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Chapter 126 Sky-High Compensation, The Right Thing To Do

Lu Yus rebuke made the woman shut her mouth.

Lu Yu looked at the man in his hand and asked, “Which club are you guys from”

“Imperial Martial Arts Club…” The woman quickly answered.

Lu Yu continued to ask, “Who sent you guys here”

“Our president…”

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

Did the president of a well-established club personally give the order to deal with them

It seemed that the Featherwing Club had caused a significant impact on their clubs.

“Such a big club and your president personally gave the order for you to use such a despicable method to deal with a new club.

Such ridiculousness!”

“Pay up.

If you dont pay up, dont even think about leaving!”

At that moment, the man was nearly suffocated to unconsciousness.

The woman beside him quickly said, “Ill give, Ill give.

Its just that we dont have much cash on us right now.”

Lu Yu directly pulled out the long sword from the mans waist.

“Frost Bite longsword, blue grade, increases attack power by 75 and comes with a frost effect.”

“Not bad.

Ill take it.”

The two panicked when they saw this.

“This wont do.

This sword exceeds 500,000dollars.

Its too much…” The woman said reluctantly.

Then, Lu Yu saw a dagger at her waist.

“Your dagger is not bad; give it to me too as my compensation.”

The woman quickly put the dagger behind her back and shook her head, “No, this dagger of mine is very expensive.”

With his right hand, Lu Yu exerted more force, and the man coughed in pain.

At that moment, his face was already purple-red, and the severe lack of oxygen caused his blood to stop flowing.

If this continued, his life would be forfeited.

The man was shocked by Lu Yus mighty strength and could not break free of it.

According to his analysis, Lu Yus attributes should be about the same as his.

He did not expect that there would be such a big difference in strength.

Lu Yu extended his left hand toward the woman.

The woman was helpless and could only place the dagger at her waist into Lu Yus palm.

“Now, can you let us go”

Lu Yu released his right hand, and the man fell to the ground, gasping for air.

“This lesson should be memorable enough, right If you dare to attack our Featherwing Club in the future, you will end up worse than this!”

The two of them only nodded and didnt dare say anything.

After Lu Yu turned around and left, they said fiercely, “You wont be arrogant for long! Youll have to pay the price!”

“When the Battle of the Hundred Clubs begins, youll be over!”

After that, Lu Yu returned to the burned lookout spot.

The five club members quickly surrounded him.

“President, whats the situation”

“Have you found the two people It doesnt matter if you havent found them.

Lets just continue working hard.”

“Lets just be more careful in the future.

Its best to leave someone to guard the lookout spot.”

Lu Yu smiled and shook his head.

“Ive found the two people.

Moreover, Ive also taken back the salivary glands.”

After saying that, Lu Yu took out three small bottles.

The few of them looked at them and instantly recognized the three bottles.

“Its true, the president has really found them!”

“Awesome, president, you can even find them after they leave.

Youre even better than a detective!”

“If I had to look for them, I would have lost my way.”

“Great, my hard work hasnt been in vain.”

“Lets continue working hard and try to complete the mission as soon as possible!”

At that moment, Lu Yu took out the Frost Bite longsword he had just gotten.

“Ive asked them to compensate us for the loss of the lookout spot, and this sword is one of them.

Ive decided to give this sword to someone in our club.

Whoever finds the most Golden Mist Birds will be able to get this sword!”

The five looked at the sword in Lu Yus hand and revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Damn, this sword is extraordinary.

Although its blue grade, its attributes are very high and it even has an elemental effect.

Its pretty good!”

“Only a few of our tents were burned down, and we got such high compensation for it.

President, youre too kind! ”

“Ill have to work hard from now on.

Once I get first place, Ill be able to obtain this sword!”

The five of them were all excited.

At the same time, they were all full of energy, all for the sake of getting first place.

The captain of the fifth team hurriedly sent this news to the group chat, causing a heated discussion.

“Did the president find the person who set the fire Is that true”

“The president is sure crazy strong.

Did he really find the person”

“Haha, he even got such ridiculous compensation.

Those two people are probably crying right now.”

“I have to work hard to get first place.

I have to get the sword!”

“I have to work hard too.

Im want this mission reward so much.”


Lu Yu put the Frost Bite longsword into his storage ring.

“We can slowly rebuild the lookout spot, and theres no rush.

We just began our club development, so even if the lookout spot is destroyed, we dont have to feel sorry for it.”

The older clubs all had strongholds and lookout spots in these secret realms or dungeons.

This made it easier for them to search around in these secret realms or cultivate.

The more strongholds they built, the more profits they could get.

Some strongholds were tiny wooden houses, some were iron-clad houses, and some even built small villas as strongholds.

In comparison, Lu Yus current tent was not considered a stronghold, more of a lookout spot.

However, everyone in the Featherwing Club believed they would definitely have the most strongholds in the future, with them being the most luxurious!

Lu Yu looked at the captain and recalled what that person had said earlier about the Battle of the Hundred Clubs.

“Oh right, do you guys know about the Battle of the Hundred Clubs”

The five thought for a while, and then the captain informed Lu Yu what the Battle of the Hundred Clubs was.

“The Battle of the Hundred Clubs is an activity organized by the university.

This activity is to create a competition and rank the strength of the clubs.”

“The clubs that are ranked at the top can receive a lot of rewards.”

“This is also one of the few fights between clubs.”

After hearing his words, Lu Yu roughly understood what it was.

The reason why the two of them said his Featherwing Club would be gone in the Battle of the Hundred Clubs was probably because of this rule.

This was a battle between clubs.

If that were the case, Lu Yu, with his mere 200 freshmen, wouldnt be able to go head-to-head with the other clubs.

The Featherwing Club would be like an egg, shattering at the first touch.

When the Battle of the Hundred Clubs started, Lu Yu felt that his club would be in a difficult position.

“Lets make some preparations before the Battle of the Hundred Clubs starts.

When that time comes, there will definitely be many clubs targeting us, so what we need to do is to think of ways to avoid them.

If we cant get a ranking, then forget it…”

The five of them nodded as they understood their strength.

When the battle began, as freshmen, they did not have much combat strength.


Next, lets continue to search for the Golden Mist Birds!”

After Lu Yu said that, he prepared to enter the forest depths to continue searching for more Golden Mist Birds.

However, a notification popped up on Lu Yus phone at that moment.

In the club group, a member was asking for help.

“The lookout spot we built was destroyed.

Its a mess now…”

Lu Yu asked without hesitation, “Where is the location Ill go over there.”


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