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Chapter 130 The Battle Of The Hundred Clubs Begins

During the next days afternoon, the wild forest was exceptionally lively.

Many people had gathered in the dark, lonely forest today.

At the edge of the wild forest, thousands of students from Clanorth University had gathered here.

With an order, everyone lined up and waited for further instructions.

“Everyone, listen up! This years Battle of the Hundred Clubs is about to begin!”

“Every single one of your clubs will be participating in the battle.

After passing this trial, we will decide which club is the most outstanding club in Clanorth University!”

“All of you should know the reward for first place in the Battle of the Hundred Clubs.

So, all of you should be motivated and do your best in this trial! Otherwise, you wont be able to get any benefits!”

Hearing this, everyone became anxious.

Some of them couldnt wait to start the trial right now!

They yearned for the unlimited resources a stronghold could get!

Once they got this power, their club would become the richest for the entire year!

They could increase their cultivation speed with money and attract more people to join the club!

The first place meant a lot to every club.

Whether or not a club would rise or fall depended on their performance in this trial!

The teacher overseeing the Battle Of The Hundred Clubs continued, “The mission of this Battle Of The Hundred Clubs is to cross from the west to the east.”

“We are now in the westernmost part of the wild forest.”

“All of you need to run from the west to the east.

In the middle, you will pass through a central river.

Each of you will need to collect a spider lily by the river.”

“Then, you will come out from the east.

Whichever club collects the most flowers will be the number one club.

If there is a club that cant even gather a flower, it will disband on the spot.

Do you understand”


Everyone replied loudly.

In the crowd, many of them looked at Lu Yu in unison.

It was apparent they were all planning to target Lu Yu.

As long as they could prevent the members of the Featherwing Club from getting a single flower, the Featherwing Club would be disbanded on the spot!

Therefore, as long as all these older clubs cooperated, they could basically guarantee that the Featherwing Club would not be able to get a single flower!

After all, once they entered the wild forest, it was hard to say what would happen.

“Lu Yu, your club is dead for sure.

It will be disbanded as soon as possible!”

“What a bull** Featherwing Club, just nothing but ridiculousness.

If you dare to oppose us, youre courting death!”

“Youre finished, Lu Yu.

In this trial, your club wont be able to get a single flower!”

“If you go against us, youll regret it.”

The core members of the older clubs all looked at Lu Yu arrogantly.

In their opinion, Lu Yus Featherwing Club wouldnt be able to withstand this blow.

Under the joint attack of several large clubs, this Featherwing Club wouldnt even be able to get a single flower!

At that moment, Lu Yu didnt take their words to heart.

There was no point in saying anything at the moment.

Instead, it was better to consider how he would deal with the upcoming trial.

Lu Yu could face it calmly, but the club members behind him couldnt.

Almost every member had a bad-looking expression on their face.

They all felt a massive gap in their strength, and this gap couldnt be bridged.

“Weve lost.

There are so many older clubs targeting us!”

“This wont do.

I dont want the Featherwing Club to disband!”

“I dont want to either.

But, theyre ganging up on us, and the gap in strength is huge.

I dont know what to do.”

“Everyone, lets work hard.

As long as we can get a flower, our club will not be disbanded on the spot!”

“Even if we are at the bottom, so what As long as our Featherwing club is still here, theres still hope!”

“Thats right, we must get a flower!”

Lu Yu turned around and looked at everyone.

He initially did not want to say anything.

However, everyone was in low spirits.

Lu Yu felt he needed to stand up and say a few words.

“Everyone, I, Lu Yu, guarantee that the Featherwing Club will not be disbanded here!”

When everyone heard this, they raised their heads with hope appearing in their eyes.

“If its the president, he will definitely be able to get a flower with his strength, right”

“Thats for sure.

The presidents strength is insanely strong.

Getting a flower would not be a difficult matter for him.”

“Theres hope! We will certainly be able to keep our club.”

“With the president around, I feel at ease…”

Lu Yu shook his head helplessly and continued, “Our goal shouldnt be just to get a flower, nor be satisfied with being the last to finish!”

“We want to get a ranking.

We want to make the Featherwing Club famous on campus.

We want to let everyone know that we freshmen are not to be trifled with!”

“This trial is the best opportunity to test the limits of our Featherwings Club.

Everyone, bring out all of your strength and go all out.

Let them know how powerful we are!”

Lu Yus high-spirited speech filled the hearts of countless people with passion!

“Brother Lu Yu is absolutely right! We shouldnt just aim for last place.

We must rise up and succeed!”

“Thats right, we must make others look at us in a new light!”

“Our Featherwing Club will spread our wings and fly!”

The members of the Featherwing Club were passionate and cheered excitedly.

The other societies would also their encouragement to their club members.

When the morale of a club stands high, its momentum will be strong and produce good results.

At that moment, a few people gathered in the crowd seemed to be discussing something.

“We might as well send a few people to guard the bridge.

This way, we can stop them from entering the east and collecting the spider lily.”

“Sure, but we need someone strong enough.

That person, Lu Yu, isnt someone ordinary.”

“Who do you guys think is more suitable to fight him later”

“No one is suitable to fight him.

No one will be able to withstand Lu Yus punch.”

“I think we can let Wang Meng fight him!”

This suggestion made everyone nod their heads in agreement.

“This person is the right choice.

Not only is he strong enough, but hes dumb too.

He only wants to challenge those who are stronger than him!”

“Where is that guy”

“He is a martial arts fanatic.

He must still be practicing.”

“Liu Ye, I will leave this mission to you.

You take Wang Meng to guard the bridge.

As long as you can stop the members of Featherwing Club from passing, you will be contributing to our cause!”

Among the few, a slender, feminine man with long hair nodded.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

I will make sure they return empty-handed.”

As he spoke, he stood up and walked out of the crowd.

Passing through a dense patch of grass, a muscular figure appeared before Liu Yes eyes.

That person clenched his fist and smashed it into a huge rock the size of a car!

The next moment, with a loud bang, the rock exploded and shattered!

“Wang Meng, I have a mission to look for you.

Come with me!”

That person suddenly turned around and looked at Liu Ye with tiger-like eyes.

“What mission Are you going to take me to beat someone up Is that person stronger than me”

“If hes not as strong as I am, I wont go!”


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