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Chapter 10 Split Claws, Killing the Shadow Cat Demon

The first attack of the Shadow Cat Demon was an eye-opener for Lu Yu.

Its speed was so fast that Lu Yu almost couldnt react in time.

Lu Yu landed lightly on the ground after his double jump.

The Shadow Cat Demon didnt give Lu Yu a chance to catch his breath.

It immediately rushed over again and slashed its claws at Lu Yu.

Its claws carried a sharp aura as it attacked Lu Yu.

Lu Yu hurriedly jumped backwards.

After jumping into the air, he followed up with a double jump and jumped backwards again!

He barely dodged the Cat Demons attack with the backwards double jump.

However, what gave Lu Yu the biggest trouble was that although he could dodge the Cat Demons attack, he could not attack it at all.

Firstly, it was difficult for him to get close to the Shadow Cat Demon.

Secondly, even if he got close, the Shadow Cat Demon would immediately flash away and flee before he could unleash his attacks.

The ridiculous thing about his situation was that the Shadow Cat Demon could create more than one afterimage, and Lu Yu could not tell which was the Shadow Cat Demons actual body.

If he relied on blind guesses, it would easily spell the end for him.

The Shadow Cat Demon attacked again, and it did not give him any chance to catch his breath and kept slashing its claws.

Lu Yu kept retreating, dodging, and releasing his skills continuously, causing him to sweat profusely.

Right now, all Lu Yu could do was skirt around the Shadow Cat Demon and use his double jump to dodge its attacks.

If he ran, he would definitely not be able to outrun the Shadow Cat Demon.

If he chose to attack, he would not be able to land his attack regardless.

At that moment, Lu Yu felt a sense of powerlessness.

If this continued, he would end up dead sooner or later!

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If he had known of this earlier, he would not have taken that fruit!


After dodging continuously, a notification suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yus eyes.

[ Congratulations for completing the daily quest, long jump (100/100) ]


[ Please choose your reward ]


Obtained 5 free attribute points ]


Obtained 1 free skill point ]


Obtained random treasure chest ]

Lu Yu was delighted.

Todays daily reward finally arrived!

This time, Lu Yu chose the random treasure chest again.

[ Congratulations on the bronze treasure chest.

Do you want to open it ]

“Open it!”

Lu Yu hurriedly shouted.

The treasure chest opened, and a skill stone tablet floated out.

Lu Yu quickly checked and exclaimed, “The skill is Split Claw!”

“Wave your claws and damage enemies within five meters of you!”


“An AOE group damage skill!”


If he learns this skill, could it mean he doesnt have to care about the afterimages created by the Shadow Cat Demon

No matter how many afterimages it makes, as long as he used Split Claw to attack, all of it would be attacked as long as its in that range!

Lu Yu was delighted.

With this skill, he could launch a counterattack!

The moment Lu Yu took the stone tablet, the Shadow Cat Demon attacked again and slashed at Lu Yu with its claws.

Lu Yu quickly retreated and used a double jump to jump onto a tree branch.

Then, Lu Yu placed his hand on the stone tablet and began to feel it with his heart.

A wave of energy surged into Lu Yus body.

He had successfully learned the Split Claw skill.

Lu Yu looked at his claws and waved them gently twice.

His claws stirred up the surrounding airflow.

“Alright, all I have is this Split Claw skill now.

Whether I live or die, it all depends on this!”

Lu Yu jumped down from the tree branch and rushed towards the Shadow Cat Demons position.

The Shadow Cat Demon saw Lu Yu jumping down while brandishing his claws.

The Cat Demon was cautious and created two afterimages to cover itself fighting, and dodging Lu Yus attack.

This time, Lu Yu completely ignored the afterimages and directly waved his claws with all his might!


After a series of buzzing sounds, Lu Yus claws slashed out several sharp air blades forward!


The Split Claws struck the Shadow Cat Demons body, and it cut through its fur and skin, causing blood to flow out instantly.

The Shadow Cat Demon was in pain and roared out.

“Now, you die!”


Lu Yu raised his claws and prepared to strike again.

Seeing the situation it was in, the Shadow Cat Demon hurriedly retreated, trying to dodge Lu Yus attack.

The attack just now has caused it immense pain.

It did not have the intention of fighting any further.

However, Lu Yu had already set his eyes on the materials that the Shadow Cat Demon would drop.

He had to kill it here!

Seeing that the Shadow Cat Demon wanted to retreat, Lu Yu did not hesitate to jump over.

He then released a double jump in the air, instantly pulling himself closer to the Shadow Cat Demon!


The next moment, Lu Yu swung his claws and slashed at the Shadow Cat Demon!


The sharp slash shot out once again and hit the Shadow Cat Demon heavily, tearing into its skin and flesh.

Blood instantly spurted out.

The Shadow Cat Demon was in pain and immediately laid on the ground, wailing.


Lu Yu landed on the ground and walked toward the Shadow Cat Demon.

Lu Yu did not intend to show any mercy to the Shadow Cat Demon rolling on the ground.


Next, Lu Yus right claw pierced through the Shadow Cat Demons chest.


Then, Lu Yu crushed the Shadow Cat Demons heart.

At this point, the Shadow Cat Demon had completely lost its life.

Lu Yu squatted beside the Shadow Cat Demons corpse and took out a dagger, cutting off the Shadow Cat Demons fingernails.

This was one of the materials needed for his Dragon Claw evolution!

He was one step closer to evolving into his Dragon Claw.

Of course, Lu Yu could instead head down the path of the Cat Claw.

But for the sake of his future path, it was better to save up and choose the path of the Dragon Claw.

[ Congratulations on obtaining the Shadow Cat Demon Fingernail.

Do you want to evolve the path of Cat Claw ]

A system notification appeared.

Lu Yu did not hesitate and directly choseNo.

Lu Yu continued to take off the Shadow Cat Demons eyeballs.

After he was done, he checked his backpack.

There were about thirty Cat Demon eyeballs.

He was still far from a hundred.

Now that he had learned the Split Claw, it would be much easier for him to kill those Cat Demons.

Therefore, Lu Yu continued his quest after resting for a while.

Lu Yu continued to wander around the Dark Forest, looking for Cat Demons to kill.

This time, his hunting speed was much faster than yesterday.

To increase his efficiency, Lu Yu would attract five to six Cat Demons at a time and then use Split Claw to kill them all in one go.

The attributes of these little Cat Demons were only half of Lu Yus, and the only thing that was half decent was their speed.


After Lu Yu hunted, the entire Dark Forest became much quieter.

There was also a faint smell of blood in the air.

Many Cat Demons were scared out of their wits when they saw Lu Yu.

They fled the moment they saw him.

Lu Yus massacre made him the devil in the eyes of these Cat Demons!

After almost a day, Lu Yu finally collected the remaining eyeballs he needed.

At dusk, Lu Yu finished collecting the last eyeball.

After cleaning up the blood stains on his body, he was ready to leave the dungeon.

He went to the entrance and returned to the position of the array formation.

With a flash of light, Lu Yu was teleported out.

As soon as he left, Lu Yu saw the notification in front of him.

[ Congratulations on completing an achievement ]

[ Congratulations on clearing a Difficult level dungeon for the first time ]

[ Congratulations on killing a dungeon boss for the first time ]

[ Three items are rewarded.

Please choose… ]


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