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Chapter 125 Tracking The Arsonists

Lu Yu arrived at the teleportation array and was teleported to the wild forest.

With the help of the team captain, Lu Yu soon arrived at the lookout spot.

When the five club members saw Lu Yu, they solemnly looked at him.

“President, the arsonist has escaped, and this is what he did.

But we dont know where he went.”

“I remember you.

Youre the captain of team five, stationed at the edge of this wild forest.”

“In other words, those arsonists have only just entered this place.

After theyve destroyed your lookout spot, theyll definitely look for the next one.”

The captain of team five heard this and quickly took out his phone to remind the other club members who had established their lookout spots.

“President, can we still find the person who set the fire to our site”

“President, this jungle is extremely hard to navigate.

Im afraid it will be difficult to track them down!”

“I feel that we will not be able to find them, and we have to take it as a loss this time.

We can only remind the others to be more careful.”

However, Lu Yu shook his head and said with certainty, “Its very easy to find the person who set the fire to your site.

You guys clean up the area here and Ill go look for those two!”

“President, are you serious Can you find them”

“Uh… It should be impossible to find them.

The fire has already burned down everything and theres not even a fingerprint left!”

“Thats true.

Even if we track their footprints, its still very difficult to track them in this thick jungle.”

“President, you just said that you would look for those two How did you know there were two of them”

The five members looked at Lu Yu curiously.

Lu Yu did not explain.

At that moment, he was looking at the clues that appeared in front of him.

His Eye of the Dragon God had clearly shown the clues left by those two culprits.

After analyzing their tracks, Lu Yu could see which direction the two were running to.

As long as he followed this, he would definitely be able to find them!

“You guys just wait here.

I will find those two, as I have already got the clues needed.” Lu Yu said as he walked forward.

The few club members looked at each other in bewilderment.

They couldnt see anything, but Lu Yu instantly found clues when he came here and even knew the number of culprits!

The five were very shocked and felt that Lu Yus ability was a little insane.

With this ability, he could even become a private detective!

Lu Yu walked forward, passing through the tall grass and advancing continuously.

He followed the silhouettes of the two and walked forward carefully.

Very soon, the two silhouettes slowed down as if they had found a safe place to rest.

Lu Yu quietly walked over and spread the tall grass apart.

He saw that there were indeed two people sitting in the space in front of him.

The two of them took out three bottles of salivary glands and looked at them carefully.

The man said, “As a senior, it shouldnt be wrong for me to accept some gifts from my freshmen.”

The woman continued, “Hehe, this is just a little thing.

How can it be considered a gift The previous batch of freshmen would have to give me at least a few hundred thousand dollars worths of stuff to be considered a normal gift greeting.”

“This batch of freshmen never showed any respect to us.

Theyre really too arrogant!”

“Dont worry.

Well slowly hunt them down.

Theyll naturally collapse and have no choice but to join our clubs.

When the time comes, our opportunity will come.”

The woman continued to ask, “Have you found the next lookout spot Lets just destroy it quickly, and our mission will be completed!”

The two stood up and prepared to continue destroying more lookout spots.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked out.

“Dont be in a hurry to leave.

I have something to tell you.”

Lu Yu walked out slowly and said calmly.

The two of them were so frightened that their bodies trembled.

They quickly turned around and were stunned when they saw it was Lu Yu.

“Its… Its you How did you find us”

“Youre Lu Yu Why are you looking for us”

The two of them looked at Lu Yu vigilantly.

The two of them were a little flustered as they had seen Lu Yus battle videos.

They knew they were no match for Lu Yu, so their tone and attitude were very cautious.

“Dont worry about how I found you.

You seem to have taken something from my club members, right”

Lu Yu pointed at the bottle in the mans hand and said.

The man hid the bottle behind his back and asked righteously, “What evidence do you have to prove that this thing is yours I am saying that this is mine!”

The womans attitude also hardened.

“Thats right.

Without evidence, dont speak nonsense.

Otherwise, dont blame us for reporting it to the university!”

Lu Yu was not angry.

Instead, he smiled faintly.

“Theres a special mark on the bottle.

It records the abbreviations of my team members names.

So, do you understand now”

The two of them were stunned when they heard that.

The man took the bottle over and took a closer look.

There were indeed abbreviations of some names carved on it.

He was momentarily speechless and did not know what to say.

“Why are you looking for us If you only want this back, Ill give it to you!”

The man handed over the bottle, wanting to settle the matter.

Lu Yu took the bottle, but he did not intend to let the two of them go!

The two of them handed the bottle to Lu Yu, turned around, and wanted to escape.

“Stop right there, this matter is not over yet!” Lu Yu scowled.

The two acted as if they did not hear him and continued to walk forward.

Lu Yu continued to remind them, “The two of you, one of you has a speed of 150 and the other has a speed of 170.

Do you think that you can outrun me”

The two of them stopped in their tracks and turned around stiffly.

The woman asked impatiently, “What are you trying to say Just spit it out!”

The man also said, “Dont go too far.

We are not to be trifled with!”

Lu Yu crossed his arms in front of his chest and said indifferently, “Now that the things you stole have been recovered, what about the things you burned That also requires compensation!”

The woman said impatiently, “Isnt it just a few tattered tents So be it!”

The man said with disdain, “How much is that tent Cant I just transfer it to you”

Lu Yu smiled slightly and shook his head.

“Im sorry, but there are 100,000 dollars in each of those five tents.”

When he said this, the two of them were dumbfounded.

“What 100,000”

The man immediately realized what Lu Yu was trying to say.

“You! Are you trying to extort us There cant be 100,000 dollars each in the tents!”

Lu Yu spread his hands and said, “How is that impossible Are you saying that those who can come to Clanorth University dont even have 100,000 dollars on them”

The two were speechless and couldnt think of anything to refute.

The man knew that Lu Yu was blackmailing them.

He growled, “You sure have guts, blackmailing us!”

“When the Battle of the Hundred Clubs comes, you will die a horrible death.

Do you understand”

Lu Yu was not happy to see his angry face.

He reached out with his right hand and grabbed the man by the neck!

Lu Yu exerted force with his right hand and made it difficult for the man to breathe, his face turning purple.

The woman got anxious and shouted, “What are you doing Let him go, or Ill attack you!”

Lu Yu shouted, “Do it! If you dare to attack me, this place will be your grave!”


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