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Aulum Dungeon, the first floor.

I who went inside first was defeating the little devils, and continued onwards into the dungeon.

Trying to navigate myself on this maze of a dungeon where the route could not be memorized, I managed to reached the entrance of the dungeon where I could see the appearance of Alice waiting for me.


[Sorry for the wait.] (Ryouta)

[Is it alright for me to just go right in] (Alice)

[Yeap.] (Ryouta)


I nodded and thus Alice pushed the Magic Cart into the dungeon.

As if changing a scene from an old videotape, the scenery around me changed and was sent to a completely different location where I was previously standing in front of the entrance of the dungeon.


[Even though I’ve done this several times, I still can’t get used to it.] (Ryouta)

[Me too, I was slightly startled by it too.] (Alice)


Alice who was beside me agreed with me.

After she came into the dungeon she was sent flying to the same direction as me.


A rogue dungeon where anyone who enters would change the structure of the dungeon, Aulum.

If you tried to form a party to tackle this dungeon then you’re in for a treat as your team would be scattered as soon as you enter the dungeon, the only way I found that would let your team be together with you was to first let someone go into the dungeon and wait for them to reach the entrance of the dungeon, then the person from outside the dungeon would enter and they would both be sent to the exact same location.


Truly an annoying dungeon indeed.


[So, you found out anything] (Ryouta)

[Un, it’s over there.] (Alice)


I received the Magic Cart from Alice, and we went to the direction that Alice pointed towards.

For those who do not know where they were sent too, they could only randomly walk around the dungeon till they find something.

But with Alice around we won’t be lost as she has her brilliant ability.


[As I suspect, there is one.

Say, how does it feel] (Ryouta)

[What do you mean] (Alice)

[The feeling of knowing the entire layout of the dungeon.] (Ryouta)


Alice holds a special ability.

Not only does it help her know the structure really well, she could also sense where each monsters are.

It was that kind of ability.

I’m guessing it must be due to the fact that she was born from inside the dungeon from the womb of her mother, but I can’t confirm that.

However, it is clear that she could do it.


[I’m not sure myself either, it just so happens.] (Alice)

[It just so happens, right….] (Ryouta)

[Uhmm, it’s like—-Aah, a monster has been born.] (Alice)

[Muu.] (Ryouta)


Alice suddenly stopped and stared in front of her.

I hid the Magic Cart behind me and readied my gun.

And we waited for awhile.


[……It didn’t appear at all.] (Ryouta)

[Just wait for little while——It’s here.] (Alice)


Right in front of us, the ceiling cracked and a little devil came flying out of the cracked ceiling.

The sight was as if the dungeon itself gave birth to the monster.

After the little devil was born, the dungeon’s cracked ceiling returned to normal as if nothing ever happened.


I fired a normal bullet, as even if it was born recently it’s still a monster, thus I fired a full power shot right from the get go.

Since I expected it to dodge my bullet, I aimed at the place where he would dodge and ran to that direction.


Then, I countered it with a telephone punch.

The punch lined up on the little devil causing a loud smack which made him flew and crashed at a wall.

I could still hear the cry of the monster, it’s still alive.


Pan! Pan! Pan!


I fired relentlessly at the hole of the wall and right after a “pop” sound could be heard which meant that the monster disappeared.

In return, a grain of gold dust fell to the ground from the hole.

I proceeded to pick it up.


[You’re amazing Ryouta, you showed no mercy towards the monster~] (Alice)

[Is that so] (Ryouta)

[Un! Plus you look super cool just now.

Where you just fired your gun at the wall relentlessly.] (Alice)

[I once took my time to fight it and it tried to run away thus I wanted to make sure to actually finish the killing blow.] (Ryouta)

[I see i see, un, I’ll take note of this for future reference.] (Alice)


Alice who was convinced by my explanation nodded in agreement.

After explaining it to her, I went ahead and placed the gold dust inside the Magic Cart to check it’s price.


Immediately, a number appeared, .

(TLN: Around 22.5 dollar)


[Wow~, even a grain is worth so much.] (Alice)

[Sine it’s real gold, if you could put a first joint pinky worth of this you could probably earn hundreds of thousands.] (Ryouta)


I wonder if we could defeat it too, Boney-chan, Jumpy-san.] (Alice)


The SD sized Skeleton and Slime that was riding on Alice’s shoulder was replying something to her.


[I see, so everyone has to partake in fighting it.] (Alice)


She then continued onward.

Along the way a little devil appeared, and before it could escape she defeated it.

It can be said that 1 gram would be worth around 3.5K Piro, and after reaching the stairs of the dungeon, we had already earned around 58,121 Piro.

Not only is this even higher than a full cart worth of bean sprouts, but when I looked inside the Magic Cart, I could barely see it being filled.


[This is honestly amazing, I wonder how much will it be if we filled the Magic Cart full of golds.] (Alice)

[Maybe a few billion, or maybe even tens of billions Since the weight is lighter than vegetables and the price is much more higher.] (Ryouta)

[Eeeeeehh!!! That much] (Alice)

[That’s how it is.] (Ryouta)


Well I don’t think we could collect that much though.

Even for me, if I were to do it at this pace, I’m afraid it would be at a level of me working till I drop dead for a month in order to fill up the cart.

Imagine putting a grain of sand inside a huge box, metaphorically speaking it would be something along the lines of that.


Obviously I won’t have to filled it to the brim to exchange it for a huge sum of cash.


[Well then, shall we head down.] (Ryouta)

[Un! Aah, after we reached the end of the stairs, there would be a monster awaiting us.] (Alice)

[If that’s the case I’ll head down first, and after I finish dealing with it you can come out.] (Ryouta)

[Roger that~] (Alice)


I’ll face whatever comes in my way, as I load all of my types of bullets and went down the stairs while holding onto my guns.


Aulum Dungeon, the second floor.


As soon as my feet step foot on the ground, the scenery changed once again.

Wait, even going down floors change the structure!!


The moment I realised what’s going on I was already at the middle of a huge empty room.

The room was as large as a gymnasium, and a huge amount of monsters were present.


The monsters had a similar appearance to the little devils from above, but the only difference was the colour of the skin.

Taking a quick glance around me, there were around three digits worth of monsters.


A monster house——the words suddenly float on top of my head.


A ball the size of a fist suddenly flashed right in front of my eyes.

I instinctively guarded it and was damaged by it, the feeling was similar to being hit by a dodge ball.


It wasn’t just once, but all of the monsters fired it at the same time.

Inside the empty hall similar to a gymnasium, I was being hit by the light ball in all directions.


The attacks were never ending, and the light made it difficult to see.

Without thinking I immediately formed a shape of a turtle, I can’t even see it plus there were too many, thus I could only wait until the rush of light ball ends.


Luckily the damaged weren’t that painful.

The balls continued to be fired towards my body which made my body numb, but it wasn’t to the extent where I sustained heavy injuries.


While guarding, I made sure to inject myself with Healing bullet and continued to take the onslaught of light balls.

I don’t know how long time passed, but my sense of time had been disarrayed, and the number of light balls has decreased sharply.

I looked up and immediately held my guns—–and my eyes caught hold of the different coloured little devils, and waved my hands to block the light balls.

After guarding that, it’s time for my counter attack—–afterwards.


The little devils were immediately killed.

After being hit mid air I could hear something similar to a glass breaking, and the monster was shattered to pieces.

What’s the meaning of this


From beside me another ball of light was shot towards me, in order to block that I fired a bullet at it, and it pierced through the ball of light and went straight towards the little devil, shattering it.


After looking at them closely, at first there were many—–there were around more than hundreds of those devils roaming around the monster house, but now it was reduced to half of that number.

The remaining ones were flashing red.


For the remainder that were flashing red—–Hya!

I took out the Tears of Slime from my pocket, and it was also blinking red like the rest of the monsters.


There were two effects for the Tears of Slime that was dropped by the rogue monster of the High Guts slime.


First was after being damaged by someone, it could track their location, and the other was to reflect back the damage being dealt by the user.

Since I was holding onto it, I turned into a stick.

More balls of light flew towards me, and the moment those hit me, one of the little devil lost its strength and fell to the ground.


It’s funny that they were the one’s killing themselves by firing the balls of light towards me.

Thus I did nothing at all and stood still.

And after three minutes past.


[I guess it’s finally over.] (Ryouta)


Standing in the middle of the huge gymnasium like place, the last monster that was reflected by the damage fell.

In return, the ground was filled with shinies.


[So the second floor is also gold dust huh.] (Ryouta)


I immediately went around and pick up the gold dust.

(TLN: Why doesn’t he just equip the pouch all the time)

The second floor of Aulum’s drop is the same as the first floor where they drop gold dust.

Though I was inside the monster house for a moment, but I didn’t even do much and had already earned around 300k worth of Piro from the gold dust.


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