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Chapter 120 Speed Up The Collection, Halfway There

After the Raging Inferno Storm ended, Lu Yu began to count the Golden Mist Birds on the ground.

He walked around and counted the Golden Mist Birds bodies; there were 23 of them in total.

The harvest of this encounter was more than great.

If he could only encounter this situation a few more times, he would be able to gather his needed quantity quickly!

Including these 23, Lu Yu had 26 salivary glands and sets of feathers.

He used a dagger to remove the salivary glands and pulled out the most important tail feathers of the birds.

The harvest this time was great, and since the birds gathered here, their nest should also be nearby.

However, Lu Yu was too lazy to search for it.

For the time being, he was not short of money but of materials.

Finding a few more Golden Mist Birds would be even more worthwhile if he had the time to collect these bits of gold.

After collecting the spoils of war, Lu Yu cleaned up the flecks of fire around him to prevent a forest fire.

After that, he continued to move forward in search of more Golden Mist Birds.

He had killed more than twenty Golden Mist Birds just a moment ago, so he should not be able to find any more in this area.

Lu Yu quickened his pace and headed to the next forest area as soon as possible.

As he moved forward, a call suddenly came to Lu Yus phone.

He took out his phone and saw a call from Yun Zirou.

“What is our president doing now” Yun Zirou asked with a smile.

“What else can I do Of course, Im here to look for the Golden Mist Birds.”

“I just finished some things and have some time.

Ill come over and look for them too.

Itll be faster if more people are helping you out.”

Lu Yu didnt refuse and agreed.

“No problem.

With you joining, it will definitely speed up the search.”

Yun Zirou said proudly, “Of course.

I can complete this small task in minutes with me helping out.”

“Oh right, how many have you collected now Are there at least ten” Yun Zirou asked.

Lu Yu answered truthfully, “I have collected 26, about one-fourth of the progress.”

Yun Zirou, on the other side of the phone, went silent for a moment.

“Really Youve only been out for less than three hours and found so many” Yun Zirou asked in disbelief.

“I was just lucky.

If you came over, you would definitely be able to find more quickly than I could.”

Yun Zirou was speechless on the other side of the phone.

She knew the probability of encountering a Golden Mist Bird.

She felt it would be pretty good even if Lu Yu could get three to five of these birds in this short period of time.

She thought this would be a long-term mission that could not be completed in a day or two.

However, Lu Yu found a quarter of the Golden Mist Birds he needed in such a short time.

If this continued, he would probably be done in a day!

“Alright, alright.

Youre as ridiculous as ever, being able to find these Golden Mist Birds so quickly…”

“Ill teleport over to search for these Golden Mist Birds together.

Im afraid that even with all our club members efforts added together, we would be unable to find as many Golden Mist Birds as you alone…”

Lu Yu was speechless when he heard her, as he couldnt refute this.

Only three or four club members had found a few Golden Mist Birds.

So far, theyve got a total of six salivary glands.

After adding them to Lu Yus catch, there were a total of 32 salivary glands.

Judging by their progress, he might not be able to complete the mission today.

Although he had already found almost one-third of it, Lu Yu just got lucky by encountering a flock of Golden Mist Birds mating.

His next search might not go as smoothly as it did.

Lu Yu continued to move forward.

With the help of the Eye of the Dragon God, he could sense everything around him.

As long as he found a trace of a Golden Mist Bird, he could accurately track their location.

With such a powerful navigation tool, Lu Yus speed of finding them was naturally faster than the others.

Soon, Lu Yu found a new trail and began to track it.

Just like that, Lu Yu worked the whole afternoon until the evening, when he finally stopped.

At that time, he looked into his storage ring and found that he had already collected 43 Golden Mist Birds salivary glands.

It was less than half his quota, but it was still an okay catch.

Lu Yu turned on his phone and opened the club group chat.

He asked, “How many have they collected after totaling them all”

After giving the order, the club members started to report on their salivary glands catch.

Just a moment later, the total amount was reported to him.

Yun Zirou texted, “The club members got seven total, and I got three.

We have ten in total.”

“After a whole day, we only got ten…”

“Sigh, there are so many of us, but we only caught so few.

Its embarrassing.”

“Its too hard to find.

I didnt find any.”

“I guess our catch isnt enough.

Lets continue tomorrow.”

“Its certainly a hard task.

I didnt even find a single feather from these birds; they sure know how to hide.”

“Oh right, how many has the president collected Lets see how many more we need, and well continue to work hard tomorrow.”

Lu Yu sent a message that said, “Ive collected 43.

Including your ten, thats almost half of the total quantity needed.”

After this message was sent out, the group chat instantly exploded.

“Holy **, 43”

“Why are there so many”

“The president is awesome! He found nearly 50 by himself.”

“Im speechless.

This mission will probably be completed by the president alone.”

“Were really just being fillers here.”

“The president is so strong that hes even good at finding things.”

The club members were shocked, and Lu Yu explained, “Its mainly because I met a flock of Golden Mist Birds.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have found so many.

I just got lucky.”

“Of course, without you all helping me, it would be difficult for me to complete this mission alone.”

“According to the market price, Ill pay 20,000 dollars for a salivary gland.

As for the feathers, you can keep them and sell them yourself.”

The Golden Mist Birds salivary glands were not as useful as the feathers.

The market price was 20,000 dollars for the salivary glands, and the feathers were worth double!

In other words, Lu Yu would not have to fork out much to pay for this mission.

Not only would he not lose money, but he would also earn a lot more money after selling the feathers he collected.

First of all, all the 43 feathers were worth about 1.7 million dollars.

Lu Yu could also sell the gold nuggets he had collected for another tens of thousands of dollars.

The ten salivary glands that Lu Yu would purchase from them added up to only 200,000 dollars.

Lu Yu could earn around 1.5 million dollars after buying the salivary glands and selling his catch.

Lu Yu transferred the money over to the club members.

Following that, he took out a teleportation scroll and teleported himself back to the universitys teleportation array.

A light flashed, and Lu Yu disappeared from the forest.

The next moment, he appeared in front of the universitys teleportation array.

As soon as Lu Yu appeared, the surrounding freshmen gathered around him.

“The president is back!”

“The president is damn awesome.

He managed to find this many Golden Mist Birds!”

“President, these are the materials I collected.

Ill give them all to you.”

“Its great that the club wont be taking any commission from my mission.

The market price of my catch is 20,000 dollars, and the President wont even take a single cent.”

“Of course.

Our president can earn much more money just by going out alone.

Why would he take our pennies”

Lu Yu took the salivary glands that they had collected and said, “We are halfway through the mission.

The next critical moment is coming.

Lets work harder tomorrow and try to get it done!”

“Alright, we will work hard!”

Lu Yu passed through the crowd, started heading to the universitys trading market, and sold all his feathers and gold there.


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