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Chapter 129 The Featherwing Clubs Ordeal

Lu Yu took their savings after searching the two of them.

At the same time, Lu Yu also took off all their pieces of equipment and piled them on the ground.

“The two cards added together amount to more than two million.

You two are pretty rich, arent you.”

Lu Yu looked at the pieces of equipment on the ground and said, “These pieces of equipment are just average, and none of them are suitable for me.

Its not too much to give all of them to my club members, right”

As he said that, Lu Yu revealed a calm smile.

However, when the two saw Lu Yus smile, they cowered and quickly said, “Not too much, definitely not too much!”

The two of them did not dare say anything else.

They only watched as their pieces of equipment were divided up.

The other club members walked over one after another and took any equipment that was suitable for them.

“These pieces of equipment are sure decent.

As expected of our seniors, they are sure rich!”

“Just this one piece of equipment alone is worth my entire set.

Our seniors are sure generous.”

“They are the ones that bully us freshmen, and now they pay the price.”

“You deserve it.

You deserve to be punished like this, as you guys only know how to play dirty!”

Some of these club members ridiculed the two seniors, while others were filled with righteous indignation and started cursing them.

When the two hooligans heard this, their faces were filled with discomfort.

After all, they had been plundered clean just by accepting this mission from their clubs president.

“You should be satisfied now.

Let us go, and we will never dare to provoke you again!”

The bald man cried out with a sobbing tone.

At the same time, he looked at Lu Yu and begged him to let them go.

Lu Yu walked up to the two of them and asked, “I have a question.

What is the Battle of the Hundred Clubs”

The two of them looked at each other and began to explain.

“The Battle of the Hundred Clubs is an activity organized by the university.

Every club will dispatch a unit, and they will compete in terms of strength.”

“Those who are stronger will be rewarded.

Those clubs who are weaker will be dismissed on the spot.”

“Oh right, it seems like its going to be held soon.

Moreover, the venue will be in this wild forest!”

“Also, every club must participate.

No one can reject it, even if its a newly established one.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu pondered for a moment.

It really wasnt a good time for this Battle of the Hundred Clubs to happen.

The Featherwing club had just been established and was still in its initial stage of development.

If he were to go up against those old clubs now, he probably wouldnt be qualified.

Moreover, it was in this wild forest.

His clubs stronghold, or lookout spots, would probably be destroyed in the competition.

The most important thing was that it might break their morale.

When the time came, getting the last place in this competition would affect his club members mentality.

Lu Yu felt that preparing for this Battle of the Hundred Clubs was necessary.

“Oh right, whats the reward” Lu Yu continued to ask.

The bald man quickly replied, “The reward is very simple.

Its the right to open more strongholds without restrictions.”

“With this power, the club can set up a base as they wish.

Moreover, they can set up a base in different secret realms without restrictions and obtain their resources without restrictions!”

“Moreover, they have the right to take the spots of other bases! The most important reward of all!”

Lu Yus eyes lit up when he heard this, as this reward was sure decent.

Wouldnt this be an excellent opportunity to take the spots that the wealthier clubs own

“Looks like we have to prepare for the Battle of the Hundred Clubs!”

Lu Yu suddenly became determined to get a good ranking in the Battle of the Hundred Clubs.

This way, his Featherwing club would be able to develop rapidly!

“The two of you can scram! If you dare to cause trouble in our stronghold again, it wont be as simple as just compensating for our losses!”

The two did not dare look into Lu Yus eyes as they lowered their heads and repeatedly said yes.

The two of them stood up and hurriedly escaped from this place.

When they came to this forest, they were fully equipped with excellent equipment and had all their savings on their bank cards.

When they left, they were penniless and even suffered severe injuries.

Todays mission participation made the two of them extremely depressed…

Lu Yu looked at the members and said, “Very soon, the Battle of the Hundred Clubs will begin.

We must make sufficient preparations!”

The captain of team four nodded and said, “This trial is indeed important to our club.”

“As long as we can display our strength in this battle, we can build more strongholds!”

“The more strongholds we have, the more income our club will have.

Only then will our club develop and grow.”

Lu Yu then asked, “Do you know when the Battle of the Hundred Clubs will began”

“It will be tomorrow afternoon.” The captain replied.

Lu Yu was surprised.

“So soon”

“Thats right.

The only person who would receive the notice would be the clubs president.

Weve been established just recently and they probably forgot to send the notice.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Looks like theres not enough time.

We can only try our best in this battle!”

“Okay! Everyone, you can do it!”

“You can do it!”

The few of them cheered each other on.

Lu Yu walked to the person who was beaten up and placed a bank card beside him.

“This card contains over a million dollars.

Take it as compensation and go see a doctor.”

Even though the person was beaten up beyond recognition, he was still so excited that tears flowed down his face.

He nodded his head frantically to express his gratitude.

Lu Yu did not say anything else.

He stood up and looked at the others.

“You guys can continue with the mission.

The salivary glands of the Golden Mist Birds are very important.

Lets speed up the collection.”

The few of them nodded their heads and began to make preparations.

They prepared themselves to go deeper into the forest and start searching for more Golden Mist Birds.

Someone posted the video of the seniors apologies online.

After countless older students saw it, they took it to heart and did not dare to provoke the Featherwing club anymore.

Someone also posted the video in the Featherwing Clubs group chat, causing a lot of discussion.

“Weve finally found the guys who destroyed our camp.

These two are too despicable, but we have taught them a lesson!”

“The president is too awesome, being able to capture them and beat them up.

They must have been traumatized.

Just look at how obedient they are.”

“The president is certainly strong.

With the president overseeing our club, we will definitely develop quickly!”

“Everyone, work hard to complete the mission.

Dont let the president down!”


The club members were extremely excited and proud.

If it werent for Lu Yu, the two culprits would have escaped after injuring one of their club members.

However, Lu Yu was there to ensure they would no longer dare to bully them.

He made the culprits apologize to his club members and even paid them an exorbitant amount of compensation!

All of this was done by Lu Yu.

With such a president, they naturally cherished him.

Soon, evening arrived, and it was time for the final count.

“The first base collected six Golden Mist Bird salivary glands.”

“The second base collected four salivary glands.”

“The third base collected seven.”

“The fourth base collected three.”

“Weve collected three from the fifth foothold…”

Lu Yu made a summary, and they had collected a total of 23 today.

Including the 53 collected previously, they had accumulated a total of 76!

His progress was almost complete.

In two days at most, he would be able to amass all 100 that he needed!

However, the most important thing was still the Battle of the Hundred Clubs.

Lu Yu was going to fight against those older clubs!


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