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Chapter 81 – My one and only Elza


Our home’s first floor, the parking lot for Magic Carts.

Lowering down the shutter, one can see that Celeste and Alice was there at an enclosed space.


[Take a close look at it.] (Ryouta)


After saying it to the both of them, I placed a normal bullet into my own Magic Cart, and pushed the second button attached on the Magic Cart.

When I pushed the button, a Ka-kon sound was heard, and a box that was installed at a place further away popped up the normal bullet.


[It came out from that side~] (Celeste)

[Ama~zing! So it can make anything fly out to the other side] (Alice)

[As long as it’s something inside the Magic Cart, is what I guess.] (Ryouta)

[Boney-chan] (Alice)


A SD sized Skeleton was nodding it’s head, making a rattling sound, and proceeded to jump inside to the Magic Cart.

The excited Alice went and pushed the button and from slightly further away from us, Boney-chan flew out from the box.


[Wah~, it’s really awesome~] (Alice)

[This isn’t the reason why this function existed though.

It’s actually for—-] (Ryouta)


While trying to explain to her with a bitter smile, more things flew out from within the box.

It was Dandelion.


There’s no Dandelion here, so it’s probably Emily who sent it from Arsenic Dungeon.

Because it was in a large sum it quickly filled up the Magic Cat.

Thus the Dandelions there was a Magic Cart worth of it.


[As you can see, when you’ve collected a full stack of items from within the dungeon, you won’t have to push your Magic Cart back to the city, but instead continue roaming around the dungeon if you use this function.] (Ryouta)

[This is extremely convenient.

This will indeed increase Ryouta-san’s income.] (Celeste)

[Why is it only limited to me] (Ryouta)

[Because Ryouta-san has All S Drop] (Celeste)


Because it was only us three in the house, she did not hesitate to talk about my Drop status out loud.


[It’s true that we wouldn’t have to do a round trip and it would simplify our workload, but whether we can earn a lot of income is just subtle.

Especially when I have to use MP and might get exhausted.] (Celeste)

[Aaah…….I understand.

It truly is a Magician’s fate.] (Ryouta)


It’s the same with games, after using spells for awhile they will exhaust their MP and will become considerably disadvantaged.

And even if you want to save up and not use spells and rely on Endurance or Stamina, it will eventually exhaust the user too, so compared to using MP and getting exhausted, the latter seemed to be a better choice.

Especially for Celeste where she would always consume a large amount of MP to cast a spell, so I guess there’s that to worry about.


[But it is without a doubt that the income will definitely increase.

Maybe even twice from now on.] (Celeste)

[Double huh…Let’s try it out now.] (Ryouta)


Performance check is necessary after acquiring a new power of a tool.

Since the transfer function of the Magic Cart is important, it’s better to check once again to make sure.


[Uwawawa, it keeps coming Ryouta~] (Alice)


Alice was perplexed when she saw it.

When I looked at it, the box once again flew in a dropped items.

This time it wasn’t Dandelions, but a huge amount of carrots.


What’s more.


[ [This is bunny’s carrots] was what’s written here.] (Celeste)

[Of course we know! It’s not wrong that these carrots are getting out of control] (Ryouta)


The rebellion of the dragon, Eve’s carrots.

Even if I did not appeal this was indeed out of my control.


[But still, this is really handy.] (Celeste)

[Yeap, you said it.] (Ryouta)

[Hey hey Ryouta~ May I ask something] (Alice)

[What is it] (Ryouta)

[This, who is gonna bring it to the trading shop] (Alice)

[……Oh yeah.] (Ryouta)


Carrots that was stacked as high as a mountain, just looking at it, it seemed that we need to make two trips in order to bring it there.

It was something that I’ve overlooked.



[And that’s the gist of it.] (Ryouta)


The overly familiar trading shop .

And at the reception Elza was standing behind it, where I explained the problem we had to her.


[Another one of Alton-san’s new inventions, Haah…..] (Elza)

[Even though it’s a convenient function to be had, but once it’s been collected all at once it would be really difficult to transfer it all over here.

Even though it was suppose to empty the Magic Cart to ease us but in return we still have to use the Magic Carts to carry them here.] (Ryouta)

[Now that is awfully dreadful.

What’s more Satou-san’s drops per day is an extreme amount too.

The record right now is making a trip of 16 times.] (Elza)

[I can’t believe you’d remember that.] (Ryouta)


Though I knew I exceeded the tens but I didn’t expect it to be over 16.

As I pointed it out, Elza’s best friend Ena who happened to crossed beside us, said so while grinning.


[It’s because it’s Satou-san that’s why.] (Ena)

[Ena !!!] (Elza)

[Ahahahha, don’t hide it, don’t hide it.

You always fidget around waiting for Satou-san to come by everyday of the week right.] (Ena)

[There’s nothing of that sort! That’s enough Ena, go back to work.] (Elza)

[Yes boss~] (Ena)


Even though she’d managed to chase away her friend, her face is now bright red.


[A, anyway back onto the topic.] (Elza)


Elza tried her best to get her act together, and tried putting back the story while wearing a calm expression.


[Satou-san always deals with us whenever he sells his drops, is that right] (Elza)

[Yeah, thanking for what you’ve done all this time.] (Ryouta)


Whether I understand that or not, Elza silently nodded her head, and stood up.


[Please wait for a moment, I’ll go and discuss this case.] (Elza)

[I’m counting on you.] (Ryouta)


Elza then went inside the back of the store, and I waited at the same place for a moment.

Today, the is still as busy as ever, with no shortage of drops and no Magical Wind, the adventurers who splurge a lot during the Harvest Festival was now coming here selling off their drops to earn back the money.


[Thank you for waiting.] (Elza)


Elza returned.

After hearing her voice I looked at her direction, and beside her there was a guy standing there.


At first glance, he was a 30 year old man with not much special traits, but for some reason he has a bird’s nest on top of his head.

And from inside the nest a bird could be seen, a deep blue coloured bird—–It was a Swallow.

Why is there a Swallow on top of this guy’s head!!


Let’s not tsukkomi him, it might be the latest fashion trend, or maybe it might be his pet.

I don’t know whether eating the bird’s nest is good or if the bird decides to take ** on top of his head, various thoughts were popping in my head, but I decided to hold back my tsukkomi.


[Let me introduce him to you, this is the owner of the shop.] (Elza)

[So you’re the owner of this shop!!] (Ryouta)


[I’m sorry, a long time ago I offended my family’s secret, and after that every month, I would only come out when a full moon is present.] (Owner)

[When you said you won’t meet anyone but in the end you came out to meet me!! I’m glad I did not run away or anything.] (Ryouta)


The owner laughed and sat beside me.

Even though he was moving normally, and the nest was slightly shaking, but for some reason the nest was strangely in balance on his head.

It’s not like the nest was ingrained into his head, what a strange sight to see.


(I really want to tsukkomi him…..though I’m afraid if I did that his back story would never end.)


Working on my self-discipline in full action, the guy gave his name.


[I’m this shop’s owner, name’s Will • Ducker.

Nice to meet you.] (Will)

[Ah, aah.

Nice to meet you too.] (Ryouta)

[We’re always indebted to you.

It’s because Satou-san was always bringing all these dropped items that our store’s reputation has skyrocketed, and our market share in the industry is steadily rising.

I give my thanks to you.] (Will)


In one breath, WIll cut to the main topic.


[I’ve heard of it from Elza, and I’ve figured out a solution.

And I wanted to discuss it with you but….but I would have to dispatch Elza, so what do you think about it] (Will)

[Eeeeeeeh!] (Elza)


For some reason Elza was surprised.

Even though she reported it, did she not get the news


[Oh, Ooooo-Wh-, Whhy is this sudddenly h-happening] (Elza)

[You don’t like it Then I would ask Ena’s help then.] (Will)

[Ye~s, I’m okay with this~~] (Ena)


I don’t know whether she’d heard it or not, but Ena who was slightly further away from us gave a thumbs up and grinned.


[I, I did not say that I wasn’t going at all!] (Elza)

[Then that settles it.] (Will)


[Etto, by dispatch, in honesty what does that mean] (Ryouta)

[By that, it means I’ll dispatch this child as an exclusive staff to the baggage warehouse of the now rumoured Ryouta • Family.

She would collect the items of purchase once a day or maybe two if needed, and we will collect it, was what I thought of.] (Will)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


I then ran a simulation inside my head based on that proposal.

That would be great in our favour, the time and labour it takes in carrying it to sell it will finally become nearly zero, what’s more I can trust Elza so it’s no problem.


What’s more this proposal is all in my favour.


[But is that alright] (Ryouta)

[To be honest I don’t do these sorts of request, but because Satou-san would continue to help us in the future, so it’s a special case.] (Will)

[Special, is it.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, cause it’s Satou-san.] (Will)


Will was looking at me straight in the eyes, how’s that Was written all over his face.

I’m happy for his proposal, so I once again simulated it, and there wasn’t any reason to decline this offer.


[Then I’ll leave it to your hands.] (Ryouta)

[Let’s work together from today onwards.] (Will)


Will stood up and showed his hands, I then stood up and shook his hand.


Just like that, Elza was now dispatched to us.


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