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Chapter 124 Destruction, Efforts In Vain

A few tents were set up with a warm bonfire in an empty space in the wild forest.

A few members of the Featherwing club sat around and shared their harvest.

“Although I didnt find the Golden Mist Bird, I did find a Shadow Fox and obtained a decent hide from it.”

“I also hunted some prey.

Although their value isnt high, its still a decent catch.”

“Sigh, shouldnt we team up and find a powerful ferocious beast to challenge Whats the point of hunting small prey every day”

“We dont have a choice.

The most important task is finding the Golden Mist Birds, so we need to search separately.”

“Its too difficult to find them.

Weve searched for so long, but we only found three…”

The few of them looked at each other and encouraged, “Keep working hard.

This is our first mission, and we must complete it!”

“Thats right.

Lets work harder for the betterment of the Featherwing Club and for the sake of not being bullied in the future.”

After a round of encouraging each other, they stood up and began to move in different directions, continuing to search for Golden Mist Birds.

However, at that moment, two figures quietly walked over.

A man and a woman, wearing dark clothes and looking extremely despicable, sneaked over.

They quietly arrived at the center of the camp and began to search around.

After searching for a while, they did not find anything.

They just found some barbecued meat and extra clothes.

“Whats the situation Didnt they just say that they found three Golden Mist Birds” The woman asked dubiously.

The man looked around, and finally, his eyes fell on a pile of dead leaves.

“They must have hidden it as its something precious.

Let me see if theres anything here.”

He walked over and casually pushed the leaves apart.

Sure enough, he found three bottles containing the salivary glands of the Golden Mist Birds!

He hurriedly picked up a bottle and stared at it with excitement.

“So its hidden here.

Its sure hard to try to find it!”

The woman also walked over.

When she saw it, a smile instantly appeared on her face.

“It seems that the hiding capabilities of these freshmen are just average.

What an obvious spot.”

The man put the bottle into his storage ring.

He stood up and looked at the tent behind him.

“Search it.

Take everything that can be taken!”

As he spoke, he walked over, picked up the roast meat on the ground, and kicked the bonfire away.

“See if theres anything in the tent.

Take it all!”

When the woman heard that, she did not walk toward the tent.

Instead, she picked up a burning piece of wood.

“Whats there to take from those poor freshmen Why dont we just burn it all”

The man looked at her with a solemn expression.

“Are you serious If you do this, you wont leave them with anything!”

“Hehe, they deserve it!”

As she said this, the woman threw the wooden stick in her hand at the tent.

The burning wooden stick instantly lit up the tent, and a huge flame sprung up!

The two quickly backed up and watched as the fire continued to burn until the tent was completely burned down.

Only then did the two of them hurriedly escape.

The lookout spot the freshmen had established was burned to the ground just like that, and nothing was left.

At noon, the five freshmen returned to the stronghold and were about to have lunch.

“Sniff, why is there a burning smell here”

“Yeah, theres a smell of something burning.”

“Somethings wrong.

Hurry up and take a look!”

The five of them hastened their steps toward their lookout spot.

However, when they arrived at the stronghold, they were infuriated by the scene in front of them.

Everything before them was charred black, and the tent had turned into a pile of black ash.

The bonfire had been scattered, and the food they had prepared beforehand had also been burned to nothing.

Everything was gone!

The five of them were all dumbfounded.

This was a preliminary stronghold they established, and all the spoils of war they had found in the past two days were stored here!

All their efforts over the past two days had been in vain after everything was burned down…

Among the five of them, a girl started sobbing, with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

“The materials that I found with great difficulty are just… gone…”

“Who set this fire”

One of them hurriedly shouted, “Quickly go and see if the salivary glands are still there!”

One of them quickly ran over.

After pulling away the withered leaves, he was stunned by what he saw.

“Captain, the things have been taken away.

Not a single one is left.

Theres nothing left!”

“Our efforts over the past two days have all been in vain…”

“What should we do How should we explain this to the president”

“Ive already reported to the group chat that weve already found three salivary glands.

What should we do now that weve encountered such a situation”

“The president will definitely be disappointed.

We couldnt even hold on to something…”

The others started to panic.

Among the five-person team, only the captain was still calmly analyzing and thinking rationally.

“Someone is targeting us.

Theres an 80-90% chance that someone from the other clubs did it.”

“Captain, what should we do We couldnt find out who did it now!”

The captain sighed helplessly.

“Sigh, lets report this news to the president.

Weve lost three salivary glands, so we can only continue the search.”

The other four people nodded in disappointment, their mood falling to rock bottom.

Seeing they were all so disappointed, the captain took out his phone and sent a message.

“President, the lookout spot that we built just now was raided.

Someone took advantage of our departure to set the lookout spot on fire.”

As soon as these words were said, the group was in an uproar.

“Who is so wicked to do such a thing”

“Fuck, thats so shameless! It must be the other clubs who did it!”

“Thats right; it must be them.

These guys are too disgusting.

In order to deal with us, they resorted to such dirty tricks!”

“Could it be that your bonfire burned down the place”

The captain quickly refuted, “Of course not.

The Golden Mist Birds salivary glands that we hid were taken away by someone.

This must be a persons doing!”

Everyone was now sure that it was someone who burned down the lookout spot!

Immediately after, the group chat was filled with curses.

Everyone was cursing at the culprit for their despicable doings!

At that moment, Lu Yu was on his way to the wild forest when he turned on his phone and saw this message.

Lu Yu frowned.

He knew the seniors from the other clubs did it without even thinking too deeply.

He didnt expect these seniors to have the guts to do so!

Lu Yu thought that by displaying his strength, he would scare them and prevent them from continuing to provoke his club.

He did not expect these guys to come straight at him!

This matter had to be resolved quickly! Otherwise, the mission could not be completed if the club members werent at ease!

Hence, Lu Yu quickly consoled them in the group chat.

“I have received the news.

I will handle this matter, and I will definitely not let those bastards off!”

The captain of the small team replied in the group chat, “But they should have run far away.

It will not be easy to find them, right”

Lu Yu only replied with two words.

“Dont worry.”


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