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Chapter 128 Plundering All Their Possessions

The two hooligans flew into a rage out of humiliation and charged at Lu Yu.

They clenched their fists simultaneously, and their punch was about to smash into Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not panic in the slightest when faced with the two of them.

One of them had a speed of 170 while the other had only a speed of 140.

Their speed was far inferior to Lu Yus!

Lu Yu flashed to the side and easily dodged their punches!

Following that, Lu Yu unsheathed his claws.

Looking at the sharp and glinting claws, the two of them gulped.

If they were to be even scratched by those claws, a stream of blood would probably spurt out.

However, the two of them had no way out.

They knew that their speed was not as fast as Lu Yus.

They would only be chased down and beaten up thoroughly if they were to try escaping!

“Eat my fist! Sunfire Punch!”

The bald man roared and suddenly swung his right fist.

Bright flames rose from his fist as he attacked Lu Yu!

Lu Yu dodged the attack.

Even though this guys speed and mana were much lower than his, his attack power was 330, and his health had an even more incredible value of 600 points!

Therefore, Lu Yu had to be careful when this guy attacked.

Moreover, with his health, it was difficult for Lu Yu to take him down in one hit.

Lu Yu activated his Dragon Shadow skill and instantly disappeared on the spot!

The bald man punched through Lu Yus body.

Just when he was happy, he was surprised to find that he had only punched through nothing but air.

In an instant, a cold sweat broke out on his back.

He quickly looked around.

In the next moment, Lu Yu appeared behind him on the right.

He swung his claws and slashed at the bald mans shoulder!

The sharp claws instantly lacerated the bald mans back.

Flesh and veins were instantly cut open, quick and clean, without a single bit of roughness to the cuts.

Fresh blood flowed all over his back.

The bald man gritted his teeth in pain, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead!

At that moment, a muscular man with a buzz cut rushed toward Lu Yu.

“Sneaky Bastard, eat my iron fist!”

He raised his fist, with a metallic luster coating it, and smashed it at Lu Yu.

This guys speed was even slower than the bald mans, so Lu Yu had an easier time dealing with him.

Lu Yu turned his body and easily dodged the buzz-cut mans fist.

Lu Yus claws were covered in flames as he slashed at the buzz-cut mans chest!

With a “PFFFT” sound, three arm-long wounds appeared on the buzz-cut mans chest.

Fresh blood spurted out, and at the same time, the burning effect brought intense pain to the buzz-cut man!

He lay on the ground, rolling around in pain, but the flames on his chest did not subside in the slightest.

Both were heavily injured, and their health dropped by almost half instantly.

Although these blows had not wholly made them lose their fighting ability, they had already lost all desire to fight psychologically.

They did not want to be enemies with someone like Lu Yu.

Lu Yu, who had extraordinarily high attack power and extremely fast speed, was simply the nemesis of the two of them.

It was like an agile assassin meeting a heavy tank.

The tank could only take a beating and could not even retaliate!

“Sir, I was wrong.

Please spare me!”

The bald man shouted in pain.

He covered his chest with both hands, trying to stop the bleeding.

Lu Yu walked in front of him and asked, “Which club are you guys from”

“We are both from the Iron Fist Club.

We are a club that specializes in boxing.

Sir, we were wrong this time.

We should not have provoked you.”

Both of them knew that they were no match for Lu Yu.

More importantly, they knew they should not have fought against Lu Yu.

After all, they were supposed just to launch a sneak attack on his lookout spot.

With the complicated jungle terrain, it was supposed to be impossible to catch up once they had escaped the scene.

However, they never dreamed Lu Yu would really be able to catch up to them this accurately.

“You guys beat up my members badly, so I will not let you off this easily.

Come back with me and apologize properly!”

Lu Yu kicked the bald man.

The bald man drank a bottle of recovery medicine and slowly stood up.

The two of them looked at each other and sighed helplessly.

Then, they followed Lu Yu back to the lookout spot.

The two of them followed behind Lu Yu and were nervous.

They didnt know what they would suffer next.

However, they would never dream that they, senior students who were supposed to be respected by these freshmen, would be beaten to the ground by a junior.

This was really embarrassing…

The three of them quickly returned to the fourth lookout spot.

In the stronghold, the few club members were cleaning the lookout spot and preparing to rebuild it.

This lookout spot was a good place to store their supplies.

The more lookout spots they built, the more efficient they would be in completing missions in a secret realm.

This way, they could find the salivary glands for Lu Yu faster.

Therefore, these lookout spots could not be destroyed.

Lu Yu would definitely not let the saboteurs off, especially those who destroyed these lookout spots!

When the members of the lookout spot saw that Lu Yu had returned, smiles appeared on their faces.

They were already satisfied when they saw that Lu Yu had returned, as they did not expect him to be able to find the culprits responsible.

However, they were stunned when they saw the two people behind Lu Yu.

Behind Lu Yu, the two culprits were following closely behind him.

The arrogance on their faces was completely gone.

“The president is back!”

“Not only did he come back, he really brought the culprits back!”

“As expected of our president, hes just too awesome.”

“Look carefully.

Those two people have injuries on their chest.

It looks like they were beaten up by the president.”

A few of the team members were happy as they chatted excitedly.

Soon, Lu Yu brought the two of them to the lookout spot.

“Both of you, apologize to my club members!”

After saying that, Lu Yu looked at the fourth teams captain and said, “Record their apologies!”

The captain of team four quickly took out his phone and started filming.

The two thugs were a little embarrassed.

A recording of such a scandal was worse than taking their lives.

However, with Lu Yu standing behind them, they were forced to admit defeat.

“My friends, this is our wrongdoing.

We shouldnt have ambushed you, nor should we bully the freshmen.

We shouldnt have destroyed the lookout spot you guys worked so hard to build.”

“Its our wrong.

Were sorry…”

The two of them bowed deeply.

When the captain of team four saw this, a relaxed smile appeared on his face.

“Its good that you know youre wrong.

Lets see if you dare to relaunch a sneak attack on us in the future!”

Lu Yu looked at the two of them and said, “Go on, apologize to the person who was beaten up!”

The two looked at the freshman, lying on the ground on the verge of death, and lowered their heads to apologize.

“Im sorry, I was wrong…”

Lu Yu walked to the middle of the two and asked, “Do you think just apologizing is enough”

They pondered for a moment and looked at Lu Yu in confusion.

Lu Yu continued, “After beating up my club member to such a state, its not too much to pay for his medical expenses, right”

The two of them quickly nodded.

“Its just a small compensation.

Of course, it isnt much.

Of course.”

Lu Yu smiled faintly.

“Such straightforwardness.

Then dont mind if I do!”

After saying that, Lu Yu reached out and took the wallets and bank cards from their pockets!

The two of them panicked.

“Wait a minute.

I have over a million dollars on my bank card!”

“Thats right.

He only suffered outer injuries.

At most, his bones were broken, and he shouldnt need that much money!”

Lu Yu did not say a word and took the bank cards from the two of them.

Lu Yu took everything that he could from them!


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