanorth University can even defeat me What nonsense are you spouting”

Liu Ye turned back to look at him and said, “Im not spouting nonsense.

If you dont accept my judgement, come with me.

Im just saying in advance that I wont be responsible if anything happens to you, as Ive warned you.”

After being provoked by Liu Ye, Wang Meng was full of fighting spirit, and his eyes were full of anger!

He slammed his chest with his right hand and made a muffled sound.

“Stop talking nonsense.

Just watch how I cripple that guy!”

Wang Meng followed Liu Ye and returned to the crowd.

When the club presidents saw that Wang Meng had come over, they all revealed smug smiles.

“Wang Meng, youre finally here.

You must work your magic in this Battle of the Hundred Clubs.”

“Thats right.

Among us, your strength can be ranked in the top three!”

“The person youre going to deal with this time is pretty strong.

You have to be careful.”

Everyone present was clear about Wang Mengs strength.

Being ranked in the top three among all the club presidents was not something an ordinary person could achieve.

Wang Meng said arrogantly, “All of you are looking down on me.

Just tell me directly.

Who is that guy I want to destroy him!”

“The person you have to deal with is a new student named Lu Yu.”

After Liu Ye finished speaking, Wang Meng instantly became furious!

“Liu Ye, are you trying to trick me You wanted me to fight with a new student, yet you boasted shamelessly that he could defeat me.

Do you want to die”

Wang Mengs eyes widened as he glared fiercely at Liu Ye.

Liu Ye was unflustered as he hurriedly explained, “This freshman is abnomal.

In terms of strength, he is on par with you.”

“Nonsense, how can a freshman be as strong as me”

Liu Ye patiently took out his phone and played a video.

“I know that its useless for me to convince you with my words, so you might as well watch this video.”

Wang Meng had been cultivating in seclusion and had no idea what had happened in the university during this period of time.

He frowned when he picked up his phone and finished watching this video.

The video showed the Dragon Fist that Lu Yu had used in the training hall.

Wang Meng couldnt help but nod after seeing Lu Yus destructive power.

“This punch is certainly terrifying.

Even I cant produce such an effect.”

Liu Ye continued, “But he cant use this punch willy-nilly, so you dont have to worry.

In a normal battle, youll definitely win.”

Wang Meng asked, “How can you be sure that he cant use it What if I go over to fight him, and he kills me with one punch”

At that moment, Wang Meng began to worry.

It would be difficult for him to take that punch shown in the video.

If Lu Yus full-strength Dragon Fist landed on his body in the video, it would not be easy for him to withstand it.

Liu Ye continued to explain, “The interval between his use of this punch is very long.

Moreover, there will be a period of weakness after he uses it.”

“So, you can easily defeat that guy now.

Dont worry.”

Wang Meng looked at him with disdain.

“Then Ill be your fighter Fine, it doesnt matter.

I like opponents who have challenges.

Otherwise, it will be too boring in a fight!”

After saying that, he sat on the ground and quietly waited for the Battle of the Hundred Clubs to begin.

Liu Ye smiled smugly as he understood Wang Mengs personality.

He wouldnt submit to anyone unless they could beat him.

Therefore, Liu Ye could not order Wang Meng around.

He could only rely on goading Wang Meng to achieve his goals.

With Wang Mengs appearance, these people felt much more at ease.

They all believed that with Wang Meng here, Lu Yu would definitely lose!

On the other hand, Lu Yu began to make preparations.

On Lu Yus phone, he received the activity rules from an instructor.

The Battle of the Hundred Clubs would last for seven days.

It was the largest activity of the year.

Every club president would be assigned a miniature camera and have to wear it on their bodies.

It would be used to broadcast the scene of the Battle of the Hundred Clubs live.

The members of the club could watch the situation of the Battle of the Hundred Clubs through the live broadcast.

In this Battle of the Hundred Clubs, all the members of each club would be spread out and enter the wild forest from various directions.

Finally, they would gather at the central bridge.

The advantage of doing this was that the clubs that were too powerful could not crush others from the start.

They could balance the difference in strength between the clubs.

Of course, to balance the difference in strength, the older presidents of the clubs established for decades could not participate in the activities.

Only year one to four students could participate in this Battle of the Hundred Clubs.

In this way, although there was a difference in strength, it would not be a difference so significant that it was too one-sided.

Lu Yu took the distributed miniature camera and wore it on his chest.

After the live broadcast started, hundreds of live broadcast channels appeared on the live broadcast platform.

The members of the various clubs entered their presidents live broadcast channel one after another.

Firstly, it was to increase the popularity of the live broadcast channel.

Secondly, through the live broadcast channel, they could know the general location of their president so that it would be convenient for them to meet up.

The instructor in charge of the battle stood out and looked at the crowd.

“Everyone, the Battle of the Hundred Clubs is about to begin.

All of you should first adjust your cameras and get ready for the live broadcast.”

“If there are enough people on your live broadcast channel, you can also endorse some products and goods from your clubs.”

“Moreover, your club members can also give the president a wave of rewards and support.

These are all acceptable.”

Everyone felt it was an exciting turn of events when they heard this.

They didnt expect the Battle of the Hundred Clubs entertainment value to be this high.

“Then, let us begin the Battle of the Hundred Clubs!”


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