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Chapter 123 The Ambush Before The Battle of the Hundred Clubs

After leaving the research institute, Lu Yu first returned to his residence.

Having just obtained the Dragon God Breathing Technique, he could not wait to practice it.

After driving back to his villa, Lu Yu returned to his bedroom.

He sat cross-legged on the bed and started practicing his Dragon God Breathing Technique.

The energy around Lu Yus body flowed with each breath he took.

Every time he inhaled, he absorbed the energy around him.

Every time he exhaled, he exhaled the murky air from his body.

As he continued, Lu Yu felt his body gradually get stronger.

The fatigue and old injuries in his body gradually disappeared.

When Lu Yu went to school and worked part-time, the fatigue accumulated in his body due to overwork slowly recovered with each breath.

Lu Yu opened his eyes and got off the bed.

He stretched his muscles and bones, feeling that his entire body had become much more flexible.

“The effect of this breathing technique is decent.

I should practice it more often in the future.”

Lu Yu felt that his body had been refreshed, and his spiritual state was much better.

Next, he planned to ask about his dragon bone transplant.

This was very important to him.

Not only was the increase in attributes crucial, but the increase in progress for his Ancient Dragon Body as well.

Thus, Lu Yu called Yun Zirou.

At the university, the only people Lu Yu was familiar with were Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

It might be leaked to the public if he consulted anyone else.

Su Qing did not know much about this place, so Lu Yu called Yun Zirou.

“I have something I need your help with,” Lu Yu said.

“If you, the president, are looking for my help, Ill definitely help if I can.

What is it”

“I need to undergo surgery, and I need a doctor with superb skills.

The doctor must be from the orthopedics department.”

Yun Zirou quickly asked, “Whats wrong Is there something wrong with your bones Is It serious”

Lu Yu said helplessly, “Theres no problem.

Just answer my question, do you know a skilled doctor in this area”

Yun Zirou thought for a moment and replied, “If its in Cloud City, I think I know someone.

I dont think I know anyone of the sort here.”

“However, I can help you find them.

There are many famous doctors at this university, better than many doctors from those famous hospitals outside here.”

“Okay, then Ill have to trouble you to keep an eye out for it.

If you find someone that fits the bill, contact me.”

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

I promise to find you a skilled doctor!”

Yun Zirou happily accepted Lu Yus request and then hung up the phone.

Lu Yu could continue to look for the Golden Mist Birds after resolving this matter.

Lu Yu could complete the mission soon, just needing a little less than 50 salivary glands.

However, he felt that the next mission would not go smoothly.

Firstly, Han Sai and Guo Siwei would definitely not sit still as he completed his mission.

Secondly, the other clubs had also started to target the Featherwing Club.

Although Lu Yu, the president, was powerful, the overall strength of his club was still at the bottom compared to the other clubs.

It would not be difficult to defeat such a rookie club.

No matter how powerful Lu Yu was, he alone couldnt carry the entire club on his shoulders.

Lu Yu could only try to support his club members in doing their best.

After all, if they lost this opportunity to try to change the old customs of this university, the freshmen had no choice but to continue to get bullied.

The gathering place for the universitys clubs was beside the mission hall in the campus center.

This large area had ten ordinary buildings, and the club activities were held here.

Here, the members of these clubs could communicate with each other or learn from each other.

Moreover, this place was close to the mission hall, so it was convenient for them to accept any ongoing missions.

Several club presidents were sitting inside a spacious conference room in one of the club buildings.

One of them was Guo Siwei.

At that moment, he spoke passionately, “Everyone, Lu Yu is nothing but evil.

If we continue to sit still as he does his thing, wont he be trampling over our authority”

“Therefore, I suggest that we immediately launch a swift attack on this Featherwing Club and destroy them while they are still in their budding phase.”

“Otherwise, when they grow, well be done for! At that time, every freshman in the future will join his club!”

“If we try to match his recruitment standard, we wont be able to train those freshmen as we have always done so…”

The training that Guo Siwei mentioned was using the freshmen as laborers, fools, and targets for bullying.

However, these presidents didnt feel anything was wrong with it.

This was something normal for them.

The presidents faces darkened when they heard Lu Yu challenge the order of their clubs.

“Our Imperial Martial Arts Club will not allow this to happen.

This situation needs to be stopped!”

“Thats right.

Our Wind Spirit club will not sit idly by either.

We must take revenge on this club! Let them know who is the boss!”

“Lets make a move now.

We cant give them a chance to grow!”

The club presidents looked at each other.

They were in a difficult position when it came to launching an attack on this new club.

They had no legitimate reason to launch a large-scale battle against the Featherwing Club.

They would be punished if they rashly led their club members to attack them.

If the Featherwing Club came to challenge them, like how others would challenge a martial arts school, they might have a legitimate reason to fight back.

But there was no way the Featherwings Club would challenge them.

At that time, Guo Siwei gave another suggestion.

His tone was low, and a sinister smile appeared on his face.

“Most of the members of the Featherwing Clubs are looking for Golden Mist Birds.

They are all in the wild forest and have set up a few lookout spots!”

“This is a good opportunity.

The university cant supervise them as they are in a dungeon, so we can launch a sneak attack to ambush them!”

“In this way, we wont be punished by the universitys higher-ups, and we can effectively ambush the Featherwing Club!”

All the presidents agreed to his suggestion!

“Thats a good idea!”

“So many people in the same dungeon is simply creating an opportunity for us!”

“Lets make a move now.

We must extinguish their arrogance!”

“Ill find a few of my club members right now.

Well start our deployment to find an opportunity to destroy their lookout spots and beat them up!”

“Thats right.

We must defeat them.

Otherwise, they wont understand who the leaders of this university are!”

Guo Siwei continued to remind them, “My brothers, the upcoming Battle of the Hundred Clubs will be our highlight.”

All the presidents pondered for a moment and nodded.

“The Battle of the Hundred Clubs is a good opportunity!”

“Yes, thats right.

Well launch a sneak attack now, and when the Battle of the Hundred Clubs starts, they will suffer a major blow, and their club will definitely collapse!”

“Lets work hard and destroy their Featherwing Club before the Battle of the Hundred Clubs.”

“Haha, this Featherwing club will definitely die a horrible death.

Trying to challenge our position What a joke!”

In the conference room, everyone laughed heartily.

At the same time, they deployed their club members to prepare for action…


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