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[Yoda-san! Is Yoda-san alright!]

When laying on my back, I could see Emily’s desperate face visible directly from above me.

Seems like she was extremely worried when she saw the sight of me being defeated.

[I’m alright.]

[But you have a lot of injuries desu.]

[Don’t worry about that, you just have to do this—-]

While awkwardly moving around to take out my gun and loading the Healing Bullet, I point the gun on my shoulder like a syringe and fired.

The effects of the Healing bullet immediately took place, and the injuries that I had just a second ago were starting to heal up.

My body is awake, yeap this should be fine.

[I’m glad desu….What happened desu]

[What’s more important….]

Looking around, somewhere further away from us, I spotted a Mummy.

[Monsters are starting to appear.

Emily, how about the city’s drop.]

[Aah, yes desu.

I came here to inform you of that desu.

Just a moment ago, the drops of each dungeon has came back desu.]

[As I suspected.]

[Was it because of Yoda-san that brought it back desu]

Emily asked me in a half surprised tone, and a half respectful tone.

[Yeah, just a second ago there was a Dungeon Master here.

It was Nihonium’s Dungeon Master, and it seems like it was the cause of all the drops disappearing.]

[Ah….A dungeon that drops nothing appeared a Dungeon Master….]

[So that’s how it is.

Though it had this annoying ability, plus was it’s ability to make the entire city void of drop a skill of his or a natural phenomenon, and speaking of influences, this was similar to the case of a Magical Wind, but this is even more impactful than that.]

[You’re a genius nanodesu.

But Yoda-san was able to stop it once again desu.]

[Just barely though.]

This time it was barely a victory for me.

Well although I could find it’s pattern of attacking, thus if I were to encounter it again it might be easier to fight compare to today.

[Well then, time to head back and report then.]

[Wait a minute desu, it looks like something has dropped over there desu.]

[This is….the Dungeon Master’s drop]

I then went to that area and picked up a ring on the ground.

Inside the Dungeon Association, the Dungeon Chief – Clint was holding onto my hand while shaking vigorously with it.

[Thank you! Really thank you! It’s because of you that Shikuro was saved!]

[It’s not something to make a big deal out of.]

[IT IS SOMETHING TO! I’m sure you don’t know about this, but the short time when there weren’t any drops at all, the items from the shops in the city were slowly disappearing.]

[I’ve heard of it from Celeste, because they can’t do business without vegetables, people were buying it up left and right till it’s depleting.]

[It’s not just vegetables, even other products were slowly being bought up.]


[That’s how serious it was that everyone started panicking.

If the disappearance of drop were to continue I don’t know how far this matter would escalate too.

Hence why.]

Clint once again stared at me.

And gave me a 100% of his gratitude through the force of his arm grabbing which actually hurt.


[…..Well I was also troubled by there being no drops at all, so it’s something that was an obvious thing to do.]

[But it’s not mistaken that you’ve saved Shikuro.

If only there was a way to show my gratitude…I know, I will give you the highest quality sugar you can ever fine for a year, how’s that]

[I don’t need such sugar though ! Plus how much is a year’s worth of sugar]

[It should be around 100K in terms of sugar]

[Are you trying to feed me 300 cubes of sugar a day or what!]

[Mu, I see that sugar is too cheap that it could not convey to you.

Then why not the highest quality of honey for a year…wait no—-]

[Can you please let go of the sweet stuff already!]

This is bad, if I were to seriously receive the payment from Clint I might actually get diabetes.

More like ○○ for a year, rice cakes (1 piece) would’ve been sufficient, anything else would’ve been a matter of standard ambiguity for the rest of the year, which would be troublesome.

I strongly refused the offer from Clint, and hurriedly stood up and walked away from the Dungeon Association.

After coming out from the Dungeon Association, I was walking around the city with Emily.

[Oi, the drops back in the dungeon.]

[For real What happened]

[Seems like there was a Dungeon Master inside Nihonium, and it’s because of that.]

[So it’s because of a DunMasu huh, what a pain in the ass.]

Even though it was quite a frenzy just a few days ago, but now everything seems to returned back to normal.

After everyone knew that the reason the drops are disappearing was due to the Dungeon Master, everyone acknowledged it and continued their lives.

It’s as to be expected of the reaction of these people that rely on the dungeon drop so much.

[As I figured, Yoda-san is simply amazing, you alone had already resolved this case nodesu.

I would think that if Yoda-san wasn’t here, the case might’ve lengthen to a dangerous extent desu.]

[I wonder whether it would’ve extended….Nihonium, I’m the only one going back and forth there, though once in awhile Princess Margaret and co.

would go there too.]

[Because there was no drop hence no one would head there nodesu, so I would think that knowing that there would be a Dungeon Master would’ve taken them a long time to figure out desu.]

Well it’s also to be expected as they don’t even know the reason why it was happening.

[I will now go and tell everyone that Yoda-san has resolved the case desu.]

[Please don’t, I don’t really like to be the center of attention.

As long as the drops disappearance is resolve, it’s fine as it is.]

[Yes desu.]

Emily’s mood was suddenly down, it seemed that she was more raring to heed the news compared to usual.

[…..Let’s go to the dungeon, I want to test out the ring that we just picked up.]

Trying to change the subject, I let Emily looked at the ring that I picked up as a drop from the Dungeon Master.

We arrived at Nihonium’s first floor.

I wanted to head to Teruru, but since the drop has been revived, there were a ** ton of adventurers going inside, thus I decided to come here instead.

[What should I do desu]

[I want you to wear this and defeat a monster.

Please wait for a moment.]

[Yes desu.]

Emily nodded, and I once again wear the ring.

The size of the ring expanded, and since my thumb was the only thick one, I wore it on my thumb.

After some time we met a Skeleton, and I nonchalantly fired a normal bullet on it’s head and defeated it.

The dropped item was then sucked into the pouched.

[Seems like Yoda-san has improved once again]

[Un I guess so, last time it took me some time to defeat a Skeleton even with a normal bullet.]

[But now you’ve defeated it with just one shot desu.]

Again more Skeleton appeared, and with one shot I defeated it.

A surprised Skeleton that appeared from within the wall was also dead when I shot it on the head, leaving it stuck inside the wall.

While Emily was tagging along, we walked around while defeating Skeletons left and right.

[Though it seems like Yoda-san has grown stronger, but it’s the same as usual]

[It’s the same.]

[Is the effect of the ring not activated]

[No it should be.

Well it should work—-]

Around the corner there were two Skeletons that appeared and I fired two shots at it and defeated it before it could even react.

And seeds were sucked inside the pouch, and on the next moment.

A light shone brightly from the ring.

[Wh, what is happening desu]

[It’s coming huh.]

My hands were stretched horizontally while my palms were facing upwards.

And from my hands light was gathering around it, and there a 10cm crystal appeared out of nowhere.

[Is this a new drop nanodesu]

[No it’s not a drop.

Try and take this and see.]

[Yes desu—-Aah.]

The moment Emily took it, the crystal was letting out light and gradually it dissipated.

[Awawa, wh, what’s with this It disappeared desu.]

[Calm down, it’s probably alright.]


After the crystal dissipated, the perplexity of Emily suddenly stopped.

Instead of being perplexed she was surprised instead, and finally her expression changed into a happy one.


[Did it work]

[Yes desu! I leveled up desu! I’m finally level 26 desu!!]

While nodding, it seemed that the effect was working as per shown.

[Why is it like this]

[It’s because of this ring, it had a level counter where it gathers experience points from the wearer, and once you gather enough of experience it will crystallized into a crystal, and anyone who takes it would in return absorb that EXP.]

[Crystallizing experiences! This is the first time I’m hearing about this desu.]

[So there’s none huh.]

[Yes desu! Amazing desu!]

Emily was in awe.

It’s usually something that would never appear, but because of Nihonium’s Dungeon Master’s drop that this was possible.

I was surprised because it was predictable.

Though in return I was slightly happy.

For awhile I was always level 1 and it was a waste having experience given to me.

Now I can finally pass on the experiences that are useless for a person such as me to my friends.

This was indeed a nice item to get.


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