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Chapter 8 – It has nothing to do with the taste


The following day.

As usual, I went into Nihonium’s second floor to power up my strength, and when afternoon came, I went to Teruru’s second floor to hunt for carrots.

While I was there, I witnessed something unpleasant.

Teruru Dungeon, Second Floor.

There is currently a party of 3 consisting of guys and girls wandering around.

One of them is a well dressed elderly man, with an energetic look, with a masculine face.

In contrast, the other two were fairly young, both the guy and girl looks to be around their 20’s.

Their equipments are battered showing the remnants of a fierce battle with monsters, even their hairs and skins have loosen their smoothness.

Their appearance now looked as if they haven’t slept for many days.

The three of them are in a formation will adventuring in the dungeon.

Monster—-A Drowsy slime has appeared!

The guy and girl then flew towards the slime with a dull movement.

Whilst the slime is damaging both of them, when an opportunity appears, the elderly man went in front and deal the finishing blow.

The Drowsy slime then vanished, popping out a carrot drop.

Afterwards, the elderly man picked up the drop, and put it into a magical cart.

The cart is showing a stack of loot, while gazing at the various vegetable drops from the monsters, he showed a satisfied face.

On the other hand, the guy and girl are exhausted.

Beneath their eyes were dark rings showing like a bear indicating their tiredness.

Moreover, after their battle they wasted more energy, resulting in them looking like they were about to drop dead at any moment.

[Okay, onto the next one.]

[Cap, captain……Can we rest for a moment please]

[I’m at my limit….]

[What gives, both of you are already tired]

[We have been in here for almost 2 days, and we didn’t even get any shut eyes.]

[Please let us rest even if it’s for a while only.]

[That’s no good showing such weakness.

Just being at the dungeon for 2 days and you’re already complaining to this degree is no good.

When I was in my younger days, this degree of dungeon exploring, even if it is 1 week or 2 weeks, I would continue diving in.]

[But, if you don’t have sufficient sleep….]

[You should need some time to lay down even if you’re inside the dungeon for that long.]

[Then just stand and sleep.]

The elderly man just said it easily.

I don’t know whether the 2 guy and girl are listening to him because of their exhaustion, but they showed a lifeless expression when looking at their leader.

The elderly man, though for a slight second, showed an unpleasant expression on his face.

Though it was literally just for a second, the man grabbed his fist tightly, and passionately speak to the two of them.

[Are you trying to say that I’m not doing anything because I’m currently not in your shoes working hard]

[That’s not what we meant!]

[We didn’t think till that far.]

[No, I understand if you think of me that way.

I am aware that y’all are sad.

However, I’m doing this all for your sake.]

[For our…..]


The younglings said matching their speech.

[That’s true.

I believe in your ability.

Humans, the only time they can grow is when they are young.

Conversely, if you truly want to grow, even if it is impossible, you still have to push through.

That’s what I sincerely think so.]

[This can’t be.]

[Can we really…]

[What’s more!]

While the both of them tried to say something, the elderly man interrupted them midway.

[That is a success story.

This would become a story where the next generation of young people will look at and be impressed at.

I want to see that impression, I want that impression to be seen by everyone!]

[Cap, captain!]

[Is that how you feel about us]

The younglings were deeply moved by his words.

The exhausted face turned upside down after hearing the elderly man’s words.

[So believe in me, if it’s the both of you, you can do it.

Won’t you believe in this old me]


The younglings regained their energy.

I’d just witness a bad scene.

A party consisting of 3 people, an elderly man pushing the weaker companion into working hard for him.

Growing up, or being moved, or even chasing their dreams.

I shuddered when these kinds of words were used.

…….This reminded me of my past.

This scene is similar to when I was working at my previous company.

The manager used these kinds of words to his workers, and it moved them to work even harder for him.

It was a terrible place.

Thus, my mood turned bad.

[Yoda-san, What’s wrong]

While watching the tense situation, a voiced was heard from behind me.

When I turned back, the owner of the voice was Emily—–and also Eve.

As usual, the presence of Emily, with a small body, combine with her huge hammer and her backpack, whilst Eve with her bunny ears and bunny suit was there.

Emily then silently came closed to me, while using her hand and chop my forehead.

[Low level, don’t like it.]

[I know.]

[Carrot, hurry.]

[Sure, sure.]

The reason why Eve came along was because she wanted her carrots quickly.

Instead of waiting for the product to come to you, you go to the product’s place, was what I curiously thought.

Since the girl wanted it, I wanted hand her a piece of carrot because the amount was little, but instead I raise it up high for her to grab it, was what I thought.

While turning around, I hear Emily saying.

[Let’s do it Emily~]

[Ah, shall we take a breather first]


Emily walked towards me while leaving a pitter patter sound, while showing me her face.

While staring at me, she slowly took out something.

[Let’s have lunch first nodesu~]

[Lunch eh…..]

It’s true I’m hungry now.

Since during the entire morning I was working hard at Nihonium, I became slightly tired.

What should I do…..while pondering about it, Eve pulled the hem of my shirt.


[I know, have one first—]

[Eve-chan will also take a rest nodesu~]

While Emily proposed the idea, Eve seemed a little annoyed, in addition, she sharpened her lips.

[You don’t wanna take a rest]

[I’ve made carrot pudding though~}


With her eyes shining brightly, the accustomed odd voice was being shouted from Eve.

Carrot…..It’s about the carrot pudding eh.

Emily then happily started preparing it.

She took out several things from her back, from the various things, there’s carrot pudding.

As expected of Emily, I’ve never seen a pudding with this kind of colour, though I don’t really mind it that much, it also seems to look delicious.

While I was praising it in my mind, obviously, the carrot loving kid, Eve, also thought so too with her eyes shining brightly.

[Carrot pudding, give me quick.]

[Okay, here you go.

Yoda-san too, your bento~] (TLN: A wild kyubey appeared!)

[Aa, Thanks]

After receiving my bento, Emily placed a mat on the floor and sat on it.

I opened the bento.

The food had various colours, the aroma of the food sipped into my nose.

The looks and the smell too, considering the nutrition value in it, it is perfecto~

But, the balance was broken immediately.

Beside me, a small hand stretched towards me at an unbelievable speed, and took away all the carrots from my bento.

When I look to the side, Eve was chewing loudly like there’s no tomorrow.


I whistled.

No wait, it was an awful sound that doesn’t even remotely sound like a whistle.

Well whatever, I don’t mind if she just takes away the carrots.

I’m happy just seeing the carrot loving kid eating.

While regaining my mind, I placed my hands together and said let’s eat.

[Oh, this is amazing.

Is this katsu chicken It’s amazing that it looks so similar.

The smell is wonderful too, the coating is sweet too, making it the best~]

[Since I used sweet potato flour as the coating, though the spice is a trade secret nanodesu ♪]

[Sweet potato flour You mean those dried powder They have those too…..]

Now that she mention it, when chewing at it slowly, the taste is indeed sweet potato.

With the combination of the juicy chicken, the taste were overflowing inside my mouth.

Eating before work, Emily’s dishes are indeed the best and the most satisfying.

Over there, the 3 man team came back.

The younglings face looked more exhausted than before, although they looked at our direction as if wanting something.

On one hand, the elderly man had an unpleasant expression when looking at us.

[Both of you, don’t become like them.]

[[Eh]] the younglings was shocked.

[I’m speechless at the sight of such easygoing people in such a sacred dungeon.

Such posture would not reach to the hearts of others.]

[U, un.]

[That’s right…..]

[The drops have their souls still dwelling.

We who worked hard in getting these loot, they turned it into food.

Only those who work hard in getting what they want would others be appreciated.]

The elderly man used the same technique as just now and explain it to his workers.

Honestly, it’s painful hearing him talk, so I stood up from where I sat.

Was, what I wanted to do but.

Eve suddenly went away, and came back.

She caught back a Drowsy Slime that was Teruru Dungeon’s second floor monster.

A formidable monster, what’s more Eve was holding the struggling monster as if she was hugging a plush doll.

She looks stronger than I initially thought.

Eve who was holding the slime, walked towards me.

[Defeat it.]


[This, defeat it.]

[Aa, I see, you want your carrots.]

She can hardly wait for her carrot, even to the point of actually catching one to bring before me to defeat it.


The elderly man laughed through his nose.

I somehow understood that he wanted to say [Such an easygoing method…..]

While not bothering about him, I defeated the Drowsy Slime then Eve was holding onto.

While fixing myself solidly, since today I was at Nihonium my Strength went up to C, I defeated it in one hit.

Pon~, a carrot appears, and Eve skillfully catches it while it’s still in mid-air.

Since my job here is done, next is–was what I thought. (TLN: He said ノルマ, I just interpret it as job cause I’m not sure what it means)

Eve took the carrot, and brought it to the 3 man team.

The 3 man team was bewildered, when they were presented with a carrot.

[Eat it.]


[Eat the carrot.]


When the young guy looked at his leader, the elderly man had an even more sullen look.

Veins were popping out of his forehead.

[It’s okay, just eat it already.]

Eve then chop the carrot in half with her hand sword, and shoved it into the guy and girl’s mouth. (TLN: Hand sword, wow)

Since they were being fed all of a sudden, they could not escape from eating the carrot—


[This, is this really a carrot nano!]

Their eyes immediately lit up, while praising the carrot.

While eating it raw, (In actuality) they were munching on the peeled slices of carrot.

[The taste, has nothing to do with hardships.] as Eve quietly said.

Aa, that’s what you meant.

While looking back at the elderly man, veins were popping out more from his forehead.

The scene before me is like a child being eroded by an angel.


As the man tried to quarrel back, Eve preemptively struck her hand sword to his throat.

As his throat gushed out blood.

The man took a breath and stopped moving.

Eve then silently remove her hand.

[I hate people who misunderstands carrots.]

I’ve got a feeling this man has misunderstood what she was trying to say.

Nevertheless, because he said something bad about the carrots, Eve spoke back.

[Without going through hardships, carrots will still be delicious.

Even low-level carrots are delicious.]

[I see that you didn’t even try to remember my name eh.

And why are you being proud of that name.]

While pointing it out, Eve went behind me and urged me to go in front.

Her hands pressed against my body, as if pushing my body forward.

[Low level carrots are delicious.]

Wow, awesome! Is sounded just like me! I didn’t know she had that kind of talent!

The scared elderly man had even more veins popping out of his forehead.

Just a little, I thought that it was a bit scary.


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