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TLN Note: The title for this chapter(風が吹いて桶屋が儲かる) is a proverb which basically means any event can bring about an effect in an unexpected way.

I was busy earning money as usual for today, and after earning approximately 1 Million Piro I decided to leave the dungeon.

Though I’ve located the stairs to the third floor, I decided to leave it for tomorrow and turned back.

In front of the dungeon entrance, there were villagers gathered keeping watch.

I handed over the Magic Cart to Ena who was hurriedly dispatched by the trading shop .

Ena then took out the gold dust from within the Magic Cart and weigh it.

[Okay, it’s 1022134 Piro~] (Ena)

[ [ [ Ooooo!!! ] ] ]

After calculating it, another shop assistant brought in a safe, and once hee confirmed the amount he handed the money over to me.

The dungeon drops, and then purchasing from it.

The villagers cheered as they were looking at the most orthodox scenes of this world’s production activities.

[Are you gonna earn money like this.]

[Immediately receiving the money like this is great.]

[I want to head over to the dungeon tomorrow too.]

The villagers showed admiration and their tensions were further increased.

[Th, this too please.] (Aaron)

The next in line was Aaron who stood in front of Ena.

He also had a fair share of diving into Aurum several times, so I asked him to assess the gold dust that he’d gotten to Ena.

[Everything is 24932 Piro~] (Ena)

[Ooo……] (Aaron)

After receiving the money directly onto his palm, he was overjoyed as his body trembled in excitement.

Another person who got into the dungeon also brought the gold dust.

With this I hope that the villagers of Indole would understand the flow of transactions of getting drops from dungeon and selling it to the store.

[Alice, are there any alcohol in this village If possible the more the better.] (Ryouta)

I asked Alice who was standing next to me.

[Alcohol Uun, I think the head villager, Karon-san and Mirau-san would have them.

Since they would stock up for the annual village festival.] (Alice)

[If they are being used for a festival, I think that amount should be enough, is it possible to buy all of the stock] (Ryouta)

I then show the earnings for today to Alice which was around 1 Million Piros.

[I think that should be enough…..] (Alice)

What’s with that face She was looking at me with a strange expression.

[I would love to have a party as soon as possible using this money of course.] (Ryouta)

[That’s just ridiculous.]

A woman suddenly came from behind and started talking.

It was a grandmother who looked around 70 years old holding a cane.

[And you are] (Ryouta)

[I’m Mirau.] (Mirau)

[Aah, I’ve heard from Alice that you were stocking up on alcohol.] (Ryouta)


If our benefactor is opening a banquet, then by all means please use our sake.] (Mirau)

[Thank you for that offer, then without further—–.] (Ryouta)

[You don’t have to pay us a single cent, since the benefactor is the one ordering it.] (Mirau)

[ [ [ That’s right!!! ] ] ]

After Grandmother Mirau finished saying, several villagers agreed in unison.

Though I understand why and am happy, but then there wouldn’t be any meaning to all this.

[Thank you so much, I’m really grateful but please accept the payment as well.] (Ryouta)

[No no, if it’s our benefactor….] (Mirau)

[If that’s the case I won’t open this banquet.] (Ryouta)

I straightforwardly spoke and freaked them out.

Grandmother Mirau had a troubled look for a moment but hurriedly accepted it.

[I understand, benefactor-sama is too kind with his words.] (Mirau)

I took out the money and handed it to Grandmother Mirau.

Words then got out to Karon-san and the head villager, and the two came and said [We don’t need the money] but I forced them to receive the money.

Since the alcohol is cheap, and even with the 1 Million Piro we still had remaining money, so I used the remaining to buy ingredients and handed it all to the head villager.

And thus the villagers were looking forward to the party.

[Hey hey Ryouta, why did you insist on paying] (Alice)

[Well, it was around half a year ago when I was traveling abroad, and at that time the business trip had the same vibe as the villagers here.] (Ryouta)

[] (Alice)

Alice tilted her neck as she wondered what I was talking about.

I don’t think she would understand right away, but sooner or later she would come to understand.

The banquet was held at the village square and everyone was getting exciting over it, and Ryouta was drinking with the villagers.

Mirau was calling a villager named Play, and spoke at the corner of the square.

[What is it Granny Mirau.] (Play)

[Play, your carpenter’s arms aren’t rusty right.] (Mirau)

[Of course, you want to repair a house] (Play)

[I do not care about the house of an old granny like me.

Anyways, I want you to build a house at the back of my house.

When the dungeon first appeared, I was informed that my son would come back home.] (Mirau)

[Ooh, I’m happy to hear that.] (Play)

[Thanks to benefactor-sama who bought our sakes, is this amount enough] (Mirau)

Mirau then handed a bill to Play.

[Just so you know, this amount is just enough for me only.] (Play)

[I know, I will also pay for the material cost, it’s right here.

I will order it tomorrow.] (Mirau)

[Then I’ll gladly accept this.

Leave it to me, I will build a good house for your son.] (Play)

Play puts the money in his pocket, and Mirau took her cane and went back to the circle of people.


[Gaah! Oh it’s just you Lisha, are you trying to scare me to death.] (Play)

[Hey hey~] (Lisha)

A middle-aged woman called Lisha placed her hands out towards Play and showed her palms.

[Wh, what is it.] (Play)

[Don’t play dumb, I saw that just now.

Since you got paid for now then use that to pay for my house now.] (Lisha)

[Ar, are you gonna take it all If you do that then I would—-] (Play)

[Pay the money now, you can put it again from tomorrow.] (Lisha)

[Uuu, I, I understand…..Kuuu…..] (Play)

Play took out the money that he just pocketed and handed it over to Lisha.

[1, 10, 100, 1000……Okay, here’s your change.] (Lisha)

[The change isn’t even more than 500 Piros] (Play)

[I said that you can put it again next time.

Money is fine too, but when you have money you better pay up.

Is that clear] (Lisha)

[Yes…] (Play)

[Good.] (Lisha)

Leaving Play behind, Lisha returned to the circle of people.

There was a young man among them.

His name is Ginis, the brother of Lisha.

Lisha was sipping on some sake while the quiet brother was sitting beside here.

[Here you go.] (Lisha)

[Onee-san…..Eh Where did you get such a large sum of cash] (Ginis)

[I got it from Play, it’s the payment of the remaining sum for our house.] (Lisha)

[Heh, he’s been paid well huh.] (Ginis)

[If it’s this much it should be enough right] (Lisha)

[Eh] (Ginis)

[It’s your marriage between you and Kiki, this should be enough right] (Lisha)

[Th, that’s true too, but….] (Ginis)

[Do not keep a woman waiting, and don’t hold back just because we’re siblings.

Quickly get married with Kiki and make her happy already.] (Lisha)

[Well, that’s right….] (Ginis)

[If you understand that then quickly go and propose already! I’ll deposit the money to you tomorrow.

There would be many things to do for the wedding ceremony so be ready.] (Lisha)

[Bu, but if Kiki says no…..] (Ginis)

[Do you know what the villagers say to the two of you every time, just go and do it now!] (Lisha)

[I, I understand!] (Ginis)

Ginis was driven out by Lisha, immediately he went straight to Kiki, his childhood friend who was drinking alcohol while eating the cooked food.


[Sa, Satou-sama!]

While drinking sake with the head villagers and explaining about the economic activities centering on the dungeon, a pair of man and woman came to us.

The girl’s name was Kiki who came to pour sake several times, and the other was the first time I saw a boy being so thin.

[And you are] (Ryouta)

[My, my name is Ginis.

Uhm, Satou-sama!] (Ginis)

[Un.] (Ryouta)

[Please become a matchmaker for us!] (Ginis)

[Matchmaker Are you two getting married] (Ryouta)

Ginis nodded, and on the other hand Kiki was embarrassed contrary to what she was doing until a while ago.

However there weren’t any hatred behind it, rather it made me happy to see this happening as this is what life was suppose to be lived.

[I see, congratulations to the both of you.] (Ryouta)

I raised the glass containing sake and spoke words of blessing.

And remembering something, I asked the head villager.

[Are you sure it’s alright for me to be the matchmaker Won’t it be bad with the villagers] (Ryouta)

[What are you saying, it would be an honor if Benefactor-sama were the one being it.

Hence why Ginis came all the way here to ask.] (Head villager)

[I see.

Just so you know I’m still single but are the both of you okay with that] (Ryouta)

[That’s no problem too, there is nothing wrong unless you’re married in this area.] (Head villager)

[Oh, okay.] (Ryouta)

I nodded and taking the two cups that hasn’t been touched by anyone’s mouth, I poured sake and handed it over to Ginis and Kiki.

[I’ll gladly be the matchmaker for the both of you.

Congratulations.] (Ryouta)

[Thank you so much!] (Kiki)

[Thank you so much.] (Ginis)

The two person who appreciated me helping cheered and drank the sake.

The two of them held hands together and I don’t know whether it’s because of the sake or they were happy, but their faces were bright red.

As I was looking at the two soon-to-be married couple, Alice was suddenly sitting next to me.

[And that is how it is.] (Ryouta)

[] (Alice)

Alice did not understand in the slightest.

In the case of such a stagnant village, if you throw up a large sum of money at once, it will be moved dramatically.

In the case of the overseas business trip before, the millions of money brought by Japanese companies were circulating around the city, and brought the citiy’s halt of economy temporarily moving for a while.

And there are several circulation, marriage is one of them.

The extremely happy Ginis and Kiki.

I do not know how the 1 Million Piro were flowed around, but I was convinced that it is about to travel around a lot.

More than anything, I’m sure that the 1 Million Piro that was used up will be beneficial to this village economic as time goes by.


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